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DJ Bone

By Jul 17, 2009 Nightlife

One of the best VOID shows at The Shelter last year was DJ Bone, a Detroit native who flew into town and assaulted three turntables (listen to that set here). Bone's an uncompromising kind of guy, a purist, a producer in his own right, and a damn good DJ. Plus, he's got some good Detroit stories and some militant opinions.

SmartShanghai sat down with DJ Bone at the excellent Hello Two bar on Hengshan to talk about techno perversions, why America doesn't get techno, and the next shit.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom to find out how you can get a free copy of the Subject Detroit compilation album, "The Lost Tribe of Techno," and don't miss out this Saturday on DJ Bone the Return at The Shelter.


SmSh: How did you show in Shanghai go last year?

DJ Bone: Ah, that shit was amazing -- that was off the hook.

SmSh: How did that all happen? Some Scottish guy emails you up and says,


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  • robjamdj

    What this man says is pure and from the heart...

    I wish more music producers went like him and more msuic listeners understood the importance of what he says. We need to lead and not follow.

    Let\'s wake up Shanghai and appreciate non-commercialism.

    Thank you Bone for being real and making me incredibly &*%^ing happy with your proper \'Maximal\' music! Classic.

  • Nicholas Zamz

    massive respect to SmartShanghai for running such a long interview with this awesome dude.

  • Unverified User

    great interview! I finally read what needed to be said about Detroit techno. Especially those cats producing and djing that have never been to Detroit or possibly never befriended a black person, wtf?!><><@ I\'m excited to hear that genuine and true techno coming to visit me. Its been a over a year since I\'ve been to Detroit to hear some great music.

  • laowaigeek

    It seems like forever since DJ Bone visited Shanghai. I can never forget the day, when detroid techno arrived to the city.. but now, terrible missing those times! Please come to Shanghai or Beijing. We need more from this awesome dude.

    Greets from Beijing ATM,
    Robert Guy, also known as "laowai geek".

    PS. Great interview. Caught it late, but better than never! :)

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