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Today in Covid: Some People Are Free, Some Are Not, and More Lockdown Updates

If you've been scrolling down your phone all day — and who hasn't been spending the last several weeks doing just that — you'll know that Shanghai has entered the "three areas" phase of Lo...
2022-04-11 23:00:00

If you've been scrolling down your phone all day — and who hasn't been spending the last several weeks doing just that — you'll know that Shanghai has entered the "three areas" phase of Lockdown 2022, and the entire city has been divided into three classification areas — "Lockdown Areas", Controlled Areas", and "Precautionary Areas".

Where you end up under these three classifications and therefore your permission to walk out your front door is dependent on your proximity to a positive covid test result and how long it's been since that test came back.

Moving forward into the coming week, these classifications are... what's a good word... "dynamic".

When you serve out your specified lockdown time without any cases, your area is reclassified into a more lenient bracket, until eventually you are in a Precautionary Area.

Conversely, even if you're out there and free in a Precautionary Area, if a case comes back positive, you start over. We've heard of this happening already today. It sounds... there is no other way to say it, like the harshest buzz of all time.

Where are we at now?

At a press conference held on this morning on April 11, Gu Honghui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government announced the city-wide numbers of what we'r looking at: 7,624 areas are classified as "Lockdown Areas"; 2,460 are "Controlled Areas"; and 7565 are "Precautionary Areas".

Commercial spaces are also included in these numbers so... maybe somewhere in Jing'an there's an empty office space just living it up!

When and how do you find out where you landed?

From today, April 11, onward, each district will "gradually announce" its list over its official channels, and subsequent lists will be released when areas switch classifications.

So, you want to be following your district's WeChat platform for the specific classification of your building / compound / laneway. As of this writing, we've seen the lists for Jing'an District, Putuo, and Jiading. We imagine the rest will be released tonight and / or tomorrow.

The list format is all the locations of areas that have been classified as Controlled Areas and Precautionary Areas. If you don't see your address on either of those, it means you're in a Lockdown Area, and dependent on when they last Covid positive test result happened to make it so, you're still in lockdown.

So yeah, find your district's WeChat platform and check on that.

More Supermarkets Open and More Delivery Drivers to Become Available

If you're out, hey! Good for you. Enjoy it. Be as carful as you can be. Don't get dinged.

If you're not out, here's some positive news. Also from the aforementioned press conference, seeking to address massive supply chain disruptions with people managing to get food, local authorities have freed up more supermarkets and support staff to operate. In the coming days and weeks it should — it should — be easier to get groceries.

More Help for People With Non-Covid Medical Requirements

They've also freed up medical resources for people with non-Covod related issues and specified the rules: "people in lockdown and controlled areas with medical issues are allowed to leave their communities with full self-protection and closed loop transportation after reciving permission from their communities.

People Discharged from Quarantine Are Not Allowed to be Barred from Their Residences

File this one also in the ‘know your rights' category. We've already seen and heard about a few cases of people getting denied access to their apartments and residences after being discharged from centralized quarantine facilities by overzealous neighbors. Presumably, this is going to be an increasing problem in the coming weeks when people — cross your fingers — manage to get released from quarantine.

Official policy states right here that no neighborhood committee has the authority to reject medically safe people from returning home. Seek consular assistance.

Speaking to that, check out this article right here: "Recovered COVID-19 patients cannot infect others even if they test positive again, Shanghai's leading coronavirus expert said on Monday".