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Where to Get Christmas Trees, Decorations, and Festive Stuff In Shanghai

All the shiny, shiny stuff that makes Christmas... Christmas.
Dec 11, 2020 | 12:00 Fri

The festive season is here! Time to start wrestling with tangled lights and root through every cupboard in your home for the tree decorations from last year, only to come up empty and accept the fact you've got to buy them all again.

Hah! We feel you.

Aside from the infinite black hole that is Taobao, there are actual physical places where you can buy healthy, genuine Christmas trees and pretty, eco-friendly, fake versions, plus a decent array of decorations.

If you've got your heart set on a real tree (真的圣诞树, zhen de sheng dan shu) you have two choices: local or imported. From one Christmas snob to another, real trees from China aren't half bad! They've actually got their own charm and unique shape, plus they cost between 400-800rmb — i.e. less than half of what you'd pay for its darker green imported cousin, which will set you back anywhere from 1,700-5,500rmb. Yeah. Ouch.

If you're the store-it-and-reuse-it type, an artificial tree (假圣诞树, jia sheng dan shu) can be cheaper and arguably easier to find. These can cost anywhere from 200-800rmb.

Updated: December 18, 2020


If all else fails...

There's always Christmas Markets: these tend to pop-up in all kinds of places and often have decoration-style knick-knacks — like snowglobes and Christmas bells, etc. — but they tend to be a better option for buying handmade gifts. Check out the full list here. And the great last-minute option: Eleme... yeah, no joke. Whack 圣诞树装饰品, sheng dan shu zhuang shi pin into the app and a whole bunch of places selling Christmas decorations pop up. You can also try 圣诞树灯 sheng dan shu deng (Christmas tree lights) and 圣诞袜 sheng dan wa (Christmas stocking). * For everything festive happening in Shanghai, stay up-to-date via our sexy, red Christmas page.


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