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Explore Bali's Lifestyle & High-end Real Estate Market

Learn how to benefit from Indonesia's strong economic and tourism growth by investing in luxurious properties in Southeast Asia.
2024-03-29 12:00:00

In Partnership with Mirah Investment & Development

Imagine awakening to serene views of the Indian Ocean or lush terraced rice fields. As a global travel destination, Bali presents an unparalleled lifestyle. Known as the 'Island of Gods', it has garnered numerous accolades, frequently beating out cities like London, Paris, & Rome as the top traveler's choice.

Bali – a magnet for tourists and travelers, features picturesque beaches, lush scenery, and a vibrant lifestyle that blends authentic culture, natural beauty, and an enviable island lifestyle. Its festivals and beach clubs draw world-renowned artists and celebrities, contributing to the island's diverse nightlife. With exhilarating watersports, world-renowned restaurants, and an unbelievable variety of lifestyle activities creates an island enchanting to visitors and expats alike.

Indonesia's strong economic growth and political stability are bedrocks for Bali's robust international tourism. These factors make Bali an extraordinary location for a range of luxurious properties in Southeast Asia.

Beyond being a paradise, Bali is ripe with real estate investment opportunities.

Year-on-year Bali's tourism industry is steadily increasing, matching and in some cases already surpassing the per-covid figures. According to the latest data from Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), Bali welcomed 2.89-million international tourists from January to July 2023. This represents an eye-watering 968% increase from the same period in 2022, when the island received only 296,000-international visitors.

The growth is fueled by affluent travelers seeking unique experiences. All these numbers translate to a growing demand for luxury villas, beachfront properties, and boutique hotels, creating a favorable climate for real estate investment.

The island's infrastructure is also undergoing significant development, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhancing its appeal as a desirable second home or rental property.

With a flourishing tourism sector and a growing expatriate community, Bali's properties offer attractive expected rental yields between 9% to 16.44%, with steadily increasing value, further emphasized by the high-demand and limited land availability. This attractive investment environment features property prices more affordable than many other sought-after Southeast Asian countries. It offers investors excellent chances to acquire villas, resorts, and commercial properties at very competitive prices, enhancing the potential for a significant return on investment.

Furthermore, to encourage foreign investment, the Indonesian government has introduced favorable regulations, simplifying the property-buying process for investors. The 'Second-Home Visa', a recent initiative, is expected to boost foreign investment across various sectors.

A Peak At Mirah's Latest Developments

They recently opened Secana Beachtown, a beachfront lifestyle residence with resort-level amenities including a rooftop pool & day club, high-tech fitness centers, spa & sauna, co-working space, 3 restaurants, and much more.

It is currently operating and earning passive rental income for the owners. Not to mention its prime location - Berawa, one of Bali's most prestigious neighborhoods, known for its vibrant beachside lifestyle and Bali's trendiest districts for expats & tourists alike.

Additionally, the upcoming SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu - a hotel development project located in the beautiful and bustling region of Bingin, Uluwatu. Poised to become a landmark destination in Bali, it includes a 250-room hotel, pool day club, multiple restaurants & retail venues, a fitness centre with recovery facilities, spa, yoga studio, and events spaces for exhibitions.

Notably, the SOMOSHOTELS units, which are available for purchase as an entirely passive investment, have conservative projected returns of 9.3% net P.A.

Bali offers a high-end unique island lifestyle, catering to those seeking vacation homes, permanent residences, or investment properties. Investing in Bali isn't just about brick and mortar – it's about acquiring a piece of paradise.

Meet Mirah Investment & Development in Shanghai

At an upcoming Real Estate Expo in Shanghai, Mirah Investment & Development will be showcasing its curated portfolio of exceptional luxury properties in Bali. With 17+ years of experience and a deep understanding of the local market, they offer investors:

  • Exclusive access to premium properties - from cliffside villas overlooking turquoise waters to private estates nestled amidst lush rice paddies, their diverse portfolio caters to a range of preferences and budgets.
  • Seamless investment guidance - their team of multilingual experts provides insightful market analysis, legal assistance, and property management services, ensuring a smooth and secure investment journey.
  • Cultural understanding - bridging the gap between investors and the Balinese market, facilitating cultural understanding, and ensuring a positive ownership experience.

If you would like to learn more, visit the A015 booth at the 2024 "Shanghai 23rd Overseas Real Estate Immigration Study Abroad Exhibition", held at the Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Hall from April 5th to 7th. Additionally, you can attend their private seminar on April 8th or book a one-on-one meeting with their real estate professionals.

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About Mirah Investment & Development

As one of Bali's top property developers, Mirah Investment & Development is well established with years of experience in bringing luxury developments to the most sought-after locations across the Indonesian archipelago. An extensive in-house team of locals and expatriates offer end-to-end services from architecture and design to professional property management as well as legal, taxation and immigration support.

If you are interested in knowing more about investments in Bali, get in touch with Mirah Investment & Development.

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