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Travel News: Three More Train Stations and a New Airport (?)

Shanghai getting connected every how, every way, everywhere...
2023-04-12 11:00:00

Big developments on the urban and international travel front. After a few years delay, for some reason, state media is reporting the resumption of efforts to increase the connectivity of Shanghai and the rest of China -- and the world -- with even more expanded high-speed train and subway connections between the city and surrounding communities, and more international travel hubs being constructed.

Pudong Airport Gets a Train Station

Construction has started on a massive new "transportation hub" out by the Pudong International Airport. Announced earlier in the year in 2023 and now just starting construction, is the Shanghai East Railway Station, a high-speed railway station connected to the Pudong Airport, second in size to the Hongqiao train station, but turning, nonetheless, the Pudong International Airport into the eastern transportation hub: an entry / exit point that connects International and domestic air travel, high-speed train travel, and the city's metro system. The station will mainly serve trains heading to Nanjing, Hangzhou, and the northern part of Jiangsu province.

Shanghai's East Railway Station picture by 上观新闻

Shanghai Gets Two More Train Stations

Two other smaller train stations are also slated for the coming years. The Shanghai Baoshan Railway Stationwill also primarily serve trains to the northern part of Jiangsu province, as well as train connections to Anhui province. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Chongming Railway Stationwill serve mostly train connections to Chongming Island, connecting the city center to surrounding areas in Shanghai.

Will Shanghai Get Another Airport?

This news was burning up peoples' WeChat moments a few days ago when it was released.

Yes and no. Is the answer.

A new airport is being constructed in Nantong, a city in Jiangsu province that is approximately 100 kilometers away. It will be connected to Shanghai by the two new railway stations but will still probably be your third choice if you're flying in or out of the city proper. This airport in Nantong is a co-investment with the Shanghai government; hence, some media calling it another Shanghai airport. Construction will begin at the end of this year and is expected to be completed by 2026 or 2027.