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Feel Like Your Life Is on Pause Right Now? You Should Go Get Your MBA.


Shanghai has the TOP business school in all of Asia, and ranked 7th in the WORLD. The things we have in our backyard!

By Paul Lawrence
2022-01-30 18:00:00

  • 'Plan' Is a Four-Letter Word

    'Plan' Is a Four-Letter Word

    Admittedly, these past few years haven’t been the best of times to be located on planet Earth.  With border and travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines, and business closures, for many of us, our best made plans have had to be put on hold — “until things get better”.   In many cases, personal and career paths have had to have been rerouted completely.     

    Living in Shanghai and heading on into a shaky and uncertain 2022, if you can’t focus your attention outwards elsewhere in the world you can (and should) focus it inward by doing something that will set you on better footing for when, please God, please God, please God, “things actually do get better.”  

  • Make a New You… but Better

    Make a New You… but Better

    So what to do.  You can… learn to cook… go to the gym more… read more… or do all those things while quitting your massively crap job and getting yourself a bad-ass MBA degree that will translate into massive personal wealth, total world domination, and the executive power to crush your enemies with impunity!       

    Or you know… it will just definitely set you up for a very much elevated career path, open you up to a larger salary range (156% salary increase, via Financial Times), and / or give you the tools, connections, and knowledge you need to create your own business.   

  • A Globally Ranked Business School Is Right in Shanghai

    A Globally Ranked Business School Is Right in Shanghai

    CEIBS (China Europe International Business School ), the number 1 business school in Asia (Financial Times, Forbes, Bloomberg) and number 7 in the world (Financial Times), is situated in a leafy, mod-ish campus right in Shanghai’s backyard. CEIBS is now accepting applications for their next fall season MBA intake starting in October.  With English-language 12- or 16- month MBA program options, timing-wise, that sets you loose on the world with new skills, ideas, and a game plan right when things should be getting liveable again. 

    (I mean, they are going to eventually, right?) 

  • Get 80K Off Your Tuition at the 'Beyond Borders MBA Experience Camp'

    Get 80K Off Your Tuition at the 'Beyond Borders MBA Experience Camp'

    Business school…sounds daunting. Sounds intense. That’s super expensive, right? 

    Yes. Yes, it is.  That’s why you should get someone to give you money to do it.  That’s definitely the thing to do. 

    Here’s the pitch: To help kick-start your MBA application, international professionals can now apply for the newly announced Beyond Borders Fellowship, securing RMB 80,000 towards your tuition — that’s in addition to being eligible for other scholarships and bursaries to further reduce your financial burden.

    You can do this. It’s definitely possible.

    That’s called “finding the business solution”, as it were. 

    On February 26 to February 28, CEIBS is hosting the Beyond Borders MBA Experience Camp, designed for students who are thinking about enrolling for October 2022.  If you’re looking for more insight on the program itself, with closer encounters with professors and students consisting of seminars, tours, chats, workshops, and activities, sign up for this two-day event, and at the same time open yourself up to that RMB 80,000 fellowship.

    80 grand off the tuition.  That’s not bad at all.  

    The deadline for enrolling in the Beyond Borders MBA Experience Camp is February 15, so get yourself sorted to attend.  More information right here and at the QR code below. 

  • And There's Even More Scholarship Opportunities

    And There's Even More Scholarship Opportunities

    Of CEIBS' 120 students, about one third are recipients of some form of scholarships and fellowships, in some cases totaling 50-60% of tuition costs. The school give scholarships in many different forms, but the most succinct way to say it is that they have merit-based scholarships for academic achievements, or if you have a strong GMAT exam score, or you have particularly impressive work achievements.  Other diversity-based fellowships are also available for people from unique cultural backgrounds, encouraging balance in their cohort. 

    Basically, scholarship money is available, in addition to that 80K.  If you’re interested in maybe -- just maybe -- pursuing your business degree, but the costs are turning you off, you shouldn’t abandon hope. In addition to the weekend event, you can sign of a 30-minute profile review with a senior member of admissions.

  • Business School… Am I Even Eligible?

    Business School… Am I Even Eligible?

    Probably.  You need: 1) A Bachelor’s Degree; 2) Two years work experience or more; 3) A GMAT score. 

    Most people who enroll at CEIBS are in their late 20s and 30s, with a degree and a couple years work experience already, looking to up-skill in a real, tangible, hand’s on way — people from diverse backgrounds looking for very real results after putting in the time and effort to get another degree. 

    To reiterate: According to the Financial Times, graduates with an MBA at CEIBS on average achieve a 156% salary increase when rejoining the workforce.  

  • Intro to your MBA

    Intro to your MBA

    CEIBS’ MBA program is organized to provide a solid foundation of management fundamentals while offering the customization of tailored programs to fit personal interests and professional ambitions. Students can choose to focus on general business management, or select one of four concentrations in Finance, Marketing, Digital Business, or Entrepreneurship. 

    In addition to that, students gain international experience either through the school's very cool international exchange programs, coordinated degree programs, or five overseas electives,  wherein you will be completing a portion of your degree abroad.  

    Mmmm. “Abroad.”  That sounds real nice, doesn’t it?

    Generally speaking, the academic trajectory of the MBA program is this: First part is class — the theory and hard skills; the middle part is experiential, with hand’s on experience working with big established local and international companies and firms, depending on individual interest; and the third part is, essentially, placement and gearing towards setting up a career after your degree with mentorship programs and things. 

    CEIBS’ 64-credit full-time MBA program consists of compulsory courses totalling 33 credits and elective courses totalling 31 credits.

  • The 16-Month Vs. 12-Month Options

    The 16-Month Vs. 12-Month Options

    CEIBS' MBA curriculum affords you the flexibility to personally tailor the second year of your studies to your own interest, ambitions, hopes, dreams. In the autumn of Year Two, you can choose to go on international exchange or stay at CEIBS to study with the inbound students from the world’s top business schools. There are also lots of options through their China Modules to gain experience and access to working with partner companies in cities around the country — some of China’s biggest (DGI, Huawei, Tencent, and more). 

    The length of the MBA is 16 months, but an intensive 12 month option is also available ideal for students returning to their family business, starting their own businesses, or students with job opportunities already sorted upon graduation. For the 12-month program extra electives are front-loaded during the latter part of the first year in order to complete the required amount of credits for graduation within the 12-month period.  

  • CEIBS Is Perfect if You Want to Build a Career with or in China

    CEIBS Is Perfect if You Want to Build a Career with or in China

    With campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Zurich, and Accra. One of the great selling aspects about CEIBS is its specific China focus against an international business context.  Their positioning statement is “China Depth, Global Breadth”.  If you see yourself professionally tied to the Chinese market in the future, either working or creating a business here, or working internationally with links to China, CEIBS is in an ideal position to equip you with the knowledge, network, and practical application skill you’ll need to successfully realize your goals.  For CEIBS students, a key motivation for enrolling is the desire to strengthen and develop opportunities for a career in China and Asia, while at the same time achieving a degree that is regcognized and respected internationally.

  • Nelson Ureña, Entrepreneur and Current CEIBS Student

    Nelson Ureña, Entrepreneur and Current CEIBS Student

    Nelson Urena: “My name is Nelson and I’ve been in Shanghai almost nine years now. I'm from New York — born and raised in new York.  My family is from the Dominican Republic so my first language is Spanish. I came to Shanghai in 2013 and I’ve been in education. First, I was working in a local high school. I did that for a year and then a few friends and I started our own team doing education consulting, working with high school students helping them to apply for university in the US.  My goal was always to do an MBA, or grad school, maybe in education. But I’ve just got involved with my team and my company, and developing our business.   

    I heard about CEIBS -- actually, I bumped into and met Professor Childs at a bar. Thats the first time I heard about a business school option in Shanghai.  Because of COVID, I was sort of trapped in my house to study for the GMAT, intending to do business school somewhere.  And, actually, the day after I took the GMAT, I got a call from CEIBS. 

    First of all, I really liked the abroad options. They’re really strong, with the option of going to Europe or back to the States on the latter side of the degree. I also really connected with the whole “China Depth, Global Breadth concept — gaining knowledge about doing business in China but also opportunity to learn about business globally. 

    I’m still a partner at my company but my plan is to go back and help start our branch in New York. My degree at CEIBS is part of an exit strategy to come away from China with something worthwhile but also to keep a foot in the door. My ultimate plan is live between New York and Shanghai…” 

  • Karen Xi, Future Health Care Industry Titan

    Karen Xi, Future Health Care Industry Titan

    Karen Xi: “My name is Karen Xi.  I’m from Singapore.  Escaped when I was 17 and took a scholarship to Canada. I went to the UK for my undergrad in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  And then after that I realized I wanted to see a lot more of the world — travel and wanderlust, sort of thing. So, I took a job in media working with the healthcare industry, which was sending me around the world. Six years rotating though 10 countries, which was really great.  I visited Shanghai at that time for work.  

    But then I needed a change and Shanghai seemed like a really cool place to be — the city is really great, in particular the healthcare industry. Lots of opportunity and really nice people.  I came across CEIBS because over half of the executives that I was interviewing for my job, they all had MBAs or EMBAs from CEIBS — after the 10th person I was like, “What’s CEIBS”? 

    I guess I enrolled because I was dealing with this feeling of maybe not reaching my potential. I felt like I still wanted to set myself up for the future.  I chose CEIBS because they have a really strong network in the healthcare industry, which what I want to stay in — pharmaceuticals, bio-medicine, things like that.  From hospitals, to research companies, to even high level government stuff CEIBS has the networking down, so it’s pretty great. 

    And I think after that the great experience has been the people I’ve met. There’s a great sense of community with students and faculty.” 

  • Faculty and Alumni

    Faculty and Alumni

    The faculty at CEIBS hails from a diverse background, split evenly into US, European and Chinese origins.  Most, if not all are, MBAs and / or PhDs in their own right, bringing with them international experience and insight. With varying teaching methods and class structures, you’re getting the same case studies and course work as you would be getting at Harvard or any of the Ivy League schools. 

    CEIBS also boasts a robust and engaged alumni network with over 26,000 graduates around the globe, regional alumni chapters, as well as various industry associations and clubs. 

    By August 2021, CEIBS has established 65 regional alumni chapters around the world, providing local alumni with a platform for direct support, networking, and development. 

  • Alumni Voices:  Eric Seidner, APAC Program Manger at Apple

    Alumni Voices: Eric Seidner, APAC Program Manger at Apple

    Eric Seidner: “I originally came to China looking for an adventurous life, not necessarily a professional one. My first “China job” teaching English in Beijing to 240 first graders helped situate me in a foreign country by putting a roof over my head and a bit of money in my wallet and help. As one year turned to two to three, I wrestled with a question: am I still traveling around China or am I actually settling down in China?

    I knew I was gaining rich and varied experience. And I knew my career steps made sense. But, from an employers point of view—my work history seemed scattershot with no connecting through line.  I needed a stamp of validation that would not only shave off the rough edges of my work history but also demonstrate my resume was full of meaningful and transferable skills and experiences. Therefore, I looked towards MBAs as a possible solution and discovered CEIBS. 

    When reviewing a host of MBA schools, CEIBS leapt to the forefront of choices due to its high academic standing and strong China focus. Most of the course work is completed as group assignments. CEIBS purposefully puts you into groups of classmates who are very different from yourself—industry backgrounds, cultures, etc. Work inside of these groups is seldom smooth, in fact—it’s often challenging. But learning to communicate, motivate, and persuade those who may be coming from an opposing point of view is an essential skill. While learning textbook material has its place, I firmly believe mastering soft skills—EQ skills—is essential for leadership. 

    Additionally, I enjoyed how CEIBS existed as a safe testing ground for ideas. There are ample opportunities to start a new club, host a conference or even lead an extracurricular project. And, if you fail—no biggie. You aren’t fired, but you have tried and learned something. So try again. I found most of my valuable experiences came not from being nose deep in a book but by being engaged in opportunities with the community. 

    In my subsequent roles post graduation, working with highly diversified teams became the norm. Communication of ideas, persuasion in problem solving, and motivation towards a vision are part and parcel of the job. I’m glad I had the opportunities from all of the CEIBS group course work to try things out, stumble around in finding my leadership style and sharpen my communication skills before entering the career world. Not only did I graduate with that stamp of validation on my resume—my past job choices having been “approved” by a top MBA institution and now made more attractive to recruiters—but also with a better sense of confidence in myself as a teammate and even as a leader.”

  • Campus and Dorms

    Campus and Dorms

    Designed by the architecture firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners (PCF), the CEIBS Shanghai Campus fuses classic Chinese-style courtyards with European-style modern loggias and galleries — a sort of architectural expression of the “China Depth, Global Breadth” mandate.  It covers a total area of 78,000 square meters, and offers world-class facilities in a serene but academic environment.  A 720-seat conference hall, library, cafe and cafeteria, sports facilities and gym are all on-hand, as well as the campus bar wherein the students have created their own craft beer start-up.

    (But of course.) 

    MBA students are housed in four 5-story dormitory buildings houses. Available rooms are currently single occupancy. Each air-conditioned room is about 10-square-meters with their own washrooms. Both group-study lounges and private rooms are connected with Internet. Satellite television sockets are provided and basic room service supplied. 

  • Campus Life and Connections

    Campus Life and Connections

    CEIBS’ student selection process is oriented to diversity and community, and they accept enrollments from individuals that stand out in both their professional goals and personal achievements. This year’s MBA class is 120 students, 38% international and 50% female, representing 27 different countries.  In addition to learning from your classes, experiences and professors, you’re also learning from your peers and forging new connections in your personal and professional life.  

    CEIBS offers an inviting and active campus life, with lots of clubs, committees, events and gatherings, designed to develop your other interests complimentary to your professional live, explore new ideas, meet new people, and make life lasting connections.   

  • Find Out if CEIBS MBA Is Right For You

    Find Out if CEIBS MBA Is Right For You

    Whether your looking you’re looking for personal growth and self-cultivation, a career change and upgrade, or just, more nebulously, great gobs of cash to be sitting in your bank account someday, the best way to find out and learn more about if CEIBS's MBA program is right for you is to sign up for the Beyond Borders MBA Experience Camp on February 26 and February 27.

  • Sign Up for CEIBS’ Beyond Borders MBA Experience Weekend

    Sign Up for CEIBS’ Beyond Borders MBA Experience Weekend

    Open to non-Chinese passport holders, the two-day event enables interested parties to learn more about the MBA faculty, the career impact of the program, and student life on campus. 

    Participation in the event also enables you to be open to that RMB 80,000 fellowship should you decide to move forward with your application. 

    Deadline to eroll in the MBA Experience Weekend is February 15.

    Scan the QR code above for more details.