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What Does It Mean To Be A Modern Hospital?


A collaboration between Jiahui Health and SmartShanghai.

By SmSh
2020-07-03 06:18:14

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    Jiahui Health wants to be different. Forty-five year old CEO Ge Feng, a former investment banker and self- declared “outsider”, is leading a push to innovate healthcare with his showpiece 500-bed Jiahui International Hospital, the first foreign-funded tertiary- level hospital in China. Ge is using technology, data and modern management methods to flatten the notoriously bureaucratic hospital hierarchy and deliver on his promise of providing a new kind of care.

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    “Healthcare should be focused on health, not sick care. Traditionally, all healthcare, globally, is really sick care. We are not just a hospital business. It's part of health. Of course the hospital is the most complicated -- it's the diamond bit on the end of the drill. But we have clinics, we have a precision medicine company that is part of the system. We have an education arm really centered on the New England Journal of Medicine, we run the Chinese operation to contribute to physician education and training. We are thinking about this as a whole ecosystem.” — Ge Feng

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    “Jiahui was founded by five or six families, and my investment company, Trustbridge. My background is investment and engineering, so I have the outsider point of view, which is a strength and a weakness. I think healthcare is one of the last industries to be disrupted by technology. We have to innovate in how healthcare is organized, how it's run, how the system is incentivized, in order to provide quality care, personalized care. Most hospitals in the world are a hundred years old or more. We want to accelerate the timeline. It's time for us to say we can do it differently.” — Ge Feng

    Pictured above is Jiahui Health's partner, Massachusetts General Hospital, founded in 1811.

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    The 500-bed Jiahui International Hospital, which spreads across two wings and is connected by a central courtyard, opened to the public in fall 2018.

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    “Ultimately, healthcare is about trust, and at the end of the day, we have to earn it.” — Ge Feng

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    There's no more important decision about where to place your trust than what hospital you are going to deliver your first child at. For new mom Julie, she trusted Jiahui Health and Dr. Alexander Lin.

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    Dr. Lin has delivered more than 10,000 babies over the course of two decades as an OB/GYN physician in Chicago, and is now adding to that total in China. In addition to seeing patients and delivering children, he is the Chief of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and the Director of Women's Health for Jiahui Health. He joined the hospital in 2018.

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    Women's health is a major part of Jiahui Health's vision to provide ongoing wellness care. The Breast Institute at Jiahui Health provides a One-Stop Clinic that offers state of the art services, including breast screening, breast disease diagnosis, comprehensive surgical and support services, genetic risk assessment, and education programs. Their multi-disciplinary team (MDT) comprising specialist breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, breast care nurses, rehabilitation specialists, geneticists, nutritionists and psychologists, provides customized, coordinated care for every patient.

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    In summer 2020, Jiahui Health will launch an in-vitro fertilization service, the final component in its commitment to providing for every aspect of women's health.

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    Jiahui Health has recruited a medical team from around the world, from China to Europe and the United States, and beyond. Their 150 physicians and 1,000 professionals from 13 countries offer services in more than a dozen languages (English to Mandarin to Cantonese, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and more).

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    The hospital has a long-term strategic collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, (MGH) founded in 1811, and a collaborative partnership with the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. The Mass General partnership includes consultation from MGH regarding overall planning for Jiahui International Hospital and the development of the Jiahui International Cancer Center (JICC). JICC partners with MGH on cancer care policies and procedures, treatment protocols, governance structure, and quality and safety programs for state-of-the-art, evidence based medical practice.

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    Another major Jiahui Health initiative, as part of Ge Feng’s direction of the hospital, has been the Health Management Program (HMC). The HMC offers personalized attention from a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who aim to discover potential diseases and propose preventive plans that enhance patient’s wellbeing and help them better understand their health status.

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    That includes the musculoskeletal system (joint, bone and muscle health), sleep medicine and nutrition. All things we tend to neglect in our every day lives: how to eat well, sleep well and move through the world well.

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    The sleep medicine department on the 9th floor is a lot more comfortable than the room with a one-way observation mirror you may have imagined. The hospital’s polysomnography (aka sleep study) measures more than 70 parameters, including EEG, ocular electricity, mandibular muscle, blood oxygen saturation, ECG, oral and nasal respiratory airflow, chest and abdomen respiratory movement, leg movement, snoring and body position. Nurses monitor the room and results remotely, from a station at the center of the department.

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    For more information about Jiahui Health or to make an appointment, scan the QR code above for their Official WeChat Account.