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Upcoming Events

Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
  • Jewel Appreciation and Cultural Exchange

    Learn about different jewels, history and culture with an afternoon tea set at Ombra. Prices are 680rmb/person, or 580rmb/person for Aesthetics member...
    • | @ OMBRA
  • Paris - Shanghai Afternoon Tea

    Mr. Christophe Gillino, the French executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, recommends the new themed afternoon tea, which combines tradit...
    • Dining | @ Aura Lounge & Jazz Bar
  • Afternoon Tea

    Fancy something a little more refined this afternoon? Western fusion restaurant and bakery Ombra do tea sets every day from 2-4pm. You can see some of...
    • Dining | @ OMBRA