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  • Magic Jungle

    • Address
      500 Dadongming Lu, near Lushun Lu
    • Phone
      400 1271 188

    High ropes course right next to the International Ferry Terminal, consisting of 94 elements varying in difficulty. A clear day will give you a spectacular view across the river while you are suspended 60ft in the air. Read more

  • Park Climbing Gym

    • Address
      199 Yangzhai Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
      杨宅路199号, 近凯旋路
    • Phone
      6278 1777

    Standard price of 120rmb for a full day pass. Wall height is about 20 meters, but great for beginners - they report that 80% of all first-timers manage to make it to the top. During the day there are mostly kids and some pros doing their own thing, and it can get... Read more

  • Latitude

    • Address
      Hongqiao Tiandi The Hub South Area, 1/F, 688 Shenchang Lu, near Zhouhong Lu
    • Phone
      5433 8885

    Decent sized trampoline and climbing park on the 4th and 5th floor of Hongqiao Tiandi The Hub shopping centre. Mostly aimed at kids but literally anyone who wants to can have a lot of fun here. The weekend sees swathes of hyperactive children running around care-free... Read more

  • Magirock Climbing Gym

    • Address
      3/F, 340 Hankou Lu, near Shandong Zhong Lu
      汉口路340号3楼, 近山东中路
    • Phone
      400 6757 599

    One of the earliest indoor rock climbing facilities in Shanghai. They have both climbing walls and bouldering. For 120rmb you get unlimited climbing time inside, along with a harness, shoes, and some basic instruction. Magirock also has a remote location at... Read more

  • Double Jump

    • Address
      880 Jiangyang Nan Lu, near Baode Lu
      江杨南路880号新杨湾D3, 近保德路
    • Phone
      3158 3718

    Located in the D3 area of New Yangwan Science Park, Double jump Trampoline Park covers an area of more than 1800 square meters, including a regular trampoline area, trampoline basketball area, bubble football area, children's building blocks castle area, 10-meter... Read more

  • New World City Climbing Wall

    • Address
      3/F, New World City, 2-88 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu
      南京西路2-88号新世界城内3楼中厅, 近西藏中路
    • Phone

    Fifty-five meters, 180 feet, of urban climbing. The world's tallest climbing wall when it opened in 2019. Climb your way up 10 stories of the New World City mall, while shopping tourists look on. Read more

  • Pongo Climbing Gym

    • Address
      No. 26, Lane 833 Zhizaoju Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu
      制造局路833弄26号, 中山南一路
    • Phone
      6333 5612

    PONGO Climbing Gym is one of the few climbing gyms in Shanghai that specializes in bouldering. Currently the only climbing gym in China that has walls designed by IFSC Route Setters (International Federation of Sport Climbing). The majority of holds are imported from... Read more

  • Lining Climbing Gym

    • Address
      Zone 5, 339 Zhoujiadu Lu, near Xueye Er Lu
      周家渡路339号5区, 近雪野二路
    • Phone
      2028 0209

    Located inside what’s originally the Expo area, this facility has a big 1,500 square meter indoor space. It is owned by “Lining”, a sportswear brand named after the famous Chinese gymnast Li Ning, who is also the founder of this brand. Opened in 2017, the walls in... Read more

  • Yanwu Space Rockclimbing Center (Pudong)

    • Address
      1200 Shibo Da Dao, near Shangnan Lu
      世博大道1200号, 近上南路
    • Phone
      5635 7337

    Standard price is 120 rmb for an all-day pass, including equipment. Private classes are 350rmb per session, and you can get a 0.5 hour trial class along with your day pass for 200rmb. Read more

  • Extreme Jump

    • Address
      2/F, Bldg B, 518 Kangshan Lu, near Kangqiao Lu
      康杉路518号B区2楼, 近康桥路
    • Phone
      173 0184 2293 / 173 0184 7817

    Trampoline park out in Pudong. Read more

  • Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park

    • Address
      Zhuyuan Road, Mongonshan Town, Deqing County
    • Phone
      400 900 5177

    Adventure Park affiliated with the Discovery Channel in cooperation with venture capital group APAX. It's an outdoor survival/adventure camp, offering packages for families that cost 680rmb and will take you through 3 activities of your choosing. Hiking, zip lining,... Read more

  • Roaring Climbing Gym

    • Address
      128 Huayuan Lu, near Jingxiang Lu
      花园路128号, 近景祥路
    • Phone
      3636 8028

    This climbing center has six bouldering walls. It's inside an old factory that's been converted into a sports center -- there's indoor basketball court, a snooker club, badminton and table tennis plus an outdoor track. The price to climb jumps over the weekend, and... Read more

  • High Five Gym

    • Address
      2/F, Bldg 3, 697 Lingshan Lu, near Pinglu Lu
      灵山路697号3号楼2层, 近平陆路
    • Phone
      5697 3166

    Equipped with bouldering, training walls, along with many training facilities like hand rings and free weights. Read more

  • Moyan Pandeng (Nanjing Dong Lu)

    • Address
      340 Hankou Lu, near Shandong Zhong Lu
      汉口路340号, 近山东中路
    • Phone
      400 675 7599

    A rockclimbing place for both beginners and experts. Read more

  • Ribbon Climbing

    • Address
      800 Guoshun Dong Lu, near Shuangyang Bei Lu
      国顺东路800号, 近双阳北路
    • Phone
      6566 2670

    One of the cheaper options for rock climbing walls in Shanghai, Ribbon Climbing consists of two 20 meter walls, as well as shorter ones to practice on. 90-100rmb for a full day pass. Read more

  • High Five

    • Address
      697 Lingshi Lu, near Wanrong Lu
      灵石路697号, 近万荣路
    • Phone
      5697 3166

    High Five is a rock climbing gym suitable for all levels of ability. First-timers can pay an extra 78 yuan for a one hour section with an instructor. Read more

  • Temporarily closed

    Shanghai Stadium Rock Climb Sports Centre

    • Address
      Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Bldg 6, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
      天钥桥路666号, 上海体育馆6号楼, 近零陵路
    • Phone
      6426 6666

    Shanghai Stadium Rock Climb Sports Center offers a number of great climbs with varying levels of difficulty. Built directly into the walls of the Shanghai Stadium, the center offers shoe and harness rentals for 10rmb each and daylong climbing tickets for 70rmb. It... Read more