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  • Alidance Academy

    17/f, Room 17E, 381 Xinzha Lu, near Shimen Er Lu


    Alidance Academy founded and directed by professional dancer Alicia Valdivia Serrano is located in downtown Jing'an district close to the Natural History Museum. They offer...
    Kid's Sports
    Dance Studios
  • Dance Works Shanghai

    588 Hongfeng Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    红枫路588号, 近明月路

    186 0175 9140
    Well-trusted and liked in the Biyun (Pudong) community, DanceWorks offers a wide variety of dance classes for all age groups. They are dedicated to creating a student-centered...
    Dance Works Shanghai Shanghai
    Dance Studios
  • Latin Grooves

    4/F, 250 Yuyuan Lu, near Anxi Lu

    愚园路1250号4楼, 近安西路

    135 2465 8373
    Formal Salsa lessons by request, informal Salsa social events at various locations across Shanghai.
    Dance Studios
  • ARTIST Dance Complex

    Rm 306, 801 Quxi Lu, near Jumen Lu

    瞿溪路801号, 近局门路

    3366 3583
    Dance Studios
  • Tongji University Sport Dance School

    5/F, 618 Liuying Lu, near Gonghe Xin Lu

    柳营路618号5楼, 近共和新路

    188 1981 1107
    Dance Studios
  • Dance Flow Studio

    3/F, Xiangyang Center, 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Xinle Lu

    襄阳大楼3楼, 襄阳北路97号, 近新乐路

    133 1174 4167
    Dance Flow Studio is ballet and contemporary dance studio in downtown Shanghai, just one block away from iAPM. They offer English-language beginners and advanced ballet classes,...
    Dance Flow Studio Shanghai
    Kid's Sports
    Dance Studios
  • Shanghai Royal Pole Dancing Studio

    11-52 , Jiameihui Building , Sichuan Bei Road , 1727 Nong , near DongBaoXing Road

    嘉美汇11-52, 四川北路1727弄,近东宝兴路

    6044 3355
    A studio on Sichuan Bei Lu specializing in pole dancing and high-energy fitness classes. Drop in class are 100RMB, and a 10+2 class package will run you 1900rmb.
    Shanghai Royal Pole Dancing Studio Shanghai
    Dance Studios
  • BodySoul Dance Studio (Pudong)

    29 Xiangcheng Lu, near Shijidadao

    向城路29号, 近世纪大道

    131 6710 5215
    Popular dance studio that offers a range of classes, including jazz and hip hop. Classes are taught in Chinese with minimal English.
    Dance Studios
  • Elite Dance Company

    19/F, Universal Mansion, 172 Yuyuan Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu

    愚园路172号环球世界大厦19层, 近万航渡路

    Elite Dance Academy offers classes for adults and children from three years old, in ballet, contemporary, progressing ballet technique (conditioning and strengthening), yoga and...
    Elite Dance Company Shanghai
    Dance Studios
    Kid's Sports
  • TangoCool Shanghai

    5/F, Bldg 1, 1165 Jiangning Lu, near Changshou Lu

    江宁路1165号1号楼圣天地商务楼5楼, 近长寿路

    133 4164 7428
    Shanghai branch of a popular Argentinian tango school that operated in Buenos Aires from 2004 to 2013. The founder and main teacher, one Gabriel Glagovsky, moved to Europe to...
    Dance Studios
  • The Dustbreakerz Dojo

    No. 1, Lane 137 Bailan Lu, near Kaixuan Bei Lu

    白兰路137弄1号, 近凯旋北路

    6216 1198
    Dance studio opened by Shanghai breakdance crew DustBreakERz. They've got both Chinese & foreign dance teachers, and the studio organizes a breakdance competition every month.
    Dance Studios
  • Essence Salsa Dance Studio

    20/F, 618 Xikang Lu, near Nanchang Lu

    西康路618号20楼, 近南昌路

    135 2491 7689
    Dance studio run by two Venezuelan dancers, teaching different types of dance. Salsa, obviously, but also batchata, ballet, contemporary dance, heel dance etc. The studio has...
    Dance Studios
    Yoga & Pilates
    Jing'an District
  • n'Tempo Dance Studio

    2/F, Yongxing Business Building, 168 Zhenning Lu, near Dong Zhu'anbang Lu

    永兴商务楼2层, 镇宁路168弄, 近东诸安浜路

    139 1642 1242
    Previously named as "Shanghai Latin Dance", n'Tempo is a Dance Studio that specializes in Cuban Salsa, Los Angeles Salsa and Bachata, as well Merengue, Man Styling, Lady...
    Dance Studios
    Jing'an District
  • Zumba Wan E Fan Er

    19/F, 618 Xikang Lu, near Changping Lu

    西康路618号华通大厦19楼, 近昌平路

    133 0162 9330
    Fitness studio specializing in zumba, bachata, Latin dance, as well as boxing. They've got both Chinese and foreign instructors.
    Dance Studios
    Jing'an District
  • Zy Dance Studio

    3/F, 596 Yan'an Zhong Lu, by Shimen Yi Lu

    延安中路596号3楼, 近石门一路

    138 1720 4098
    A world-class dance training studio in a converted factory in central Jing'an offering classes in ballet, contemporary dance, Broadway jazz, Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT...
    Dance Studios
    Kid's Sports