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  • Gold

    Oriental Spring

    No.1, Lane 2088 Wuzhong Lu,
    near Hangzhong Lu

    吴中路2088弄1号, 近航中路

    6077 8273
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    Oriental Spring trucks hot spring water from Jiangsu, Nantong to Shanghai. The hot spring water has been tested and confirmed by a water analysis laboratory in Budapest and recognized by China Hot Springs Tourism Association. The entire...
    Spa and Massage
    Swimming Pools
  • Mandarin City Pool

    Mandarin City Rear of Club House, 1129 Guyang Lu, near Shuicheng Nan Lu

    名都城 古羊路1129号, 近水城南路

    The Mandarin! The Manda-reeeen! It's back, baby! It's back! After a few years closed to the public, Shanghai's favorite mid-tier pool destination is back open for the summer....
    Mandarin City Pool Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Shimao Riviera Garden Pool

    Lane 1 & 2 Weifang Lu, near Pucheng Lu

    潍坊路1弄/2弄, 近浦城路

    6888 8108
    Huge pool in Lujiazui with a sandy beach landscaped with rocks and trees and all kinds of pleasant stuff. It has long been a go-to place for weekends for its sizeable beach...
    Shimao Riviera Garden Pool Shanghai
    Residential Compounds
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Grand Plaza Club House

    568 Julu Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    四方新城俱乐部 巨鹿路568弄, 近陕西南路

    6289 4835
    The "Grand Plaza Club House" is the pool facility in the Julu Lu compound most well-known for being the location of Mexican restaurant Maya. Super centrally located, the pool...
    Grand Plaza Club House Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • New Star (Minhang)

    Lane 258, Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu

    金汇南路258弄, 近虹泉路

    3432 0777
    This is one of the nicest-for-the-money bathhouses in Shanghai. Korean style, you get to strip and splash around in hot rooms and cold pools (sex segregated) and then move...
    New Star (Minhang) Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Ambassy Club (Pudong)

    588 Hongfeng Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    红枫路588号, 近明月路

    5198 3688
    This is the Ambassy in Jinqiao, coming to us with a bit more of a resort kind of feel, although maybe long in the tooth a bit. Previously, it was only open to members, but now...
    Ambassy Club (Pudong) Shanghai
    Kid's Activities
    Swimming Pools
    Fitness Centers
  • Playa Maya

    888 Linhu Lu, near Linyin Da Dao

    镇林湖路888号, 近林荫大道

    3355 2222
    One of two big water parks in Shanghai, located right next to Happy Valley. The park design is world class, with a dozen full-sized water slides, kids areas, cute stone...
    Playa Maya Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
    Water Parks
  • Vizcaya Club

    1988 Yunshan Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    云山路1988号, 近明月路

    5030 4519
    Pudong actually has some nice outdoor pools. The ticket price for this is really good for what you're getting: a giant pool and an atmosphere reminiscent of a resort in Thailand...
    Vizcaya Club Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Ambassy Club (Xuhui)

    1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    淮海中路1500号, 近乌鲁木齐路

    6437 9800
    A dependable pool destination, Ambassy Club has indoor and outdoor pools that get -- wait for it -- really busy on weekends. The indoor pool requires a swimming cap but not the...
    Ambassy Club (Xuhui) Shanghai
    Fitness Centers
    Kid's Activities
    Swimming Pools
  • Amara Hotel Pool

    600 Changshou Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    长寿路600号, 近胶州路

    6288 9888
    The pool at the Amara Signature Hotel on Changshou Lu in Jign'an: It's got a central location and it's open to the public, which means it's going to be crowded on the weekends....
    Amara Hotel Pool Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • JW Marriott Tomorrow Square

    399 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu

    上海明天广场万豪酒店 南京西路399号, 近黄陂北路

    5359 4969
    Located within one of the city's signature building (Tomorrow's Square), and within walking distance of People's Square and East Nanjing Road, the Marriott is ideally located...
    JW Marriott Tomorrow Square Shanghai
    Luxury Hotels
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Jinshan City Sand Beach

    7555 Huhang Gonglu, near Mengshan Lu


    Shanghai has a beach! And it's way out in Jinshan on "line 22" which actually isn't a line at all, it's a bullet train. You can use your metro card though, and you don't need...
  • The Portman Ritz-Carlton

    Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu

    南京西路1376号上海商城, 近西康路

    6279 8888
    The Portman-Ritz Carlton complex is an expat haven on Nanjing Lu. This five-star hotel is optimal for business conferences, with dozens of meeting rooms, multiple bars, lounges,...
    The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai
    Luxury Hotels
    Sports & Recreation
  • Purple Mountain (Pudong)

    778 Dongfang Lu, near Zhangyang Lu

    东方路778号, 近张杨路

    6886 8888
    Situated in the heart of the Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone, the five-star Purple Mountain Hotel, is ideally located for people looking to be in the midst of the 'New China'....
    Purple Mountain (Pudong) Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Oasis Riviera Pool

    883 Shuicheng Lu, near Tianshan Lu

    水城路883弄, 近天山路

    3203 5811
    Oasis Riviera's got nice space for lounging and a small slide for the kids. It used to cost 70rmb a person for the day, and children under 1 meter would get in for free, but...
    Oasis Riviera Pool Shanghai
    Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Swimming Pools