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  • People's Park

    231 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu

    南京西路231号, 近黄陂北路

    T: 6327 1333

    Surrounded on all sides by museums and landmarks old and new, People’s Park is the site of the old Shanghai racecourse. The current Shanghai History Museum used to be its clubhouse. Inside, the...

  • Love Park

    523 Yan’an Dong Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu

    延安东路523号, 近西藏南路


    Known by locals as "LP", this is one of Shanghai's most famous skateboarding spots. There's always some skaters up there busting tricks down the three-set or on the ledges. There's also a big park...

  • Yanzhong Guangchang Park (East)

    Xizang Zhong Lu, near Jinling Zhong Lu

    西藏中路, 近金陵中路

    T: 5306 4233

    In this dense city, it can feel difficult to get some quiet alone time. Sometimes you need a quick bit of solitude in nature, away from the gossiping retirees and playing children. This no-frills...

  • Yanzhong Guangchang Park (Middle)

    Jinling Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu

    金陵中路, 近黄陂南路

    T: 5306 4233

    Just north of K11 on Jinling Lu is a parkland that spans several city blocks, stretching northwest and ending around Dagu Lu near Chengdu Lu. All of these parks have ample grass space, lots of...

  • Yanzhong Guangchang Park (West)

    Jinling Xi Lu, near Danshui Lu

    金陵西路, 近淡水路

    T: 5306 4233

    Plenty of tranquil places along the north eastern-side of Yanzhong Guangchang, with lots of water features, bridges, a mini-exercise center, and benches under ample tree cover. Nice spot for...

  • Huaihai Park

    177 Huaihai Lu, near Pu An Lu,

    淮海公园 淮海中路177号, 近普安路

    T: 5306 0629

  • Jing'an Sculpture Park

    128 Shimen Er Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu

    石门二路128号, 近北京西路

    T: 5228 9562

    Beautiful, family-friendly park in north Jing'an. The park is full of art and statues, some of which rotate throughout the year to make room for the work of international artists. There is only one...

  • Dagu Lu Park

    391 Dagu Lu, near Lao Chengdu Bei Lu

    大沽路391号, 近老成都北路

    T: -

    Located on the very corner of Lao Chengdu Bei Lu and Dagu Lu and technically called the "Yan'an Zhong Lu Large Public Green Space," this is one of the nicest downtown parks. Lots of cherry trees,...

  • Julu Park

    Julu Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu

    巨鹿路, 近成都北路


    Another continuation of the extensive Yanzhong Park that stretches from the south-east corner of People's Square to around here. This place really goes on forever. This one straddles both sides of...

  • Taipingqiao Park

    168 Hubin Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu

    湖滨路168号, 近黄陂南路


    Tucked on the eastern edge of Xintiandi, this smallish open park is centered around an artificial-looking lake and an adjacent square. Most famous for hosting the main tent associated with Shanghai...

  • Fuxing Park

    516 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu

    复兴中路516号, 近重庆南路

    T: 5386 1069

    This French park, built in 1909, has a big grassy lawn that, yes!, you can sit on most days, when it’s not roped off to allow the grass to re-grow (usually in spring). There is a well-manicured...

  • Binjiang Park

    Binjiang Avenue, near Lujiazui Xi Lu

    滨江大道, 近陆家嘴西路


  • Xiangyang Park

    1008 Huaihai Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu

    淮海中路1008号, 近襄阳北路

    T: 5404 2208

    A good sized French-inspired park on Huaihai Zhong Lu, nice for coffee breaks. Lots of trees and shaded areas to sit (though not on the grass) including the tree-lined boulevard starting at the...

  • Xikang Park

    255 Xikang Lu, near Xinzha Lu

    西康路255号, 近新闸路

    T: 6289 3124

  • Liyuan Park

    Liyuan Lu, near Jumen Lu

    丽园路, 近局门路


  • Shaoxing Park

    62 Shaoxing Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    绍兴路62号, 近陕西南路

    T: 6437 7615

  • Jing'an Park

    1649 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    南京西路1649号, 近华山路

    T: 6248 3238

    This park right across from the temple is guarded by an armored rhino statue and a few official buskers banging it out on the sax most days. Inside, there are winding rocky trails and several...

  • A Thousand Trees by Suzhou Creek

    600 Moganshan Lu, near Changhua Lu

    莫干山路600号, 近昌化路

    T: 6327 3535

    A 300,000 square meter shopping complex crossed over with a park. The rooftop of the building is composed of trees, becoming an almost "Hanging Garden of Shanghai". Looking over Suzhou Creek, this...

  • Lu Xun Park

    2288 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Tian'ai Zhi Lu

    四川北路2288号, 近甜爱支路

    T: 6540 1561

    Named for revolutionary writer Lu Xun, his mausoleum and a museum of his work are located within the park. This one draws a lot of the older generation living in the area, who come to chat and do...

  • Yuncai Cafe

    260 Changshou Lu, near Xikang Lu

    长寿路260号, 近西康路


    Extremely chill café located inside a park in north Jing'an, opened by some people from Guizhou. Indoor and outdoor seating. Reasonably priced beers and simple foods. Kind of like a hippie version...

  • ArtOne Laobaidu Green Space

    588-4606 Binjiang Dadao, near Zhangyang Lu

    滨江大道4588-4606号, 近张杨路


    A narrow, roughly two kilometer-long bit of riverside development, mostly cavernous repurposed warehouses, boardwalks and parkland. It plays host to all kinds of events, from markets to music...

  • Suzhou River Mengqing Garden

    66 Yichang Lu, Near Jiangning Lu

    宜昌路66号, 近江宁路

    T: 6277 8770

    Family-friendly park at the very north end of Jiangning Lu, near the QSW live house. It's not that big, but they let you chill on the grass. The layout is cool, with plenty of little forested nooks...

  • Nanyuan Binjiang

    800 Longhua Dong Lu, near Furun Lu

    龙华东路800号, 近富润路

    T: 6303 8324

    Lot of history in this medium-sized park -- The Party used to gather here. It’s like a large garden, with a small lake in the center, some animal statues made of flowers, and a nice view of the...

  • Zhabei Park

    1555 Gonghe Xin Lu, near Luochuan Dong Lu

    共和新路1555号, 近洛川东路

    T: 5633 4901

  • Huoshan Park

    118 Huoshan Lu, near Zhoushan Lu

    霍山路118号, 近舟山路


    A public park that was rebuilt on the site of a recreation area from the 1930s and '40s. A memorial rock was installed in the 1980s as a tribute to the district’s history.

  • Peace park

    891 Tianbao Lu, near Dalian Lu

    天宝路891号, 近大连路

    T: 6503 0518

  • Expo Park

    1750 Shibo Dadao, near Changqing Bei Lu

    世博大道1750号, 近长清北路

    T: 2206 3430

    One of the nicest parks in Shanghai, and once the location of JZ and Strawberry music festivals, this one's worth visiting even (or especially) where there isn't a major event on. Lots of...

  • Xujiahui Park

    889 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianping Lu

    肇嘉浜路889号, 近天平路

    T: 6483 3541

    Xuijiahui Park is a pleasant surprise, designed as a mini-Shanghai with a stream evoking the Huangpu River. An elevated walkway starts at the old rubber factory chimney. Plus there are a few...

  • Shanghai Houtan Park

    2200 Shibo Da Dao, near Houtan Lu

    世博大道2200号, 近后滩路

    T: -

    Unlike other parks in Shanghai, tucked between skyscrapers, Houtan Park has serious countryside vibes. Impressive, considering this used to be a shipyard and steel factory. Lots of wild greens and...

  • Dog Park at West Bund

    3268 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu

    徐汇滨江绿地 龙腾大道3268号, 近东安路


    An off leash furry fest for your four legged friend. Let your dog roam free and sniff butts to their heart's content. Pet's Playground next to Long Museum is THE pet social scene. It's 99 percent...

  • Xuhui Riverside Park

    455 Ruining Road (At the corner of Ruining Road and Longteng Avenue)



    This is one of the city's premier green spaces, extremely popular for picnics when the weather cooperates and a big destination for dog owners, acro-yoga practitioners and slack-liners, who all...

  • Huashan Green Space

    1500 Huashan Lu, near Xingfu Lu

    华山路1500号, 近幸福路

    T: 6281 3135

    This is the “Dada” park for some of us, near where the old club used to be. It’s got basketball courts, a running track, a square to dance with the grandmas. This one is also really good for dogs...

  • Xuhui Binjiang Green Space

    3268 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu

    龙腾大道3268号, 近东安路

    T: -

    Xuhui Riverside Green is a huge outdoor space with a decent skatepark that's lit up at night, with basketball courts, a climbing wall, places to run without the fear of cars, and plenty of grass to...

  • Daning Lingshi Park

    288 Guangzhong Xi Lu, near Wanrong Lu

    广中西路288号, 近万荣路

    T: 6652 3698

    This destination park has a white sand beach, fishing hole, and tulip beds complete with red windmill, cows and statue of kissing Dutch kids. The big lake draws waterfowl and waterfowl...

  • Zhongshan Park

    780 Changning Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    长宁路780号, 近定西路

    T: 6252 5225

    Zhongshan Park gets major points for allowing people on the grass. The park is named after Sun Yat-sen; Zhongshan is an alternative spelling for his name. So good they named the area after it....

  • Guangqi Park

    17 Nandan Lu, near Huizhan Lu

    南丹路17号, 近汇站路

    T: 6438 1780

  • Tianshan Park

    1731 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Kaixuan Lu

    延安西路1731号, 近凯旋路

    T: 6259 4887

    Though small, this park is perfectly formed, with lots of small hills, lakes, pavilions, river bridges, lots of greenery, and Yuyintang -- one of Shanghai's best live houses. You can usually lie...

  • Caoxi Park

    203 Caoxi Lu, near Longcao Lu

    漕溪路203号, 近龙漕路

    T: 6438 0513

    The Chinese-style garden was originally the family tomb and garden for the Cao family, who were in the clothing business. Now it’s popular with saxophone players.

  • Xin Hongqiao Garden

    2238 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Yili Lu

    延安西路2238号, 近伊犁路

    T: 6275 3869

    Mid-sized park in Gubei, also known as Yili Park, with plenty of flowers, green space, and water features. There's a nice spot to feed the ducks and geese, and a couple of spots to flick a fishing...

  • New Hongqiao Central Park

    97 Yili Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

    伊犁路97号, 近虹桥路

    T: 6275 3869

  • Changfeng Park

    189 Daduhe Lu, near Guangfu Xi Lu

    大渡河路189号, 近光复西路

    T: 6245 3270

    Changfeng Park on the west side of town is a large, landscaped park with a lake that takes up the center. Lots of benches by the water but it's hard to get a seat on the weekends. You can also rent...

  • Binhai Shi Wai Tao Yuan

    3 Yulan Lu, near Dujuan Lu

    玉兰路3号, 近杜鹃路

    T: 5805 6356

    A village with beautiful peach blossoms near Century Park.

  • Century Park

    809 Huamu Lu, near Haitong Lu

    花木路809号, 近海桐路

    T: 3876 0588

    If you want to visit a big park without traveling one or two hours, Century Park is the one. Fine landscaping, beautiful flowers, a massive lake, and tons of green spaces to lie down on, play...

  • Shanghai Botanical Gardens

    947 Longwu Lu, near Baise Lu

    龙吴路947号, 近百色路

    T: 5436 3369

    The Shanghai Botanical Gardens cover over 200 acres (81 hectares) and are home to a variety of flora and fauna including a collection of spectacular orchids. Tickets are 15rmb unless you're...

  • Kangjian Park

    458 Guanshengyuan Lu, near Guilin Lu

    冠生园路458号, 近桂林路

    T: 6436 5081

    A big park next to Guilin Park in case you get bored of one of them.

  • Guilin Park

    138 Guilin Lu, near Caobao Lu

    桂林路138号, 近漕宝路

    T: 6483 0915

    This well-kept Chinese traditional garden is peaceful and worth the 2rmb entrance fee. Guilin means osmanthus forest, named for the osmanthus trees in the garden. The place was originally built as...

  • Tihui Football Park

    3088 Hechuan Lu, near Zixiu Lu



  • Xinjiang Wancheng Park

    300 Guoxiu Lu, near Zhenghe Lu

    国秀路300号, 近政和路


    Xinjiang Wancheng provide a little green and blue respite for the local neighborhood in the form of a few well-manicured grass fields and a little water space next to which one may stroll. It's a...

  • Gongqing Forest Park

    2000 Jungong Lu, near Nenjiang lu,

    军工路2000号, 近嫩江路

    T: 6574 0586

    Though a bit far from downtown, Gongqing Park is a wooded wonderland split into a north and south portion. The northern section is the much larger "Forest Park," with little roller coasters, rock...

  • Linkong Skateboard Park

    7 Linhong Lu, near Fuquan Bei Lu



    Moderately sized outdoor skatepark, located next to The Anandi Hotel & Spa Shanghai on Linhong Lu. A 30-minute walk from Songhong Lu Station, the park has pools, ramps and ramps. The park...