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A Bunch of F&BS: Kartel, Bird & Bitter Closing…

A couple of real shockers in the closing section this week so we’ll start with that. Shed a Tear: Closing Soon After four years of creatively singular dining and drinking on Wuyuan Lu the one-...
2021-12-03 12:00:00
The monthly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

A couple of real shockers in the closing section this week so we’ll start with that.

Shed a Tear: Closing Soon

After four years of creatively singular dining and drinking on Wuyuan Lu the one-two combo Bird & Bitter is serving its last on December 31.

From owner Camden Hauge:

"Due to a few factors but primarily changed terms of lease renewal, we will be transferring our venues 50 + 58 Wuyuan Lu to a new operator on 1 January 2022. We are very sad to leave behind spaces that have been our home since 2017, but we are excited to celebrate our last month on Wuyuan Lu with a full schedule of fun events paying homage to the history of Bird + Bitter, ending with a literal bang on New Year’s Eve!

We are so proud of everything we have done as Bird + Bitter in these spaces – we led the Shanghai F+B scene as one of the first contemporary wine bars and one of the first coffee / cocktail concepts to open in this city, and we consistently innovated and improved over the past 4 years with quality, interesting food / drinks and excellent hospitality. We have fostered so many amazing people as members of our team, all who have gone on to even bigger and better things carrying our spirit with them. And, most of all, we have cultivated a wonderful group of regular customers who have become family."


Bummer. Surely, Team Hauge will bounce back, opening like five other new restaurants, though. But yeah, head down and get that mapo tofu gratinee and / or the DIY Shaanxi pork neck while you can. Congrats to them on a good run and for bringing some interesting-ness to Shanghai’s F&B landscape.

Another shocker: Kartel is also closing by January 1. Landlord issues. They haven’t announced any final plans for their closing yet, but you should make good use of the space and head down as often as you can to enjoy access to that rooftop while it lasts. (Never mind the cold, they have heaters up there).


Swirlz, the ice cream parlor from Brut Eatery, has shuttered their Yuyuan Lu space. In its place, construction is going in for Borsht & Kompot, formerly a Russian cuisine pop-up. Hmm. Interesting.

And lastly: RIP Paulaner Expo.

And so it goes…

The New Stuff

From the people who have been putting Barbarians all over town comes a new and ambitious concept: Dreamer. With a great location on Wuding Lu, the environment is yes… “dreamy” with tasteful, leafy decor and multiple dining areas. It’s quite nice. On the menu is sou vide pigeon and edamame with black truffle salt from their Portland, USA chef. Apparently, the beef ribs are good. Will confirm.


Fusion restaurant Double NATU, originally from Japan, is now open on Wanhangdu Lu. It has a lovely view of Jing’an Temple, which is still a bad-ass temple even after all these centuries. Never change, JT. You’re nailing it. The menu is green and foamy from a chef that has already secured himself two black pearls from Dianping. Double NATU is serving Japanese-style Western food which translates to a lot of miso and soy sauce into pastas and things.

New Thai place via Beijing AroiTy has been getting a lot of buzz at their Yongjia Lu location. The interiors are nothing spectacular but the food they’re doing is getting some good feedback, going off our WeChat Moments. Looks like scaled back Thai street food and quite a lot of wine options. Their signature is a Miang Kham. Lots of new Thai places, eh. Will see if they can separate themselves from the herd.

Churrascaria restaurant Latina is opening a branch in Ala Town, which is in Minhang. Anyone in Minhang reading this? Hellllooooo, over there! What are you doing, man! Minhang? Really?

Well. Now, at least, you can gorge yourself on massive amounts of bbq’ed meat like the rest of Shanghai has been doing at the other four locations of Latina.

Another place — it’s literally called Another Place — is now open at BFC. There’s some truth in advertising there. Don’t make this too easy. They’re serving fancy French cuisine on the first floor. It’s all too early to tell.

Rounding out restaurants, two new casual veggie places are now for the herbivores: Carrot & Cleaver in the Shanghai Center and FineRao in Xinatiandi Hongkou.

As for new bars…

Jing’an now has it own Key West, serving up their well-received customized cocktails and whiskey on Jiaozhou Lu. Because this area of town needs more bars. This is their second location after the one on Hengshan Lu. But, yes, this one is huge. Three levels of vintage-y wood and brick. Menu of bar bites to match.

There’s a vintage train bar on Shaanxi Nan Lu called Golden Express. We remember when the gimmick was an airplane bar in Da Tong Mill. You wouldn’t believe how jaded we are about all this these days.


I Love Shanghai lives again! Seasoned Shanghai veterans will remember beloved Bund dive ILS from back in the day, famous for their 100rmb open bar night and various wig-themed parties. They moved to Xinzha Lu and then changed ownership, rebranding to My Place Ruin Bar. Looks like they’ve changed back and now My Place Ruin Bar is I Love Shanghai. Ayyy. Alright! Why not.

Da Marco is back open again after spending a few month in the renovations cocoon. Welcome, old friend.

In the Rumor Mill

A couple new scaffoldings are up at the center of the universe: Fumin Lu and Changle Lu. We see you there The Boiling Crab and Atelier.
Rounding out with some nightlife goss: Apparently, the space that was Celia and then Amber Lounge on Xingfu Lu is going to find new life as an after-hours hip hop club in the nearish future — SHFT’ing into a new direction as it were. SHOULD BE VIBES.