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Camden Hauge's Got New Digs, Le Bordelais Bund Closed, and Wooden Paradise Reopens Via Window

By Feb 9, 2018 Dining
Lotta hot goss this week. Lotta hotta gossa. First off, Camden Hauge's opening not one, but two new venues in Fat Mama's newly vacated location. Such efficient use of space. We've also got confirmation on Light & Salt's new location; it's called The Pine at Ruijin, plus there're a couple fancy, bleeding edge coffeeeshops, that's always exciting. Meanwhile, Le Bordelais on the Bund closed, missed that. Oh, and did you know Wooden Paradise reopened? Yeah, it got shut-down, now you get in by climbing through the window.


Now Open

So late last year we reported that cocktail bar/eatery on Fuxing Lu Wooden Paradise got shut down. The door was blocked up and everything. Imagine our surprise when we passed by and found it was open. To get around the door blockage, the clever buggers put a step-ladder that takes you in through the window. Yup. Or you could go in via the side-door in the courtyard, but what kind of bacchanalian libertine would you be if you used goddamn doors.

Over at The Grumpy Pig, the front-room has been turned into a rockabilly bar called The Hoy Hoy by a couple of regulars at Inferno. Possibly China's only rockabilly bar?

Super white, super modern looking molecular coffeeshop S. Engine has opened a new location on Maoming Lu which looks exceedingly trendy.

Casualty List


Not much hit our radar this week in casualties. Le Bordelais on the Bund closed down. Nevermind, there're still three more where that came from.

The Word Around Town

Oooh big news. Camden Hauge 'n co (of Egg fame) managed to take two months to turn Fat Mama into two separate venues. Keeping to her one-word-names thing, they're called, respectively, Bird (wine + kitchen) and Bitter (cocktails + coffee). That'll probably be opening after CNY, after they overcome some of those "I can't believe we have to deal with this" final touches. More info after the break. Quick turn around on that one!

Image courtesy of Camden Hauge

My neighborhood bar District is getting replaced by some thing called Vault. It's not District, so I don't like it. Looks lame. Looks like it's got wine. Boo. Hiss.

We mentioned that Palmetto's going to be rebranded. Third name in three years, this one might please some of Shanghai's ornery old-timers brigade.

Light & Salt thing is going to be called The Pine at Ruijin. It's in that complex where the Intercontinental Ruijin is, and from the 3D artist's renders, it looks like it'll be swanky fine-dining in a garden villa-ish environment. We couldn't get confirmation, but they'll probably be open for Valentine's Day on account of how they submitted a Valentine's Day Deal for it.

We've spotted a that's going to be putting in next to Pie Society Canteen. Fisheye is that chain of coffee shops that does the "perfect mechanical pour-over." Bringing automation back into the artisanal coffee sphere, which seems sort of... is this like a second Industrial Revolution? An industrial rerevolution?

Controversial beer brewers Blue Moon will be opening up on that very busy stretch of Shaanxi Bei Lu. Much like Goose (hail Goose) they're one of those folksy, personable, passionate, bearded breweries doing 'real beer' that happens to be owned by one of the largest companies in the world, ie. Miller, ie. the people responsible for Miller Lite. This makes people very, very angry. Did we already use "brewing up a storm"? We did? Rats.


Check back next week for more unsubstantiated, irresponsible F&B gossip.



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