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Gongqing Forest Park 共青森林公园

Gongqing Forest Park 共青森林公园

2000 Jungong Lu,
near Nenjiang lu,

Yangpu District


6574 0586
30 mins walk from  Shiguang Rd
Web: -
Daily, 6am-4.30pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jan 21, 2020
Though a bit far from downtown, Gongqing Park is a wooded wonderland split into a north and south portion. The northern section is the much larger "Forest Park," with little roller coasters, rock climbing, go-karting, horseback riding, space for outdoor BBQs, and tons of beautiful green spaces, gardens and lakes. The southern Wanzhuyuan, across Nenjiang Lu, features a mini-lakefront water-town. You won't get bored. One tip -- get up early for this park. You'll want a full day, and they close at 4.30pm. The entrance fee is 15rmb and other activities cost between 15–30rmb. They open at 6am.

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