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Ice Skating in Shanghai 2016

SmartShanghai's list of places to skate, rock, and lean -- on ice. Updated for the times.
By Dec 1, 2016 Sports & Recreation


From the SmSh Vault: This article first appeared on on January 23, 2013. Then we updated it on February 20, 2014. Then we updated it again on February 18, 2016. And now we're updating once more for this winter, and we'll probably keep updating it again and again until the end of time. Or you know... global warming. *cough* *cough*


Feiyang Skating Center

201 Yunlian Lu, near Qihe Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

The Good: Two ice skating rinks including an Olympic-size ice skating rink on the second floor and a small downstairs rink on the first floor.

The Not So Good: Only the downstairs amateur rink is open to the public.

The Details: Open 6pm-9pm, Monday-Friday and 10am-9pm on Saturday and Sunday. Price is 40rmb for 150 minutes Monday-Friday and 60rmb for 150 minutes on Saturday and Sundays. Students pay only 20rmb for 150 minutes on weekends.

The public ice rink at Feiyang is quite small. They have old and new skates, and you're likely to get the newer skates if you've got large feet. The largest size they have here is 47. The crowd at Feiyang is largely families and kids. Sometimes half the rink is sectioned off for kids' hockey training. You'll need to bring 10rmb cash as a deposit for the entrance card that will get returned to you when you leave. Gloves are also required and can be purchased for 5rmb.

The main reason you'd find yourself here as an expat is to either play or attend a hockey game. This is the home base of the Shanghai Hockey Club and they play on the pro rink upstairs. Tickets to their games are usually 100rmb, but if you want to skate on the upper floor, you'll need to join the club, which welcomes both beginners and former pros.

All Star Skating Club (Benz Arena)

1200 Shibo Da Dao, near Shangnan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

The Good: Biggest, nicest rink in Shanghai; close to the metro.

The Not So Good: It's all pretty good but if we had to look for stuff, the turnstile to enter the rink-side area is a bit awkward. And watching hockey isn't ideal because there are no seats next to the glass.

The Details: All prices are for 90 minute sessions. 50rmb from 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday; 60rmb from 6pm-9.30pm, Monday-Thursday; 80rmb from 6-9.30pm on Friday nights; 80rmb from 10am-8pm, Saturday–Sunday.

The All Star Skating Club is the rink you should visit if you’ve got the time. After some renovation in late 2015, they now have 1200 square meters of slick, slick ice. Located in the basement below the basement of the Mercedes-Benz Arena, it's the place to go if you want to be able to make some serious twists and turns. A weekday afternoon or evening is the best time to go, as the rink gets crowded during weekends.

The rink used to be under Century Star, but negotiations for their new contract fell through, and they were replaced with All Star Skating club in late 2015. Everything was remodeled before the reopening in January 2016. The lockers are now in an open area where parents sit and play with their phones while their kids face-plant in the ice. Not to worry though: there are two "ice guards" watching at all times at each side of the rink. When someone falls, they help them up and make sure they're okay. That's nice.

Several different coaching deals and lessons are available. They have three expertise-determined tiers of instructors for figure skating: "National", "Champion", and "Gold Medal". If bought in packages, you can get 10 National level classes for 1400rmb, 10 Champion level classes for 1800rmb, and 10 Gold Medal level classes for 2000rmb. A single one-on-one beginner class is 300rmb. The entrance fee of 80rmb is not included.

For hockey lessons, instructors charge 300rmb for 30 minute classes. Neither hockey equipment or the entrance fee is included.

New World Ice Rink (People's Square)

New World Department Store, 6/F, 2 Nanjing Xi Lu, near ... View ListingTaxi Printout

The Good: It's right downtown at People's Square. They offer skate sharpening.

The Not So Good: It's a bit small. Coaches don't speak much English.

The Details: Open daily 9.30am-9.30pm. Prices are 75rmb for two hours, including rentals.

On the sixth floor of New World Department Store, the huge mall right next to the Radisson at People’s Square, concealed in a distant corner between running shoes and gym clothes, you will find this small, but fully functional rink.

The skating surface is about 500-square meters, which isn't much. They do have skating coaches (but no hockey). For a 30-minute beginner class, the price is 120rmb, for intermediate skaters, it's 150rmb, and for advanced classes, it's 200rmb. The downside is that the coaches mostly just speak Mandarin / Shanghainese, but body language might work. If you join with a couple of friends, you can share a teacher and get a cheaper deal. You can also buy the classes for 750rmb in a package of five, which will waive the entrance fee each time you go.

The rentals here used to be poor quality, but they might have updated them since this article was originally published. There's also a great sharpening service on site, and right next to the rink there’s a small shop selling skates and other equipment. Biggest skate size is 47.

New World Ice Rink (Gubei)

5/F, 88 Xianxia Xi Lu, near Hami Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Editor's Note: This rink is under renovation until Christmas.

The Good: Decent rink; Westside location; lots of good food in Gubei.

The Not So Good: Mediocre skates.

The Details: Open daily, 10am-9.30pm. Price is 75rmb for two hours including skate rentals.

New World's Gubei branch is on the fifth floor of the Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center at the corner of Xianxia Lu and Jianhe Lu. Unlike the branch near People's Square, this rink is completely free of pylons that you can crash into, so the only hard thing you'll hit here is the ice beneath you when you fall.

Equipment rentals here aren't great either as they didn't maintain them very well, but it's possible they got some better skates in the past year. The largest size is 46, so if you've got big feet, bring some skates. This one is pretty easy to get to from Metro Line 2. Just get off at Beixinjing station and hail a taxi or make the 20-minute walk down Hami Lu.

They have 30-minute skating lessons for 150rmb, and that doesn't include the entrance fee. But you can buy them in a package of five for 750rmb and that'll get you free entrance each time you take the class. Hockey lessons with an English-speaking instructor are 240rmb for a 90-minute class or 180rmb with a Chinese-speaking instructor. Hockey gear is not provided.

Century Star Skating Club (Expo Site)

200 Shanggang Lu, near Guozhan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

The Good: Cheap. Sufficient.

The Not So Good: It's a bit of a walk from the nearest subway stations.

The Details: Open 10.15am-7pm, Monday-Friday and 12.40-7pm, Saturday and Sunday. 70rmb for two hours, including rental.

Century Star Skating Club was at the Mercedes-Benz Arena from 2010-2015. According to the staff, they weren't able to work out their contract negotiations with the flying saucer, so they were forced to move at the last minute. They've taken over the Peru pavilion, which now features a 1400-square meter rink.

They have hockey, figure skating, and beginner lessons that range from 140rmb-360rmb depending on instructor experience for a 30-minute class, and that doesn't include the entrance fee. A package of five lessons, with the entrance fee ranges from 700rmb-1800rmb. You'll need to bring your own gear for the hockey classes.

Wujiaochang Champion Rink

7/F, Bailian New Era Mall, 8 Songhu Lu, Yangpu distric... View ListingTaxi Printout

The Good: A clean, well-kept rink.

The Not So Good: Smaller than most of the rinks on this list.

The Details: Open daily from 10am-9.50pm. Costs 75rmb for two hours. 85rmb for the day.

Up on the north side in a Yangpu mall is the Wujiaochang Champion Rink. It's on the smaller side, clocking in at 800-square meters. The crowd is mostly families and students that live in the area. The largest shoe size they have is 47.

For an extra 10rmb, you can skate for the whole day, but the deal ends once you exit the rink area. So you can't go to lunch then come back and keep skating. You can get a pack of five 30-minute lessons for 1000rmb with entrance into the rink included. Prices overall are pretty cheap, but you probably won't be coming out here unless you live nearby.


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  • justblue

    very good summary and recommendation. will head to Shanghai Century Star Skating Club for a try! hee hee!

  • greginchina

    Feiyang as an other option? Come on... its at the core of the skating scene in China. First, its the only arena in Shanghai with two skating surfaces, one Olympic size and the second one bigger than any other on your list here. It's also the only rink with a expat hockey coach and an Olympic level figure skating coach. It's also the home of the Shanghai Hockey Club (adult hockey) and the China Dragons of the Asian Hockey League. It runs learn to skate and adult learn to play hockey programs as well as organizing their own hockey, figure skating and short track clubs. It also holds open shinny (pick-up) hockey sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Not sure why you'd spend your time on a shopping mall rink when you can get out on a real hockey rink...

  • carolineadair

    Hey Greg! Do you know of any hockey games we can come watch? Any semi-pro or pro leagues around here?

  • 4 years ago lebeehee Unverified User

    just a few updates:
    Feiyang is now only open from 6-9pm on weekdays, 10am-9pm on weekends.
    Century Star Skating Club is now closed, rebranded as/bought by All Star Skating Club, due to open January 2016.
    New World ice rink is tiny, ice is chipped, and costly (75RMB for 2 hours), but I do endorse their skate sharpening services, that go for about 60RMB for my Vapor X500s, which is pretty decent. It would help to go on a weekday afternoon when it's pretty empty apart from a few beginners grasping to the sides for their life. Also helps that it's right in the city center at People's Square.

  • 3 years ago Vuronov Unverified User

    Does anyone know where you can purchase hockey equipment and apparel in Shanghai? I'm particularly looking for replica team jerseys for the China Dragon team in the Asia League and the Kunlun Red Star from the KHL. Thanks!

  • 3 years ago Gabbar

    is that just 20rmb for students

  • 3 years ago LSLino Unverified User

    Great Article!

    I'm from a country that doesnt have any ice skating rinks. I've ice skated in foreign countries when i go on vacation, but there's something that i've always wanted to try: playing goalie in ice hockey. My work wont allow me to join a league, but i'm definetly up for paying for a lesson just to try on the pads and stop some shots. Is it possible to do that in any of these rinks?


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