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[Seen & Overheard]

[Seen & Overheard]: The Twerk Cup

Twerk something! Do the ladies rule this...? Presenting, the sights and sounds of Shanghai's first Twerk Cup.
By Nov 21, 2016 Nightlife


"Seen & Overheard" is a ongoing column in which we send our photographers and writers to events to bring us back the sights and sounds that transpired therein. Fly-on-the-wall, embedded journalism. Kapow!


Eight queens, amateurs to professional dancers, came, saw, twerked, and conquered all for the glory of the title, Twerk Queen Champion! Last Saturday, Black China Music Company hosted the Twerk Cup. Calling it: event of the year.

For those of you not in the know, twerking is a style of dance which involves dancing in a sexually provocative manner with hip thrusts, gyrations, and quick squatting movements. Thanks, Wikipedia! In other words, shakin' that bootie. Getting real with it. Go ahead, be gone with it. Look at those hips.

Booties were put to the test alongside attractions from beat boxers, hip hop MCs, and break dancers, all whilst craft beers went around and BBQ came right off the grill. Here are some sights and sounds from the Twerk Cup. The quotes are snippets of overheard conversations, our conversations, and any other interesting commentary.


-Twerk Queen & Event Organizer

“Twerking is taking full ownership of your body and dancing how you want. Yes it’s sexual, but it’s sexual because we want it to be. Not because were doing it for a man, no, that’s just how we like to dance!

Some of the girls are from Jamaica and the Bahamas. That’s how we dance. It’s a part of our culture and it’s really awesome to be able to share that with people here in Shanghai."

“What brings me to the Twerk Cup? I guess you could say I’m here for the twerking aspect of it.”

“I wish my girlfriend could do that... don’t tell her I said that!”

“There are some white girls in this contest. I don’t think they’ll win but then again we thought Trump wouldn’t win so who knows.”

“I think Charlene could beat these girls. She’s over there! Look at her; she’s got buttocks of steel.”

“That was a little too risqué for me…. I’m oldschool man. I like the Sears catalog.”

“We're from England... we have no idea what’s going on but we love it!”

“Less gymnastics and more twerking! That’s the key to winning this contest!"

“Here are the rules; you cannot pop the balloons with your hands or feet, you can only use your ass. "

“Do Chinese people know what twerking is? Not really, but we love beautiful girls!”

“What’s happening right now? Are they gonna have a cage match?”

“How exactly does one find a twerk teacher?”

“I never knew butts could do that”

"That is a bad, bad woman... " [After witnessing a contestant drop from the top of a cage to the floor into splits and back into twerking]

“Twerking and BBQ... can you really go wrong?”

“Look man, I love ass, but this party was more than ass, it was awesome!”




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  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    and a cup of twerk juice for all!

    Seriously... were these the same ladies that grossed everyone out getting lude on the subway poles last month?
    For a country that boasts about their 5000 years of "continuous" culture (cough) it certainly gloms on to various cultural oddities with gusto

  • 3 years ago jc.bouchaud

    you tagged the wrong Bunker address, and also, this place hosts Bunker party but is not called the Bunker.
    Thanks for changing it :)

  • 3 years ago morgan

    Sorry about that. Fixed.

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