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‘Ship of Dreams’ - The Titanic Experience
Editor's Description
Presented by Shanghai’s DreamWeaver Productions with The DeTao School of design Ship of Dreams-The Titanic Experience is an immersive and interactive experience that couples the mystery and excitement of the recent touring show, Sleep No More with high adventure in the waters of the Huangpu on an actual sailing vessel. Guests first receive a personalized package mailed to their home detailing their journey 1 to 2 weeks before they board the ship. Each "passenger" receives a Titanic passport, admittance tickets, money to use for negotiations and bartering on the boat, poker chips for trying their luck at the casino tables, and more.When guests arrive on the dock of the ship, located conveniently on the Huangpu Piers by the ferry ride, they’re whisked away into the storyline of both factual and fictional characters who were on the Titanic's only journey. Characters known and unknown will play out scenarios that the passengers can either observe or participate in depending on the experience desired. First Class passengers will have a full 7-course dinner along with a tour of the ship with the Captain, while the passengers in 3rd Class will have a simple snack with a few free drinks thrown in to ease the journey and lots of chances to win their way “up”. Dancing, singing, mysterious plots of intrigue and conspiracy, love, romance and an ultimate dash for survival all included in this modern theater piece. Who will survive? The Ship of Dreams…Titanic Experience an unmissable Shanghai theater experience.
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