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    • ADDRESS:
      room 5, lane 7, 210 Taikang Lu,
      near Sinan Lu
      田子坊泰康路210弄7号5室, 近思南路
    • PHONE:
      6473 8092
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Dapu Bridge
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 7am-1am
    • CARDS:
      Local and international cards accepted
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Although difficult for the uninitiated to find among the back alley lanes of Taikang Lu, Kommune is worth searching out for not only its simple, yet tasty food and drinks, but also for its unique setting at the epicenter of Shanghai's creative quarter. Outdoor seating is usually overflowing with artsy locals and hipster expats, but don't forget to check out the ample indoor and back courtyard space for a free table. The occasional summer BBQ and weekend brunch are an added bonus.
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    • Weekend Brunch

      Kommune was the first cafe on touristy Taikang Lu, and is usually overflowing with artsy locals and hipster expats, but it has still kept this cozy, relaxed atmosphere that tempts you to laze around all day. It's brunch time all day long...
      Dining | Kommune | Every Sat, Sun |
    • Happy Hour

      Happy Hour at Kommune in Tianzifang is every night from 5–8pm. All short house cocktails, house beer, and house wines are available for 50 percent off.
      Nightlife | Kommune | daily |
    • Big Daddy Breakfast

      Taikang Lu veteran Kommune harnesses the workers for a big, big, big all-day breakfast in their courtyard. For 98rmb, it's bacon, eggs, toast, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, sausage, juice, coffee, and unlimited faux-bohemian watching....
      Dining | Kommune | Every Sat, Sun |


    • 2015-05-28 Finished

      Wine Democracy

      This wine sampling event used to be where anyone could vote on Kommune's next house wine. It's no longer for the masses, which could be good as it was always a jam packed affair in a Tainzifang courtyard. Now it's a seated event and...
      NOT TAGGED | Kommune | on Thu May 28 2015 |
    • 2014-07-07 Finished


      Heir of the Kommunest Empire, Yazz (aka Kommune laoban's 6 year old son), will debut as the littlest bingo-balling Kommunest yet. Armed with Weapon of Milk Destruction, Yazz and Auntie Kellie Grimsley will be hosting the inaugural "Kid's...
      NOT TAGGED | Kommune | on Mon Jul 7 2014 |
    • 2014-06-16 Finished

      Drag Bingo with Owen

      Kommune is hosting a drag bingo competition featuring Owen "Belle" in honor of the start of Shanghai Pride Week. There's a chance to win 500rmb every game and entry is free. Goes from 5-9pm.
      NOT TAGGED | Kommune | on Mon Jun 16 2014 |
    • 2014-05-05 Finished

      Bingo De Mayo

      Cinco De Mayo bingo party going down at Kommune. They've got sombreros, fake moustaches, and margaritas, plus a full-on game of bingo. WeChat followers get two free game cards, and they're giving away 500rmb for a prize each game. Not...
      NOT TAGGED | Kommune | on Mon May 5 2014 |
    • 2014-01-27 Finished

      Bingo Night

      Every Monday night Kommune holds a bingo night. Goes from 5-9pm, with the first game starting at 7pm. There are prizes to be won, including Kommune drinks, shots and vouchers. Those that reserve early, buy drinks, or follow them on...
      NOT TAGGED | Kommune | daily |
  • Good food, good cocktails, great atmosphere
    For Kommune on April 3, 2014
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Mar 21, 2014
    Is British
    Posted 2 Reviews
    Kommune had been recommended to me by friends as a good spot to go for weekend brunch but ended up in the area on a Tuesday and thought I'd give it a try and what a nice surprise!

    The courtyard area was busy with good music playing, heaters on and blankets offered when it got a bit chilly later on. The cocktails were a little pricey but luckily we arrived during happy hour and the tapas style food was very tasty; a mix of different cuisines in small portions ideal for sharing. I particularly enjoyed the sliders and the meatballs, and, of course, a very large mojito!

    Definitely going this weekend to try the famous brunch, let's hope the sun is shining...
    Thumbs Down Service
    For Kommune on March 10, 2014
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Feb 4, 2011
    Is American
    Posted 7 Reviews
    The saving grace of this place is that the food is still great for a hangover. The fresh air, the greasy eggs and oversized coffees really do wonders for a serious hangover. The people watching is good fun too. However, the service is bad. We're talking two, TWO separate messed-up orders and a server with the gall to argue with us. We're a table of seven and we only ordered three different dishes. The Big Daddy is referred to in the table menu as a "Weekend Fry Up" which must have confused our waiter since he brought us the wrong dish. Ain't no one ordering the smaller "Classic" on the weekends, Come'n! Anyway, we told the server our order was wrong, he rolled his eyes and argued with us then said we could wait another 25 minutes if we wanted the right dish. Zero marks for hospitality. Also, a friend ordered a shashouska (??) and it tasted like chili with overly cooked eggs so save yourself the trouble and just get the "Weekend Fry Up Big Daddy". That is all.
    What has happened to this place??????
    For Kommune on February 11, 2014
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Sep 9, 2009
    Is Chinese
    Posted 2 Reviews
    Having once been a regular at Kommune, my recent experience shows that this place has become a bit of a joke.

    The food. Tired, extremely overpriced, lacking in flavour and imagination, did i mention extremely overpriced?

    The coffee. This was the reason I initially ventured to this place. used to be worthwhile if not a little expensive. NOW. It is the epitome of Shanghai coffee..... flavourless, weak, and (again) way overpriced. Thetcoffee is pathetic. Rivaling starbucks in its enemic taste...

    Service. Once again, used to be helpful and intelligent. NOW, just the usual clueless service. Facile and unhelpful.

    Kommune is NOT worth a visit any more. It's just another worthless tourist trap.

    If you have difficulty finding this place, don't worry... you missed nothing..
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