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"It Might As Well Have Been April Fool's Day, Because The Food Was An Absolute Joke"

Dec 15, 2015 | 11:34 Tue
Every week we give away cold 500rmb in cold hard Sherpa's cash to whoever writes our favorite user review of the week. Now let's see what our contestants came up with last week.

"Handled right, that sound made while fucking can bring two people closer. Queefs aren’t anything to be embarrassed about. Brunch at Cuivre though…Cold coffee, slow service and surprisingly unimaginative food. This place has slipped." -- smoteshanghai on Cuivre.

"It was the perfect patty made with a mixture of falafel and beans and it was moist and topped with a perfect aoili and cheese. The only complaint I have is that served with the Veggie Burger at Kommune was the biggest joke of a side. I honestly felt insulted and would have rather just gotten a burger sans side or a pickle or a bullshit salad, anything other than this." scrapeyourknee on Kommune.

"The location is great, and the service is super friendly and I am aware everyone has their off days, but I'll probably just be sticking to their dessert from now on." - scrapeyourknee on Happy Buddha.

"I may have stumbled upon my favourite bar in Shanghai yet. The only place I can say that compares to the attention to detail on the cocktails is El Ocho and Pocho when you can sit and chat with the owner and have him mix something off the cuff." - scrapeyourknee on Taste Buds

"We went there Sunday at 12:45pm for brunch, but all of the brunch items (even the advertised on the wall Daddy’s Steak and Ribs) were not available. We ended up ordering some tapas and a pizza for brunch, which was sad." - irene123 on TheME.

"If you take that money to any premium restaurant in Shanghai you can be sure to receive a memorable meal, sadly, the meal at Napa was memorable only in its mediocrity." - businessinchina on Napa.

"Lovely interiors, and someone DJs now and again. Great service, all the waitstaff are very smiley and helpful. I would definitely recommend you go here several times during your Shanghai life." -- likeagisy on Brownstone.

"You feel like you're in the library of a rich British uncle just chilling with a sampling of his personal stash in your hands." -- scrapeyourknee on Bell Bar.

"Then they asked me if I wanted another. Sure! They gave me another pour in a pint glass. 'Tonight we give you pours in the pint glass'. Again, just being nice because I had to wait for the beer." - TheWarmus on Union Trading Company.

"The service was slow, non-attentive and just overall lackadaisical. We were the only table in the entire restaurant and yet we had to scream across the room to get anyone to notice us. It was as if the servers were all having a party in the backroom and we were totally not invited…Here's to hoping that Bonobo is just experiencing a slight glitch, similar to Nintendo cube - maybe they can pull themselves out of this mess and deliver something better. Good try Bonobo, but not good enough." -- ty_canadian on Bonobo.


DING DING DING! We have a winner. This week the loot goes to scrapeyourknee, who dropped SIX full-on reviews. Props.

We do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere good or horrible or just memorable, tell us about it.


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