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Morton's The Steakhouse
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    • ADDRESS:
      IFC Pudong,
      4/F, 8 Shiji Da Dao,
      near Lujiazui Huan Lu
      世纪大道8号, 国金中心IFC商场4楼, 近陆家嘴环路
    • PHONE:
      6075 8888
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      2 mins walk from Lujiazui
    • HOURS:
      Sun-Thu, 11.30am-10pm
      Fri-Sat, 11.30am-11pm
    • CARDS:
      Local and international cards accepted
    • WEB:
      45rmb Martinis and complimentary filet mignon sandwiches served Mon-Fri, 5-7pm
    • Editor's Description
      A renowned high-end steakhouse chain from Chicago, Morton's offers cuts of premium beef, the standard selection of steakhouse side dishes, and a voluminous tome of a wine list.
    • MORTini Nights

      Arguably one of the best happy hours in town, Morton's The Steakhouse in the IFC Mall mixes their famous MORtinis garnished with their house blue cheese-stuffed olives, Cosmos, Appletinis, etc. for only 45rmb (plus a 15% service charge)....
      Dining, Nightlife | Morton's The Steakhouse | daily except Sat & Sun |
    • Prime Lunch

      Morton's The Steakhouse in IFC Mall offers a two-course set lunch at 218rmb, with a soup or salad followed by a choice of 3 main courses - Morton’s Prime Burger with Steak Fries, Grilled Salmon with Sauteed Garlic Green beans, or...
      Dining | Morton's The Steakhouse | daily |


    • 2015-06-21Finished

      Father's Day Cooking Class and Set Menu

      Dads and kids can bond over fine dining and cook crab cakes, a chocolate lava cake, and shake a cocktail / mocktail at Morton's Pudong location. The class is from 3-4.30pm, and costs 218rmb + 10%. Then the steakhouse has a three-course...
      Dining | Morton's The Steakhouse | on Sun Jun 21 2015 |
    • 2015-03-23Finished

      Monday Night Set Menu

      This spring, Morton's has a set dinner big enough for two, including a 650 gram portersteak all up in your arteries. That's paired with a signature MORTini, the Chilled Ocean Platter and a Morton’s Salad or a classic Caesar Salad. The...
      NOT TAGGED | Morton's The Steakhouse | daily until Apr 30 2015 |
    • 2014-06-09Finished

      Morton's Launches New Menu

      After some revamping, Morton's has finally released a summer menu with 16 new items to test try. The additional dishes include beef-seafood mixed grill platter, bone-in veal chop and the shrimp scampi capellini pasta. From 11:30am-10pm.
      NOT TAGGED | Morton's The Steakhouse | daily until Sep 30 2014 |
    • 2014-06-15Finished

      Morton's Father's Day

      Cooking and mixology class for Father's day at this Chicago steakhouse. Learn how to make hot choclate cake and mini cheeseburgers as well as some cocktails and mocktails. Goes from 3–4.30pm and it's 218rmb + 10% service charge for two...
      NOT TAGGED | Morton's The Steakhouse | on Sun Jun 15 2014 |
    • 2014-05-22Finished

      Sonoma Valley Wine Dinner

      Morton’s The Steakhouse in Pudong hosts six Sonoma winemakers and winery owners. The dinner begins with a cocktail reception at 6.30pm with nibbles, followed by a three-course dinner of Morton’s signature dishes. Seven different...
      NOT TAGGED | Morton's The Steakhouse | on Thu May 22 2014 |
  • Be prepared to break the bank
    For Morton's The Steakhouse on November 2, 2011
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Nov 1, 2011
    Is Austrian
    Posted 2 Reviews
    Went for a dinner with a business client tonight. The place was not packed but quite a few tables being occupied. After drinks at the bar we got guided to our table. The menu is real 'old school' style with stuff like prawn cocktail and Oyster Rockefeller. We had the famous steaks. Meat was OK, cooking and temperature soso, side dishes mediocre. Overall with a price tag of 600 to 800 RMB for a steak plus sides, beverages and service charge be prepared to pay per head at least about 1500 RMB. Very good service and a nice setting. Would I come back? If someone would invite me maybe. On my own pocket for sure not. This place is way too expensive.
    Great place for food, drinks, birthdays
    For Morton's The Steakhouse on June 9, 2011
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Nov 30, 2009
    Posted 15 Reviews
    Morton's is amazing--you can honestly depend on the reviews to judge how great this place is. The service is top notch, the food is top notch both in terms of quality and portions...I didn't find one thing wrong with Morton's while dining there.

    I've been to Morton's happy hour a couple of times. Their free steak sandwiches speak a lot about the restaurant--if they're giving away these amazingly delicious free steak bits away, imagine how good their menu must be. I wasn't wrong.

    I took my boyfriend there for his birthday this past weekend and was not disappointed. There probably weren't a lot of people there because it was the holiday weekend (Sunday) and so we were seated right away. The hostess asked us where we wanted to sit and stood patiently as we weighed our options. Note: make sure to specify whether you want smoking or non-smoking. I think they would normally ask but, because there weren't that many people, the hostess may have forgotten. Anyway, 1/2 way through our meal, I realized that we were in the smoking section. However, because the place is so well ventilated, this was not an issue at all...or maybe it's because we were both suffering from cold symptoms. Either way, it wasn't that big of an issue.

    The wine list, as noted, is extremely extensive. I didn't even bother looking at it, partly because I have no idea about wine, partly because the bottle prices are pretty pricey.

    The menu is not big, which I always find a positive. I heard somewhere that, if a menu is big, then the food probably isn't going to be that good or fresh because there's no way a kitchen can keep everything freshly stocked or do a good job juggling so many different dishes.

    We decided on the following: 1/2 dozen oysters to start, double filet mignon to share (I believe it was about 350g), grilled asparagus and hashed potatoes for 2 as our sides. My boyfriend also ordered a bourbon manhattan and a glass of wine with dinner.

    Before the whole ordering process, pretty much as we sat down, a waitress brought a fresh-out-of-the-oven round loaf of onion bread and butter. It was so freaking good! I ate about 1/2 of it as we were looking at the menu. It could probably feed a small village.

    1. Oysters: from Australia and came with lots of horseradish, cocktail sauce, crackers and tabasco. They were pretty good considering Morton's doesn't exactly bring to mind seafood. The cocktail sauce was awesome.

    2. Steak: Asked for rare, got rare. It was perfectly cooked on the outside, a layer of cooked beef and the rest was bloodly red but it wasn't so much that you got blood all over your plate...maybe a bit. It came with a buttery sauce, which was tasty and a waitress immediately replaced it when she noticed we were getting low. So juicy! I'm glad we split it because it was probably the biggest filet I've ever seen. Great portion for a great price (something like RMB598?). Definitely good to share.

    3. Asparagus: I have never had asparagus that was cooked liked this. It was perfect from the top to the stalk. You could easily cut it with a knife and it was crunchy but not undercooked. I don't know how they did it. It came with balsamic vinegrette kind of sprinkled on top--just the right amount.

    4. Potato hash for 2: Probably my favorite dish other than the steak. It wasn't too flat and was golden brown on the outside. Inside, the potato could almost be described as creamy...starchy goodness is what it was. After it was brought out, the waitress came with a choice of butter, sour cream, and (real) bacon pieces. We chose the sour cream (lots, which the waitress chuckled at and globbed it on) and bacon. We also got some ketchup. SO GOOOOD!!!!!

    5. Drinks: I don't like bourbon so when I really dislike it, it must mean it's good. I HATED the Bourbon Manhattan my boyfriend ordered, so it must be a damn good drink. Didn't have any of the wine but they brought it out immediately as the steak arrived.

    Dessert--before our main course arrived, the waitress asked me whose birthday it was (I had mentioned it coming in). I noted it was my boyfriend's and she said that they prepare a free dessert for the birthday person. I think there was a choice between creme brulee or something but I chose the chocolate lava cake, which I believe they're known for.

    After the waitress cleared off the table of our main meal, including scraping the table cloth of bread crumbs, the staff came out with the cake and sang happy birthday to my boyfriend. A waitress even took our photo. Later, she came out and gave us a print out of the photo, complete with a nice cardboard Morton's frame, signed by the staff who had sang to us. It was a great touch.

    Now, on to dessert: I had some of the ice cream and it was real vanilla bean. I didn't have any of the cake but it looked great and he said it tasted awesome.

    I have to gush about the service--the waitresses understood pretty much everything we said in English, and most importantly caught things that were said softly, and were always at attention but not in the smothering way waiters/waitresses are at other western restaurants. They stood back and were alert but didn't constantly come over to the table. It almost felt like home.

    The portions were AMERICAN (God, I love being American sometimes) and there's no doubt about that.

    Although the bill might be pricey, it's totally worth going to Morton's at least once if you're living in Shanghai.
    Great Steaks At A Premium
    For Morton's The Steakhouse on November 23, 2010
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Jun 23, 2009
    Is Canadian
    Posted 2 Reviews
    Went to the new Morton\'s in town - having been a big fan back in North America I really looked forward to trying it out here despite the expected inflated prices of dining in Asia for Steaks.

    First, the meats - I have to say that I was impressed with the meat, and its the best steak I have had in China thus far. They do a great large cut that might be intimidating to some people (it is not for those with light appetites) but you can beat a thick cut for flavor! Had the bone-in rib eye, which was fantastic, and as well, i recommend the cajun seasoned rib eye that was absolutely delicious! I actually feel the steak prices are the most reasonable pricing on the menu in general

    We knew how big the portions were going in so we skipped the appetizers - have to say the sides were tasty like I remembered them to be, but again, these are coming in at a pretty high premium

    Had the chocolate souffle for dessert - while nothing was wrong with it, I can exactly brag about how great it was either - their melting lava choc. cake though should be pretty damn good and is what I will be having next time I\'m back

    Morton\'s still needs to learn how to make a coffee, especially with what they want you to pay for it - but who really cares i suppose in a Steakhouse right? The drink list is very extensive - the only thing I hope they can do in the future is to provide reasonable prices for the drinks, as they\'re even more expensive than a lot of the high end 5 star lounges / bars in town. I personally suggest that they tone it down a bit to be in line with others and you never, people might actually want to, you know, order more than 1 drink there instead of going drinking somewhere else after!

    However, all in all i think if you\'re ok with dropping about 1400rmb for a good evening out with a group of people and having a premium steak, Morton\'s is a good bet!
    The Good,The Bad,The Exhorbinant
    For Morton's The Steakhouse on November 22, 2010
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Apr 15, 2007
    Posted 10 Reviews
    A well off friends birthday had come around and he suggested 20 or so of us go to Morton`s to celebrate another year. No expense was spared and the private dining room was booked complete with own patio that looks out right to the Pudong Tv Tower, River and the rest of the skyline. Walking into Mortons is reminiscent of walking onto the sound set of The Godfather or Bugsy Malone all very wooden and mirrors, dark shades of reds, huge back leather upholstered chairs, service staff with bow ties, cummerbunds and arm bands... you get the idea.

    The Drinks. No draft beers, just bottles that are ice cold and all served in a glass even if you dont want it. Wine, the wine cellar boasts over 500 different bottles ranging from the cheap (Rmb950) all the way up to the Platinum American Express card worthy (Rmb45,000) Grab a Mor-tini. Its Mortons take on the Martini (geddit). Double shot of Bombay Saph, splash of Belvedere. lemon peel and 3 queen olives stuffed with creamy crumbled blue cheese. The taste was amazing and i could have quite happily eaten a plate of them for my appetizer.

    The Appetizers. If i had known then what i had known now then i wouldn`t have ordered a starter. The starters are huge. Plates of 12 fresh Oysters with accompaniments, Lobster Chunk Cocktail (6 big chunks) Steak Tartare was the size of 2 large muffins, King Prawn Salad (5 huge chunky King Prawns). My wife and i shared the seafood platter which consisted of Alaskan Sea Crab, Lobster Chunks, 4 Oysters, 4 King Prawns and a dozen dips and garnishes. All was fresh, served on ice and was the apotome of sheer decadence and indulgence.

    The Salads. There was a choice of 6, all roughly the same, all sounding the same on paper, "fresh cut this", "thinly sliced that", and "then gently tossed in our special" ... insert dressing flavour here.
    The Meat. If you dont like beef then your seriously screwed and wasting everybody`s time by going to Mortons. For you Veggies and various belief followers of "the cow is sacred" then your only options are Roast Chicken,Boston Lobster, Lamb Chops, A Salad...or the door..
    Each cut of steak is lovingly presented to you by your server like it is her first born, she talks about it, caresses it and when you tell her how big a chunk you wish to cut from it i swear you can see a little tear from the corner of her eye. If your there to eat the steak, then go big. Get the 750gram bone in rib eye or the 800gram porterhouse. Before going to Morton's I called up Justin Fischer (Smart Shanghai's new food writer) and asked him "what shall i go for"? He replied instantly. "The Ribeye".

    My Wife had the 400gram Filet Mignon being the Puritan that she is but i love a little bit of fat and marbling in my steak and when its cooked "bleu" which is the way i have my steaks it was just a tiny tiny orgasm on your tongue. It was cooked perfectly with a beautiful sear on the outside and the thin rim of fat just slightly burnt on the outside and the inside still a deep deep red with a hint of blood oozing out onto my sides of Pommes Lyonnaise and creamed spinach with garlic buttered mushrooms.
    The meat sweats then broke out halfway through,mostly due to the Appitozer and the onion loaf getting the better of me 45 minutes before and now i was stuggling. Decided the best course of action was to "doggy bag" it.

    The Desserts. Many people that i know who have been to Morton`s in Singapore or HK have all recommended without hesitation the "Morton`s Chocolate Souffle For Two" After another bottle of wine and 30 minutes downtime we were ready to tackle this chocoloate behemoth. For presentation and delivery it deserved a well executed 10/10 however as with Souffle`s once you crack the top and the air gets loose it resembles something akin to a flaccid balloon and all the hard work preparing it and loving it basically ends up like a lump of brown coloured scrambled egg with a peak of whipped double cream dolloped on the top (as if to hide the sad sight before you eyes).

    In short
    Avoid Appitizers (albeit they were amazing)
    Avoid Salads (unless you love Blue Cheese on everything)
    Avoid Desserts
    Go for the Beef
    Go with rich friends

    And just for your note. 20 people with wine and three courses, coffee and brandy came to a wallet thinning Rmb53,000 (Fifty Three Thousand Rmb)
    Definately THE place for steak in Shanghai
    For Morton's The Steakhouse on November 1, 2010
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Nov 7, 2009
    Posted 26 Reviews
    Visited Morton\'s over the weekend. This joint is now definately the steak mecca for Shanghai until something better pops up (which will be a tough act to follow).

    My visit was their 6th day of operation. There were still teething problems especially on the service (which was already quite good by Shanghai\'s standards) but i\'m confident it will further improve.

    The mojito i had was terrible (could not taste the mint and was low on sugar) but when i mentioned this, it was changed immediately - the second (complimentary) was a done a lot better. However i was not there for drinks....

    For starters i had the collosal jumbo cocktail shrimps which were good. The star of the evening was definately the waygu striplion - done medium-rare to perfection (as expected of a Morton\'s). The steak was flavourful and by far the best i have had in Shanghai. Having dined in numerous Morton\'s, i prefer the smaller petit sized steaks and this was just that. I find the regular sized order way to large (which can be a turn-off) and better for sharing. The sides are separate and charged accordingly. I had the mushrooms and spinach complimented the wagyu well. Stayed away from the starches and dessert as i\'m trying to watch the waistline although i was tempted.... perhaps my next trip back.

    Whilst the service was patchy, i still thought they did well. The wait staff were friendly and unpretentious. Their regional GM for operations, David Martin, also came by to introduce himself.

    Highly recommended for steak fans.
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