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Thursday Deals Roundup: 10rmb Drafts, Ladies Night, Snacks, And More

By Nov 25, 2015 Dining
We realize that not everyone cares about Thanksgiving, but most people like saving money. And snacks. With that in mind, here are some Thursday deals.

Al's Diner does a chicken and beer sesh on Thursdays. Cornerstones of Western civilization. An order of wings goes for 45rmb and you can get two 10rmb glasses of Kirin draft with that from 5-11pm. Chicken is Korean style, double fried. It's good.

All day on Thursdays, the ever-divisive Rachel's has buy-one-get-one free on all their drinks. That includes milkshakes, homemade sodas, beer, wine -- anything they've got. You can mix and match, so you could buy a beer and get a free milkshake. Imagine that.

Coquille, that nice French seafood bistro a little south of Laowai Zone 3, does a Thursday happy hour with buy-one-get-one free cocktails plus some complimentary snacks like seafood rolls, seaweed chips, and mixed veggies from 6-8pm. Drinks go for around 70rmb, and they're strong.

Bar Rouge and MVP have been hosting a Thursday ladies night since 1979 or something. For ladies, there are free cocktails and manicures, and a raffle. You can dress up (or not, they usually don't care if you're a girl, but you're not getting in with a track suit and sneakers if you're a bro). Free entrance until 12am with the password MVP (tourists don't know the password...), then 100rmb thereafter.

Bonus: Ok if you really want turkey but don't wanna drop 300-400rmb on a feast, both Morton's Steakhouse locations have free-flow turkey sandwiches from 5-8pm for anyone who buys a happy hour cocktail, which ends up being around 60rmb with that service charge. A high-end homeless shelter? We're just one step away.

Many more deals on our dedicated deals page.



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