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Morton's Power Hour Steak Sandwiches -- Still One Of The Best Deals In Town

Jan 25, 2016 | 17:21 Mon
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Update: This deal is no longer available at Morton's.

Morton's happy hour deal sounds too good to be true. From 5-7pm, Monday-Friday, if you buy one of their "Power Hour" drinks -- a glass of wine, Tsingdao beer, a martini, or a cosmo -- you get free-flow fillet mignon sandwiches. Remember, this is a place where a steak will cost you at least 600rmb without sides. So this past Friday, we went over to see if this deal is still as glorious as when it began several years ago.

At 6.30pm last Friday, the place was busy with white collar folks, just off work sipping drinks on that power hour menu, which is 45-50rmb+10% by the way. They have a special menu of bar snacks like deviled eggs, too, but that's not why you're here. Not long after the drinks came, one of Morton's suited up servers approached with a platter of mini sandwiches. I grabbed two. Others took three. Is there a limit?

"I'm sure there is, but I haven't seen it yet," said the server.

The sandwiches are minimalism perfected -- just buns, mayonnaise, and the steak, cooked medium-rare to rare. The cuts don't look like trimmings and the meat quality is way higher than free food should be.

Gold star for service here. Sandwiches continued to arrive in 20 minute intervals, and waiters removed finished glasses promptly and quickly filled requests for more olives in the martini. That's to be expected at this kind of establishment, though. We stayed for an hour and a half or so and got a second round of drinks during that time, but it seemed like we could have kept riding the coattails of that first round.

For 50rmb, you probably won't find a better happy hour. A minor plea: just don't abuse it, so we all may drink from this well for many years to come. They have the same deal at their IFC location, too.


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