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6318 0220


Inside People's Park,
231 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Huangpi Nan Lu
(Entrance between Starbucks and Shanghai Art Museum)


People's Square 人民广场


People's Square, 2 mins. walk


Daily, 11am-late


Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Not necessary


Mon to Fri from 2–8pm and Sat to Sunday from 5-8pm: Drinks by the glass are 50% off -- includes beers, wines, selected Martinis, Barbarossa and classic cocktails.



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Editor's Description
Last updated: April 21, 2015

Barbarossa is a Shanghai icon: a Moroccan-styled lounge, in the middle of a pond in the middle of People's Park. It attracts a glamorous crowd to its three floors for cocktails, hookahs, dinner, DJs, and its serene, oasis atmosphere. Easily one of Shanghai's most romantic spots for a date; popular ladies' night as well.

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Classic People's Park tourist destination Barbarossa celebrates ten years in the game. That's like 60 years in real time. Live music by Iris Jazz Band, DJ Michelle, and a Spanish guitarist. No cover. Starts at 8pm.
On Thu 30 at Barbarossa


Every day at Barbarossa in People's Park Mon from 2–8pm & Sat to Sun is from 5-8pm select beers, wines, martinis and other classic cocktails are all half off. The deal is valid at the second floor bar and lounge only. This is a really nice place to sit out when they weather is nice, especially for those visiting Shanghai.
Daily at Barbarossa
People's Park tourist staple Barbarossa just finished some remodeling, and they're back open with a tapas special on Mondays. Every Monday from 5pm-close, all tapas are half price. That's it. No cover.
Every Mon at Barbarossa


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The Decor
With Friends

Jul 18th, 2014


Joined Mar/12
Posted 2 Reviews
From: NZ

I was there on Wednesday night with a large group of friends. Everything was going well, warm weather, nice drinks, nice lighting and decor, nice house music. I was spending alot of money, but I was feeling good, enjoying myself and didn't care. By about 11pm I had spent about 500rmb on shisha, cocktails a very delicious ale and was feeling thirsty again. I politely asked the waiter for a glass of water, my second one of the evening, and was told "sorry, we don't serve free water." I felt shocked. I explained I'd been there all night, was with a large group of about 8 people and had spent alot of money. He said "we already gave you one free glass of water before, sorry we don't do that." My friends were all shocked, one said "well can I claim my free glass of water then?". The waiter just turned and left.

Unbelievable. Too much to ask for a free glass of water? After our group spent thousands at the bar? Is that how you look after your customers? Do you think that will encourage us to return? Do you care?

Bye bye Barbarossa...
Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Apr 27th, 2014


Joined Apr/14
Posted 1 Reviews
From: French

First of all, it's always overcrowed. Cocktails are quite original but quite expensive also. And in the end, it's not worth the price.
Service is absolutely terrible. About 6 months ago, we were placed close to the bathroom from where a degusting smell was coming from (we were 4, all feeling the same). I'm asking a waitress to change our table or do something. This girl answered me : "well i think you're drunk !". We didn't have yet our first drink, and we'd to wait 15 minutes to get it.
The music is also too loud so you have to shout-talking all the time.
So it's not a place to recommend either for a date, a business dinner, or friends. If you're a tourist visiting people's square, then get a fast drink to enjoy the view on the gargen. Otherwise don't go there.

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