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Wednesday Deals Roundup: Ladies Nights, Bistro Burger, Hakkasan, and More

By Dec 9, 2015 Dining
Little known fact, Unico does a free gin bar for ladies on Wednesdays from 9.30-10.30pm for their Nu Yorkia nights. Not bad, not bad...

The Rooster in Jing'an and on Yongkang Lu has bottles of house wine going for 100rmb from 5pm until late. You know who has 39rmb bottles of wine? Buddies.

Click on through for more savings, savings, savings...

For straight up gorging, Windows Scoreboard has a new Mexican Wednesday, with all-you-can-eat quesadillas, wraps, tacos, and nachos from 5pm-9pm, for 50rmb, including a margarita. That's like, school lunch values.

Wednesday is Barbarossa's ladies night. They offer several free cocktails to choose from, but they are a bit on the weak side. Goes from 9pm-midnight. No cover.

Zapata's ladies night is also on Wednesday with free margaritas from 9pm-midnight, tons of old dudes, and top 40 bangers.

For something a bit more upscale, you can check out Hakkasan's happy hour that goes from 7pm until late. Select cocktails are 50% off, going for 48rmb+10% each, and they give out complimentary dim sum and snacks at the beginning of the night.

Bistro Burger doesn't have a Monday discount anymore, but you can still get a free milkshake with your burger on Wednesdays. The burger quality stays consistent over there. Available from 7-9pm.

More deals to be found on our deals page.



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