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Fitness News: Body Blacksmith Tested and Gym Deals this Week

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on Sat Jul 7 2018

Moka Bros x WeBox Boxing Brunch

Moka Bros (Xiangyang Bei Lu) - 1/F, 108 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Xinle Lu

The ever confident WeBox (offering memberships before opening this month) is doing a boxing class at Xiangyang Park from 9am to 10am, followed by Moka Bros brunch and smoothie (choice of: Medley Salad, Mexican Bowl, or Prawn and Avocado Salsa Wrap). Costs 150rmb, to book ahead follow the link above and scan the QR.

From Youxiake comes the fourth edition of The Neon Run: get decked out in fluorescent materials, go for a run, and attend a carnival of some kind. The whole thing runs from 6-9.30pm, and is open to anyone from age 6 to 65, and the meeting point's at the Number 2 gate of Pujiangzhen metro station. Included in the cost is insurance and a bag full of fluorescent materials (though you're welcome, even encouraged, to bring your own). Costs 66rmb to join, includes florescent gear. Tickets here.


New Gyms and What They’re Offering…

Body Blacksmith

5/F, 41 Yongjia Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by Body Blacksmith

Maurad Tcherouka (aka Mo) and Theophile Signard have opened their own studio aptly called Body Blacksmith offering intense group HIIT and circuit training classes. It's got a different focus each day from core, to cardio, to legs and butt, programed to build stability then stamina. I went to check out a "total cardio" class, entering a bit nervous since I've trained with Mo once before while he was at The Clinic and his style is very much on the tough love side, saying he'll be "the father you wish you never had."

The gym's simple, just one big room with makeshift stations of movable equipment, you do four sets at each (crawling, throwing, burpees, etc) while the big guy in charge walks around correcting form, crackin' jokes, and occasionally (motivation) yelling. The class was challenging, but with a lot of trainer attention you feel like you can just maybe be one of the buff ones someday.

First trial is 88rmb, after that 200rmb for a drop-in (a bit cheaper in bulk), 2,200rmb for a month unlimited, 16,000rmb for 1 year unlimited. Current promotion: if you refer a friend for a 10 class pass you get 1 free, if they go for 30/50 classes you get 5 free. You can refer more friends for more free classes. Full schedule and signs ups at WeChat: BodyBlacksmith.

PlayGround Girls' Fitness

3/F, 15 Wujiang Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by PlayGround

Despite some questionable naming, got hope for this one! Looks like a nice studio space offering women-only classes with only the trendiest of studio classes from Ballerina Shape to Aerial Yoga to (personal favorite) Superwoman HIIT. And best of all a drop in here's just 38rmb, after that prices range from 89-129rmb dependent on the class.


News From the Ground

The Sweaty Brunch is back this month, kicking off with a HITT class from Coach Juddy of MTHD Fitness on (an apparently secret) bund rooftop July 15; costs 58rmb for just the workout, if opting into brunch it's 158rmb. More Sunday brunch details for later in the month TBA. WeChat: TheSweatyCrew to keep in the loop.


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