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Covid Vaccination Registration Now Open, Spaces Filling Up Quickly.

Get your spot before it's too late. QR Code Inside.
2021-03-29 09:00:00

Starting from today, foreigners can register for a Covid vaccination registration by scanning this code and registering online. SmartShanghai has heard that people are waiting until the stroke of midnight this Monday to register, so if you’re interested in getting the vaccine, it may be a good idea to not delay. Read the registration steps carefully for some tips.

Step 1 - Consent

First, you have to confirm that you’ve read the informed consent for the Covid vaccination. It’s open to adults 18 and older, and anyone above 60 needs to first get a medical evaluation. Two doses will be administered with at least 14 days in between. There’s also a list of people that should not take the vaccine, including pregnant women. Only mild adverse reactions are mentioned.

Step 2 - Registration

You'll then register your personal information and choose from a list of clinics based on the district you selected (for Jing'an, two clinics were offered). IMPORTANT: The app allows you to register with either the district of your company is located OR the district where your home is located. Once you select a district, you cannot change your district. At SmartShanghai, one colleague registered for Jing'an District, where all clinics and appointment dates where full. Another colleague registered in Putuo and was able to get an appointment for April 6. On that day, there were only three slots still available. If choosing between a downtown district and one outside the Inner Ring Road, it may be suggested to go with the one that isn't downtown.

One point asks you if you are covered by the social security medical insurance program of China. You may want to check with your employer, but since companies in Shanghai aren't currently required to pay social benefits for foreigners, the answer will most likely be "no" for you. You'll need to upload a picture of your passport and Resident Permit or visa.

Step 3 - Pick a Date

Once you've registered successfully, you can then make an appointment for the first shot. It appears only few weekdays are available at the time of this writing. We'll update this space with more information as they come in.

Step 4- Confirmation