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Fall Festival Primer: Food and Beverage Fests

Enormous celebrations of food and drink happening in Shanghai in the fall. Eat of them; drink of them.
By Sep 8, 2017 Dining
Music's all well and good but what about gluttony? Read on, Shanghai. Here's the major food festival events happening in the next little while.

Salad days are here to stay...

Golden Summer Beer and Food Festival

Dates: September 8, 9, 10


Where: The Place

Tickets: 100rmb pre-sale tickets. Available here.

What Is It:

It's what it says on the tin. It's a beer and food festival. Lots of beer too. Over 20 brands with some more obscure options: Dream Brewers, Fundows, Master Gao, Estrella Galicia, Mission, Kunstmann and more. Some food to wash that beer down with? Raw Plus, Vim, Peepo Coffee, New York Style Pizza, STIX, Petitprée, and Grace Story. Music is hip hop and house from a few Shanghai club-traveled DJs and performers. Tickets get you one beer and two food items, then more beer and good eats available for purchase in the fest.

What to Expect: Pretty well-rounded. Maybe a bit more youth-oriented as apposed to a family event.


2017 Shanghai International BarShow

Dates: September 9, 10


Where: Regal International East Asia Hotel

Tickets: 99rmb pre-sale. Available here.

What Is It:

Coming off last year’s successful showing, the international mixology exhibition returns to Shanghai. An international festival brand -- it's also in 21 other major cities in the world -- this one's more inside baseball for professionals in the industry. Maybe more exhibition and trade show than straight-up festival. BarShow is looking to provide "a direct platform between exhibitors, distributors, and consumers, alcohol brands from around the world". So... for professionals and people who are serious about their bottles. Shanghai’s finest cocktail lounges are also taking part for this boozy showcase of fine liquor and the lifestyle that goes with it. Runs for two days. September 9 and 10 from 1pm to 7pm.

What to Expect: Booze. Plenty of booze. Merciful booze. People with popped collars and fedoras drinking it. Dudes walking around like they just stepped off the cover of DRiNK magazine.


Second Annual Jing'an International Food Festival

Dates: September 9, 10


Where: 99 Zhang Yuan

Tickets: No entry fee. Pay as you go.

What Is It:

From the Commune Market people comes a celebration of the wonderful food and drink culture of Jing'an. No, more so, it's just taking place in Jing'an and featuring a baker's dozen of Shanghai-based restaurants, and boutique food and drink businesses. Black Pepper, Sproutworks, Pistolera, The Blind Pig, Little Catch, Logan’s Punch, Pierogi Ladies, Labella Wine House, UVA, Shanghai Young Bakers, Tap House, Ootokuya, Taste & See, Wine Together, Organic Chocolate, Husk, Patisserie Sweets, Pie Society, La Pica Chilena, and more.

This one's in the open-air courtyard square for two days at Zhang Yuan, center of downtown Puxi right off of West Nanjing Lu and Wujiang Lu pedestrian street so it's central and easy to get too, but might get a bit crowded. Kickoff ceremony on Friday, then the big feast is on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Expect lots of fantastic gourmet food from renown chefs, local gourmands, organic and artisan foods especially prepared for the festival and DJ spinning music. Free entry to all so that's nice.

What to Expect: "Fantastic gourmet food from renown chefs, local gourmands, organic and artisan foods especially prepared for the festival and DJ spinning music." Variety, is what to expect. Sounds like an involved one.


2017 Shanghai Wine & Dine Festival

Dates: September 22, 23, 24


Where: Expo Park

Tickets: 50rmb pre-sales. Available here.

What Is It:

Initiated by the Shanghai United Media Group, with the backing of ten consulates in Shanghai, and a sprawling program that includes 3,000 wine and food items from 15 countries, the Wine & Dine fest is the one to check out for sheer smorgasbord excess. Drawing on the globe-trotting spirit of the beloved, infallible Shanghai Expo, the mandate for this one is to provide cultural tourism for a local audience through the rubric of tons of food and tons of wine. It's organized around the countries of the world, and the way to experience and consume them via tastefully done food and wine booths. Good eats to try from Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Korea. Caviar to gelato to kangaroo meat, and so much more.

What to Expect: A spectrum of world cuisines supped on tiny paper plates. A baffling encounter with high and low foods of arcane and far-flung origin.


SIP Cocktail Festival

Dates: September 23, 24


Where: McKinnon Hotel Rooftop

Tickets: Pre-sale Tickets: 100rmb; 180rmb for two days. At the gate, 130rmb.

What Is It:

From the makers of one of Shanghai's most popular foodie fests FEAST comes, SIP (caps locks), which is the complimentary cocktails equivalent to the well received FEAST festival -- this one is "booze-centric". Social Supply is teaming up with DR1NK magazine to showcase the city's best bartenders and the lovely and life affirming things they do with alcohol. This is transpiring for two days a top the "McKinnon Hotel", hitherto famous for the being the place where manic Hamlet theater thing Sleep No More takes place. Involved: the mixologists concerns from Tailor Group, Union Trading Co., Shrine and more. Basically, typically, the guys who get hosed down for the monthly cover of DRiNK magazine.

What to Expect: Great organization. Current drink culture of Shanghai represented. The people behind it are passionate about the Shanghai F&B community and it shows in the events.


Ibiza Party: eLefante 5 Year Anniversary

Dates: September 24


Where: eLefante

Tickets: 280rmb in advance for 10 consumption tickets. Available here.

What Is It:

Spanish favorite elEfante is celebrating five years of delicious food, friends, and memories by embracing their Spanish party roots. Ibiza. Pronounced: EEE. BEE. ZAA. (And never let them tell you otherwise.) They’re hosting a party island on Donghu Lu with special guests DJs pumping par-tay music, replete with the food and drinks booths you all know and love. Always a big party when elEfante celebrates. With the Spanish community you're going to want to book the next day off work.

What to Expect: A Spanish-tinged Shanghai social highlight of the month. A swervy boozy affair with delicious little snack things that surprise you. The SmartShanghai graphic designer wearing vaguely aggravating sunglasses.


Beernanza Beer Festival - Third Edition

Dates: October 20, 21, 22


Where: Okura Garden Hotel

Tickets: 50rmb pre-sale. Available here.

What Is It:

From your close friends at Bevex comes the third Beernanza event. Previously known as the Shanghai International Beer Festival, this one's got a plot twist: The theme isn’t "generally beer", it’s "enter the jungle". Which is. Yeah. The event will feature more than 150 different craft beers from China and the world, but with a bigger entertainment program than ever before. This edition features 40 different bands and DJs for the festival run, on three stages, in addition to over 150 different labels to try.

You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna...

What to Expect: Well, still lots of beer. But a more involved music program as well. Which is nice to drink beer to. (You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna...)




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  • 3 years ago blahblah134 Unverified User

    So I'm wondering who's stupid idea it is to post articles about huge events in town literally one or two days before they happen? I've noticed this has been a trend for you guys lately. Perhaps someone is just behind on all their deadlines?

  • 3 years ago tcainlaw85

    Agree with this prior comment. Should really post things out a little more in advance.

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