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5404 8085


20 Donghu Lu,
near Huaihai Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Shanxi Rd (S), 10 mins. walk


Monday, 6–10.30pm
Tue-Sun, 11am-2pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Weekend Brunch, 11am-3pm


Local and international cards accepted


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Editor's Description
Last updated: May 12, 2015

With el Willy off to greener pastures on the Bund, chef/restaurateur Willy Trullas Moreno has opened Elefante at his flagship restaurant's original Donghu location. The concept is a broader than its predecessor: Mediterranean with a focus on Spanish and Italian cuisine. With close to 100 different items, the menu is enormous. Highlights include a wide range of imported cheeses and charcuterie, shareable steak and seafood dishes, and a tapas list representing most of the region's culinary touchstones. Another addition is a deli shop selling specialty Spanish food items, cured meats and artisan cheeses.

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Nov 20th, 2014


Joined Feb/12
Posted 3 Reviews
From: American

I went twice to Elefante. The first time left me with a positive impression of the food (the pumpkin soup and the fish), so I decided to go again. The second time the food was average.
The big problem at El Efante is that the food portions are very small. 128rmb sounds like a decent deal for a set lunch... until you see how tiny the set lunch there is! Do they imagine that we are miniature or that we have the appetite of a small mouse? I left the restaurant feeling hungry. That's not a good thing.
Value for Money
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Business Dinner
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With Friends

Sep 29th, 2014


Joined Mar/11
Posted 5 Reviews
From: USA

I've been twice recently for dinner, and made the same mistake twice- over ordered, had to force feed, and leave with leftovers. I mean this in the best way possible. The portions of the mains are SO generous, for a table of 4 we only needed to order 3 tapas and ONE main, but went with 2 mains, leaving us with heaps of leftovers.

Our favorite is the pork belly. Simple, delicious, perfectly cooked with parsley potatoes on the side.

The mistake is always the porcini risotto. Don't get me wrong, its amazing, I had no idea mushrooms and hazelnuts and cream go so well together, but while your mouth is happy, it sits like a brick in your stomach. If you order the risotto, don't order anything else because it won't fit. Two of my dining companions were tall skinny guys who eat twice as much as normal humans and never gain weight, and there was still risotto to spare.

The beauty was vegetarian tagine. It comes in the traditional clay pot, again a massive serving, even for 4 people. Even as meat lovers we ate that shit up. It tasted just like my Moroccan neighbor's homemade tagine, which is the highest compliment I can give.

We never had a problem with service, they are so ridiculously nice there and gave us free, extra couscous for the tagine. They also have free table water which is somehow becoming a luxury in Shanghai.

If you don't get wine and order the right amount, you can spend around 100 per person. Maybe 150 if you want to try more things and force feed yourself.
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The Service
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With Friends

Jul 26th, 2014


Joined Apr/13
Posted 1 Reviews
From: Australian

Went there with my girlfriend at around 8:30pm on a weekday. We were seated straight in the lovely outdoor terrace and were given the menu. That's about where the service ended.

As it was later, the restaurant wasn't that busy. We waited 30min for somebody to take our order. During that time trying to wave somebody down and being actively ignored while staff were talking with each other on far side of terrace. After this 30min I physically got up and approached the wait staff and ask them to take our order. After they confirmed they would two waited 15 more minutes and still nobody to even take a drinks order. 45minutes of trying to get attention. We finally had to walk out and go somewhere else. Even for Shanghai this is a service low point. I would recommend any number of other restaurants. Don't bother with Elefante.
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With Friends

May 5th, 2014


Joined Apr/14
Posted 2 Reviews
From: French

Such a disappointment !

Both my friends and I are from south east of France, (area circling the Mediterranean sea for you dummies :-) )….
"Elefante, mediterranean restaurant"
We were all like "WOW ! how come we ve never been to this place before !".
Well better late than never.
I have to say that I m a big fan of El Willy restaurant and knowing that Elefante belongs to that crazy-talented-extra-famous-must-be-under-LSD-when-he-does-advertisings-El-Willy .. well it must be a sign of trust … right ?
Ehm ..
We did make a reservation at 8.30, showed up at 8.20 were stunned by the really (really nice) patio-outside seating. After checking the inside of the restaurant, we finally decided to give the patio a try and mentioned to a waiter that we had a reservation and gave him my reservation name.

Quick look at the menu. This stuff looks pretty good.

Chef's recommendations "Foie Gras croquettas" !
Hell yeah ! (hem… even foie gras is not really from Mediterranean area but who cares !) we are french ! foie gras is OUR thing ! we want it !.
Ordered one of those, as well as some Shrimp Aïoli tapas (the name itself was mouthwatering), some more stuff with foie gras and some pork ribs and potatoes tapas. We top it up with a big jar of Sangria. One friend is on diet and orders a salad .. duh ! Whatever dude , your call !
This is up to a good start : Foie gras. Aïoii. Sangria. Nice weather. Sitting outside. Friends gathering.
Et voila !
9.15, my phones rings. Somebody s calling me.
"Hi Its Elefante restaurant, where are you ? you made a reservation at 8.30". "Yes, i know, we are outside we already ordered, i mentioned it to one of the waiters" . "When you are late you can call us to tell us you know" . "We are not late , we are outside.. we ordered .. we are eating.. go outside and you will see us".
Hang up. Ok. Nice service. Anyway. Thanks.

Foie gras croquettes finally coming. After a quick bite, my friends and I all look at each other : "did we order the right dish ?" "i think they made a mistake in the order" "no.. there isn't foie gras in this croquetta". Must be a mistake. Lets not eat the two last ones and ask them to double check. Mistakes happen.
Instead, lets give those tiny-shrimp-which-look-like-the-stuff-you-find-in-cheap-vietnamese-restaurant-in-France a try.
Those are not crispy. Those are oily to the max…and certainly not with olive oil. Those are not good. Go to the cheapest chinese restaurant in town, it will be better than those. Except that they ll cost you 70rmb here. For 5 shrimps. End of story. Disappointed.
Ok well, lets give those pork ribs a try. Those look good. Well actually the potatoes coming with the things they call ribs look and smell good. But the stuff coming with it .. guys, those are no ribs. Those are fat. With potatoes.
The manager, a beautiful blond young woman is coming to ask us "how s everything?"… We mention the foie gras croquettas you know, no foie gras in those we swear ! She seems surprised. "Let me check".
Pheww ! Thanks !
Well no.
Actually, she came back 30min later telling us the things we got was exactly the dish we ordered and she even tells us "GUYS, I tried it, THERE WAS foie gras in those croquettas, i m surprised you couldn't feel it".

Ok we DID NOT want to play the "dude we are french" card here.
But saying to 3 french guys from south of France that the thing you give them is filled with foie gras when there is absolutely no trace of it is like saying to sichuan people "yes this dish is spicy" when no red color appears on top of it.
We didn't mention the kinda country salad that my friend ordered was tiny and has almost no meats or whatsoever.
The other foie gras dish was ok, not bad, not excellent. It was fine.
My friend ordered a coffee.
Then the bill came.
No discount, no gesture, no free coffee, no patatas fritas for free. Nah. Nothing. Not a word from the manager.
How come a place like this, belonging to "El Master Willy" can have such bad food and bad service ?
No customers oriented.
In conclusion, stick with El Willy.
Nothing to compare.
And please master Willy, have that beautiful manager a training on Foie Gras.
Merci !

Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Feb 20th, 2014


Joined Jun/13
Posted 1 Reviews
From: spanish

After call to the restaurant 3 times during the morning and afternoon to make sure that the booking for my husband´s birthday was made and my request noted, we went to have diner together.

I requested for a nice table and since was his birthday, to bring a candle for him to blow and make a wish. Easy right? I picked ElEfante restaurant because it is considerate one of the best Spanish restaurants in Shanghai. I still can´t believe they did not make any single detail for the birthday celebration. No special table, no Happy Birthday wrote in anywhere, no a simple candle!!!! it was ridiculous.

We order champagne Taittinger, 5 plates and after diner we been waiting for more than 30 minutes for them to bring some surprise. After that we left and I was very very upset because when I picked one of "the best restaurants of the city" for a reason, and they ruined the whole birthday just with this end. "THANK YOU GUYS"

Food was good, nothing special and the waiters were useful. Not recommendable for special occasions for sure.

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