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KILLER All Day Free-flow Deal at Shanghai Hot Springs

149 RMB gets you free-flow beer ALL day + access to the pools and jacuzzi's. This is gonna be POPULAR. Go before everyone else figures out how hot this deal is.
Jun 15, 2021 | 15:00 Tue

Red-Alert. All hands to battle stations. Lay in an intercept course to Oriental Springs. Shields up, load all torpedo bays. STAND BY PHASERS. Warp Factor 8 (that's fast). Engage. 

Stellar news Shanghai. That once peaceful oasis, is about to be blown up this summer with a deal that... they are definitely losing money on. Oh... and by the way, this is EVERY DAY for the month of June. So you don't have to freak out that it's going to be a single day apocalypse. The good times will be spread out. If you're cheeky go during a week day. 

13-hours (ALL DAY) free-flow beer and drinks down at Oriental Springs. for 199 RMB 149 RMB you get access to unlimited beer all day, plus unlimited fruit tea and access to their 15 outdoor pools and jacuzzis (as well as their indoor co-ed saunas). This comes out to 11 RMB per hour for however many bruskies you want to toss back. 

Some interesting facts and figures:
- We've sent over 700 of you down there!
- Over 72% of orders are for MORE than 1 ticket at a time
- 45% of you bought tickets in pairs (romannnnnce)
- Over 15% of you buy more than 4 tickets at a time (and a strange number of you buy in 6's and 7's!) 
- 25% have gone more than once (some of you go A LOT!)

Some Upgrades!
They've done a few renoovations since then. They've got a Starbucks now, an Australia Yogurt brand slinging smoothies and... yogurty treats. And they've built out a new patio bar and restaurant overlooking the main pool's with panini's, and pizzas, and burgers and stuff call The Deck headed up by a gall that did all the magic at Big Bamboo. 

If you are more of a night-owl, or more conservative with your liver... you can go for the same free-flow deal for 69 RMB (hehe) starting at 6pm. Grab your boss, friends, lover, colleagues that you enjoy, and maybe your arch-enemy for some SPICE and get your tickets now before it gets too full. (We're not sure yet... but this might be only for June). 

Don't let a little rain scare you off. It'll probably be even better. 


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