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Student Visas Are Making a Comeback

The kids are alright?
2022-10-26 16:00:00

Beginning from August 24, China announced it would start accepting applications for students from 30 countries -- including the UK, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, and Ireland -- intending to study in China for more than 180 days. According to education analysts, this is expected to bring over 450,000 students to China to complete or begin their studies.

We've reached out to a few universities in Shanghai and so far only three of them confirmed with us that they are now able to issue visas: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, and CEIBS. These three also stipulate that visas are only available for selected programs of study. MBA's, yes, for example. Chinese language degrees, no.

SmartShanghai is joining a Saturday webinar to talk about life and higher education in Shanghai post-COVID. In anticipation of that, we spoke with James Kent, Marketing Manager at China Europe International Business School to get more information about the situation at CEIBS:

SmSh: Can CEIBS issue visas now?

James Kent: China's entry-exit bureau resumed granting X1 student visas on August 24. Students can apply at embassies, consulates, and visa centers in their respective countries, and we (CEIBS) provide the necessary supporting paperwork and advice on any issues which may crop up based on our understanding of the latest policy.

SmSh: How long are the visas good for?

K: Normally, students will be granted a visa that allows them to come to China within three months of the date such visa was issued. Upon entering China, students then have 30 days to obtain a residence permit to allow them to stay long enough to complete their studies, and we again provide the necessary support for this.

SmSh: Does it apply to students coming from any country?

K: Visa regulations are always subject to change, and individual procedures for students may vary. Such variation is beyond our control, but for any student interested in studying with us we will carry out the necessary checks based on their exact circumstances to help provide them with all the information they need to make an application.


If you're reading this from overseas, and interested in joining a Webinar this weekend that explores life and studying in Shanghai post-COVID, check this out.