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[The List]: After School Activities for the Renaissance Kid

School’s back in session, and it's time to foist your unrealistic expectations onto your child! Here are some things your kid can get into after school.
Oct 12, 2017 | 16:01 Thu
Oh snap, school's already started? Like really started? It’s October?

With so much going on so it can be difficult to keep track of time, let alone find the activities that are just right for your family. Here's a list that'll make that search just a bit easier. You’ll find plenty of sports options from golf to karate to skateboarding, gymnastics and dance programs, a musical theater class, a music program where you're kid can form a band, and art workshops.

You know, after school programs for well-rounded, high achieving kiddos. Geniuses, really.


Sporty Kids


Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS)

Room 601, Taihao Building, 3211 Hongmei Lu
near Yan'an Xi Lu

Active Kidz Shanghai has been providing after school activities and the like in Shanghai for over 17 years. This season they’ve got baseball, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and soccer all with options for kids 3 and up. Programs are available after school and on the weekend in both their Puxi and Pudong locations. AKS also offers kid a chance to be part of competitive teams with AKSIL (for ages 6-18); these are still open, kids just need to try out. The organization has got a website that'll relaunch at the end of October, for now WeChat is the best way to get in touch, there you can get a brochure with the schedule and pricing.

Ages: 3-18 Years Old
Price: 120-160rmb per session
Call: Puxi 6406 6757, Pudong 5422 4594
WeChat ActiveKidzShanghai



By appointment only. See their website for details.

MultiSport’s lessons are taught by their international staff at two locations in Puxi and Pudong. They’ve got swimming for all ages and water polo for kids 12 and up, tennis lessons for kids 4 and up and competitive leagues for 10 and up, and soccer with practices and leagues for kids 3 and up. They've got 5 different gymnastics programs for kids of all ages (up to 12) and a junior sports program that allows for kids to try a little of all they offer. All sports take place on multiple days through the week, in multiple locations, check their website for the schedule and registration.

Ages: 0-12 years old
Pricing: 180-225rmb per session
Call: 5465 5715


Sport for Life

Rm 303, Bldg 2, 5 Panyu Lu,
near Yan'an Xi Lu

Sport for Life’s been around 14 years, growing year by year by partnering with a handful of international schools. They’ve got basketball broken into 5 different programs to suit kids ages 4-16, soccer programs (fall season runs till February 10), and swimming (will run till January) from beginners to intermediate to competitions. They've also got tennis and dance (hip hop and ballet for ages 4-10+). Schedules vary across sports, most happen at various times throughout the week, check details here.

Ages: 4-16
Pricing: 140-200rmb per sesssion
Call: 6282 1762


Little Gym

2/F, 580 Tianyaoqiao Lu,
near Lingling Lu

Little Gym has a handful of gymnastics programs for kids ages 3-10 years old. They also have options for younger ones who are accompanied by a parent from 6 months to 3 years, you can read more about those here. Their program “Sport Skills” is for kids (3-6) to experience a range of popular sports from soccer to golf. There are also karate classes broken into two programs ( for kids 4-12) and dance classes (3-12). Little Gym has also got music classes, focused on the “joy of music” for newborns to 5 year olds. Fill out this form to get your kiddo involved and find the class that's best for them.

Ages: 0-12 years old
Pricing: about 200rmb per session
Call: 6481 0608
WeChat: tlgchina


Little Kickers

Two venues opening in Shanghai in November. See their website for details.

Little Kickers is a franchise that’s got 210 locations in 16 countries. Their Shanghai locations are increasingly popular, with four programs tailored to kids from 18 months to seven. The groups work kids up from an introduction to the basics to short 15 minute soccer matches. Check their site for a more detailed breakdown. For this season, Little Kickers has a waitlist, but two locations are opening in the beginning of November; once those open there’ll be plenty of space for newcomers. Stay tuned.

Ages: 18 months-7 years
Pricing: 172-230rmb per session, and a one time fee of 300rmb (for jersey)
Call: 400 821 5714
WeChat: lkshlovekids


Annie’s Gymnastics

Luwan Stadium, Luwan Teenagers Activity Center, 2/F, 135 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Ruijin Lu

Here’s a snazzy gymnastics program for your future Olympian(s). At Annie’s Gymnastics there are three programs broken down by age and each class is small, maxing out at 8 students. The Kangaroos (ages 3-5) climb obstacle courses, trampolines, and other gymnastic activities. The Tigers (5-7) build skills and develop body awareness, control, and flexibility. Finally the Panthers (7 and up) build skills by practicing choreographed moves. There are hour long classes for each group on Saturday (from 2.45pm-5.30pm) and Sunday (9.30am-11.30am). For the Tigers and Panthers there’s also a Thursday evening class, both starting at 6pm. It's best to call Annie directly to get the process started.

Ages: 3-15
Pricing: 185-245rmb per session
Call: 138 0165 1312
WeChat: anniegymnastics


Shanghai Gymnastics

59, Bldg. 1, 2622 Jinqiao Lu, near Jinxiu Dong Lu

Shanghai Gymnastics has also got tumbling, cheering, and parkouring (jumping off stuff skillfully). Also popular is their competitive gymnastics team for kids who want to get really into it. All programs are available for ages 3-18. Classes are led by trained coaches to keep kids safe while continuing to push themselves. Rolling admission into their 2 programs, find out more here. The fall season runs till December 17, click to download the schedule. There are classes across Shanghai Gymnastic’s three locations in Pudong, and in Puxi their Qingpu and Minhang Gym.

Ages: 3-18
Pricing: 145-170rmb per session
Call: 186 2178 1281
WeChat ShanghaiGymnastics


CETA Tennis

Multiple venues. See their website for scheduling information.

Tennis, a lifetime sport! CETA has got four Junior programs, starting from beginners at the age of 3 all the way to the teens at 18. Each program implements ITF rules and regulations and take place 2-4 days a week. Private lessons are also available, as well as more intense training with a more rigorous schedule for kids who want to compete seriously. Check the programs on their site. They also organize around several courts, find the one closest to you right here. It's best to sign up through their site.

Ages: 3-18
Pricing: Call for pricing
Call: 187 2186 5672



3399 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu

IconX is a skateboarding company that does open skate sessions as well as lessons for budding-to skilled skaters. Lessons take place on the weekend, in a small group of 8-12 kids with two instructors for kids ages 5-15. This one is a bit pricey with a trail class at 300rmb, and regular sessions at 405rmb, but in addition to lessons there are open skate days you can check out before committing. More info on their website, but the most current information can be found through their WeChat.

Ages: 5-15
Pricing: 405rmb per session (sold in package of 8)
Call: 1706 3650
WeChat: Iconxskateboarding




Shanghai City Ballet

1/F, Block 16, Lane 76 Wuyuan Lu, near Changshu Lu

A popular ballet school that runs regular classes along with options like contemporary, hip-hop, Tap, jazz, and rhythmic gymnastics. There are 8 levels in ballet, 3 in hip-hop, 2 in tap, jazz, Capoeira, and Flamenco. There are also 3 divisions broken down by age: Pre School Division (from age 3 to 6), Children Division (from age 6 to 12), and a Teen Division (from age 12 to 16). And a “Mommy and Me” class for kids 1.5 to 5, to introduce little ones to ballet and hip-hop. Shanghai City Ballet offers over 40 classes a week so it can easily fit to your child’s busy schedule. Check their site for more details.

Ages: 1.5-16
Pricing: About 160rmb per session
Call: 6448 5362
Wechat: ShanghaiCityBallet


Z&B Kids

6/F, 278 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

Shanghai’s fav gym has got dance classes for kids, a lot of them. There’s Zumba, ballet, Chinese and Folk dance, a “Mami and Me” class for little ones, hip-hop, and contemporary. There are two kinds of ballet for different age groups, one specifically for toddlers (ages 3-4 years old) and then for slightly older (5-6), and last (6-8). Chinese and Folk dance (6-8), hip hop (6-10) and Contemporary (6-10) all end in a recital where kids can showcase what they've learned. Details and schedule can be found on Z&B’s website. Classes are available at both their locations on Changle Lu and on Shaanxi Lu.

Ages: 3-10
Pricing: 98-120rmb per session
Call: 6149 1791


Soul Dancing

4/F, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

The hip dance studio also does classes for kids including ballet and jazz. Classes for kids take place every weeknight at 4.45pm and 5.50, and there are a few options in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, check the schedule here. They are also adding a new "Mommy and Me" class for 2-3 year olds, stay tuned for that. A class that's already popular among parents and kids alike is Soul Dancing's Music Theater Class, which is held on the weekend.

Ages: 2-14
Pricing: 200-250rmb per session
Call: 6256 4400
WeChat: souldancingchina


ZY Dance

No. 305, 3/F, 596 Middle Yan’an Road, by Shimen No. 1 Road

This studio is just over a year old, brought to us from dancer Shi Zongyi. ZY's got classes for kids on Thursdays and Saturdays, mostly ballet for kids ages 3-9, but they’ve also got a “Creative Movement” class for the youngest group and a hip-hop class for the oldest (7-9 years). Most classes have a dress code and you have to register in advance (no drop-ins), which you can do through their site .

Ages: 3-9
Pricing: 150-200 per session
Call: 5403 9387
WeChat: zydancestudio


Musicians and Artists


JZ School

2/F, No 12, 280 Wukang Lu, near Hunan Lu

JZ School has got a few kids class (ages 1-17) on for the fall semester during the weekends. They've got drum beginner and jazz class; You can find that schedule here. They also offer private lessons in various instruments on the weeknight by appointment to fit your child's schedule. The best way to book is to give them a call, based on the instrument and time they can give you an estimate for the lesson, the prices listed below are for group classes.

Ages: 1-17
Pricing: 190-240rmb per session
Call: 5403 6475
WeChat: jzschoolshanghai


Rolling Music

Rm 1901, Tower 2, 218 Tianmu Xi lu, near Minli Lu

At Rolling Music kids can try their hand at drums, guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele. Something that sets this music school apart is they offer band classes, where kids practice their instruments by playing together. The class ends with a performance that the "band" worked on during the class. School of Rock stuff, and super adorable. Best way to book a class is through calling or emailing, but get more info by checking their website. Prices vary depending on the instrument and type of class, messaging through WeChat is the best way to get pricing info.

Ages: 4 and up
Pricing: about 350rmb per session
Call: 400-921-8186
WeChat: Rollingmusic


Art Station 2.0

1/F, Bldg 20, 383 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu

Art Station 2.0 offers unique workshops for budding artists ages 12 and up.. They've got classes on portraits, printmaking, illustrating and more. Classes can get a but pricey depending on the workshop, you can check them all out right here. There's an upcoming weekday winter workshop over the holidays (December 27 to February 10), mark it in your calendars, more info to come. Best way to book a class is to contact via email.

Ages: 12 and up
Pricing: about 400rmb per session, varies by workshop


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