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Here Are Four Great Art Shows Ending in January

Because after tomorrow, we'll be too hungover to tell you about them.
2020-12-30 12:00:00
Aren't the arts just great? All of them, absolutely super, but especially the visual ones. We scoured our listings and found four stellar art exhibitions — from Monet to Munch to contemporary Chinese — that you should check out through the haze of your New Year consequences before they end in January.

Impression, Sunrise

Bund One Art Museum - Ends January 3

Claude Monet's famous piece "Impression, Sunrise" is being featured at the Bund One Art Museum. Credited as the inspiration for the name of the Impressionist movement, it's the first time it's been featured in Shanghai. They've got video clips projected on the walls telling the story of the painting, and, naturally, a collaboration with streetwear label Team Wang.

Open Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm. Admittance is 218mb per person.

In The Name Of The Flower

Pearl Art Museum - Ends January 10

The Pearl Art Museum has gathered 25 contemporary artists from around the world for a group exhibit of over 150 flower-themed artworks. Multi-element artworks, installations, painting, experimental forms of art, and photography are arranged in a scattered manner. Curator Li Dandan says "these artists ponder on issues that have confronted human beings from the beginning of time and become the most urgent now, such as art, life, death, lusts, nature, emotions, and future.”

Open Tue-Sun, 10.30am-7pm. Admittance is 80rmb per person.

Scream & Respond - Edvard Munch

Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum - Ends January 13

Is there a more appropriate profile picture for 2020?

The Bund's Jiushi Art Museum is hosting 53 works from Expressionist artist Edvard Munch, including lithograph prints of "The Scream", "The Sick Child" and "The Brooch, Eva Mudocci,” on loan from the private Gundersen Collection in Norway.

Open Tue-Sun, 10am-4pm. Admittance is 99rmb per person.

More, More, More

Tank Shanghai - Ends January 31

This is an group exhibition featuring works from 30 contemporary artists from both China and aboard. The title of the show, "More, More, More", is taken from The Andrea True Connection's Disco hit from the 1970s, which is meant to have something to do with "sensorial play", the over-abundance of language, and fluidity of meaning.

Open Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm. Admittance is 90rmb per person.


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