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Last Chance: Closing Exhibitions - Heatmap and George Morton-Clark

Here are two ideas for art shows you might want to check out before they end next week
2023-05-31 15:00:00

Ahead of our monthly art shows roundup, here are two exhibitions at Shanghai Powerlong Museum worth visiting - both of them are ending next week. Your weekend art plans ... sorted.


Daily except Mon until Jun 4

Paco Pomet: Heatmap

This exhibition marks the inaugural solo showcase of Spanish artist Paco Pomet in China. Paco's artistic creations construct a surreal realm infused with irony and reversal, a reflection not only influenced by the modern era but also rooted in his childhood experiences of amblyopia. Wearing glasses altered his perception of the world, unveiling a stark contrast between the reality he observed through his lenses and the naked eye. Within Paco's artworks, expansive areas of vibrant monochromatic contrast and misdirected dynamic elements breathe a sinister vitality into the pieces, distorting the depiction of human existence.

The exhibited works were crafted by the artist exclusively for this exhibition over the past year, showcasing not only his mastery of classical language but also the profound influence of the unique environment he has immersed himself in over the past three years on his artistic contemplation.

With a unique perspective influenced by his childhood experiences and a masterful command of classical language, Pomet's artworks challenge the viewer's perception of reality.


George Morton-Clark is a globally recognized visual artist from Britain, known for his vibrant artwork. He possesses a remarkable talent for portraying familiar and dynamic imagery through his paintings. Drawing inspiration from his fondness for cartoon characters, he incorporates well-known figures from popular cartoons, particularly those originating from mid to late 20th-century American productions that have resonated with audiences worldwide. Characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Dumbo, and Donald Duck, as well as the Pink Panther and Doraemon, find their place in his creations. Typically, George Morton-Clark employs acrylics, oil paints, charcoal, crayons, and spray paint to bring his artistic vision to life on unframed and uncoated canvas surfaces. However, this exhibition marks a special occasion as it unveils his latest works, which have been painted on coated canvas. It presents an opportunity for viewers to encounter his fresh and innovative approach to art on this distinct medium.

Another exhibition recommendation for those heading to West Bund Museum. It's a relatively small exhibition that can be easily explored in just a few minutes. The entrance is free.

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