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[Art in May]: Yves Klein, Dunhuang, Mademoiselle Privé

A mixure of abstract art, ancient murals, and high fashion.
Last updated: 2019-05-07
Photos: Brandon McGhee
May's theme of the month is... immersive! Some of the largest art venues in town have been busy during the May holiday. The Silo of 80,000 Tons hosted Conor Doyle x Zhao Liang's exhibition / dance performance across all seven floors of the building (tickets were long gone); Powerlong Museum in Minhang transported 3,000 square meters of sand and plants to mimic the Dunhuang scenery; and fashion house Chanel installed multiple "boutique showrooms" at the West Bund Art Center to elicit multiple sensory impressions... Power Station Art, on the other hand, unites large pieces of abstract art from France, Korea, and China. It's also immersive. Of course it is.