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Power Station of Art
  • Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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    • ADDRESS:
      200 Huayuangang Lu,
      near Miaojiang Lu
      花园港路200号, 近苗江路
    • PHONE:
      3110 8550
    • AREA:
      Old Town (Yu Garden)
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from Xizang Rd (S)
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Sun, 11am-7pm
      Closed on Mon
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      The PSA is an impressive but cumbersome space, a huge building likened by curator Qui Zhijie to London’s Tate Modern. The PSA may have similar hardware to that legendary institution but it doesn’t have the software — the staffing, budgets, etc — to match. Nevertheless, it has accomplished an incredible amount, hosting two biennales, visits from the Warhol museum and the Centre Pompidou, and, in 2014, a memorable Cai Guo-qiang solo show.
    • Matthew Barney: 'Cremaster Cycle 4, 1, 5 + 2'

      Power Station of Art is screening US artist Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle this weekend, kicking things off with the first four of five feature-length films. All centered around the male cremaster muscle, the...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | today |
    • Matthew Barney: 'Cremaster Cycle 3'

      The concluding part of Power Station of Art's free screening of US artist Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle . The third of five feature-length films, they're all centered around the male cremaster muscle, and take...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | on Sun Oct 2, 2016 |
    • LUDO: Ephemera

      French street artist LUDO gets to work pasting a massive piece called The Dragon in the square directly outside Power Station of Art. After, there'll be a screening exploring his year spent making works in China,...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | today |
    • 11th Shanghai Biennale

      Shanghai Biennale returns for its 11th edition this fall, once again taking over the mighty Power Station of Art museum. This time around, the three-month long event is curated by Indian artist/ curator group Raqs...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | from Nov 11 until Mar 12, 2017 |


    • 2016-06-11 Finished

      Chen Shaoxiong: 'Prepared'

      Chen Shaoxiong’s largest solo to date, Prepared , at Power Station of Art comprises video, installation, photo-montage, and lots and lots of ink. A key figure in 1990s Southern China art group, 'Big Tail Elephants,'...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | daily until Sep 11 2016 |
    • 2016-03-18 Finished

      Huang Yongping: 'Bâton Serpent III'

      Established Fujian-born artist Huang Yongping is the subject of a major retrospective over at PSA this spring time. A co-founder of '80s art group Xiamen Dada, he's best known for his large-scale installations -...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | daily until Jun 19 2016 |
    • 2015-12-30 Finished

      Datong Dazhang

      Datong Dazhang, real name was Zhang Shengquan, was born in 1955 in Datong City, Shanxi. Just 45 years later on New Year's Eve 2000, the pioneer of contemporary Chinese performance art killed himself. On the 60th...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | daily until Apr 10 2016 |
    • 2015-11-10 Finished

      Kazunari Sakamoto: Anticlimax Poetry

      Yet another stellar architecture show at Power Station of Art, this time around it's the designs, models and musings of Japanese master, Kazunari Sakamoto. All about houses, Sakamoto focuses on people and how they...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | daily until Feb 21 2016 |
    • 2015-08-08 Finished

      Ilya + Emilia Kabakov: The Dream City

      [Ending Soon] Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's Dream City at PSA is the largest ever show by the famous Russian artist couple to date. On display will be installations, sculpture and paintings including Manas, Fallen...
      Arts | Power Station of Art | daily until Dec 6 2015 |

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