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New Year New You: Become a Motorbiker, Sommerlier, Painter, Marathon Runner ...

Are we getting a bit tired of going out and getting plastered on the weekends Shanghai? Well, if you're looking for fun activities to expand your mind (or just... date ideas), we've just the thing in ...
2024-01-19 12:00:00

Are we getting a bit tired of going out and getting plastered on the weekends Shanghai? Well, if you're looking for fun activities to expand your mind (or just... date ideas), we've just the thing in this round-up of cool things to do, other than toss back bottles of wine (well... we snuck in a little something about wine).

Welcome to Shanghai's masterclass melee, where novices morph into ninjas across a spectrum of skills sharper than a sushi chef's knife (depending on how serious you are... these can just be for 'fun' too). We have a big range of options going from food classes,to painting, to learning musical instruments. Read past the fold for a roundup of classes and things to learn here in the 'Hai.

Learn how to race a motorbike

Located at the pulse-pounding Tianma Circuit in Shanghai, DB Racing Academy brings its Italian flair, offering motorcycle training courses in both English and Italian. The academy caters to every skill level, from budding novices to track-blazing pros. It boasts a fleet of in-house bikes — Yamaha R1, Yamaha R6, and Aprilia RS 660, ranging from "hold onto your helmet" fast to "blur in the rearview mirror" fast. Visit their website to explore their world more deeply, and if you're feeling the need for speed, secure your spot in their next class. Book your class on SmartShanghai right here.

Learn How To Become A Sommelier

Enhance your wine expertise with a two-day comprehensive class that goes beyond mere sipping and swirling. Guided by Hugo Seilly, the esteemed French connoisseur and founder of China Wines & Spirits Academy, this course, conducted in English, concludes with an examination and a certificate, marking your journey to oenological mastery. Ideal for those aiming to infuse their hospitality career with refined elegance or grape aficionados keen on enriching their knowledge, this class serves as your portal to becoming an authentic wine aficionado. Click here for details and bookings.

Learn A Music Instrument

Want to learn an instrument, or need a space to practice with your newly formed band? Studio Insight in Putuo is a prime destination, being a foreign-invested music center that provides a comprehensive range of courses, including Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Handpan, Saxophone, Trombone, Flute, DJ, Music Production, and Band, in both one-on-one and group class formats. Instruction is delivered by a skilled team of local and expat musician teachers. The facility boasts 23 rooms, encompassing classrooms, group classrooms, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, and three rooftop balconies, catering to rehearsals, professional recordings, and events. Additionally, equipment rental services are available.They are used for rehearsals, professional recordings and events. Equipment rental is also offered. Here's our full profile. Book a trial with them through us right here.

Learn to Cook

CieCAS has carved a niche for itself as the go-to hub for F&B insiders, offering tailored classes that cater to industry professionals and restaurant connoisseurs. However, in a delightful twist, they occasionally open their doors to all food enthusiasts. Their upcoming offering? A cosmopolitan culinary journey that begins at the end of the month. This five-day culinary voyage invites participants to delve into a variety of global flavors, featuring the distinctive cuisines and beverages of Thailand, China, France, and Italy. For those looking for a brief escapade, there's the option to immerse themselves in a single day of focused gastronomic exploration, choosing the cuisine that most tantalizes their taste buds. Click here for details and online booking.

Learn to Run a Marathon

RunForce is dedicated to redefining your running journey by merging personalized coaching with the excitement of a vibrant, active lifestyle. Their latest four-month program, which is still accepting eager participants, is a testament to this commitment. This program excels in customization, offering workouts meticulously crafted for different skill levels. The objective? To challenge your limits while preventing injuries. Each week, your phone transforms into an instrument of progress, delivering detailed plans directly to your fingertips. The support extends further – WeChat serves as your portal to expert advice, linking you with coaches, while group calls cultivate a community of like-minded enthusiasts, each pursuing their personal best. More on that here.

Learn How To Paint

Tucked away in Xuhui, Lois Paint Bar is less of a studio and more of a TARDIS for DIY art lovers—small on the outside but a universe of creativity on the inside. Situated on the ever-charming Sinan Lu, it's the perfect escape for everyone from Bob Ross aspirants to the "I-can-barely-draw-a-stick-figure" crowd. They're serving up a trio of trendy projects: whip up a marble-patterned scarf that would make even Andy Warhol jealous, craft a glass that's more personalized than a Spotify playlist, or dive into fluid canvas art that's as mesmerizing as a David Lynch dream sequence. Whether you're in for a quick 40-minute creative sprint or a 2-hour artistic marathon, Lois Paint Bar is your go-to. Beam up the details on SmartShanghai and teleport directly to the workshop booking page. Read more about the workshop on SmartShanghai here. and book a workshop here.