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A Bunch of F&Bs: A Few Re-Openings and a BUNCH of Closures

More shake-ups in F&B land as we bid goodbye to a few long-running venues and say hello again to some returning ones...
2023-03-23 16:00:00
The monthly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

Been a minute since we last did a gossipy assessment of the food and beverage industry stuff in town. And in Shanghai a minute means 90,000 places opened and closed. Scroll down for that.

But first a little business. Or rather... a little charity

Chi Fan for Charity (we wrote about them here last year) is returning on April 15 as you've probably heard but just in case you're sleeping on it, they've released their official roster of this years host restaurants and are currently accepting bookings as of today!

Get your nine closest friends together and book your favorite restaurant and chi some fan for some charity. (Here's how you do that.)

What's Old Is New: Stiller's, Candor and The Social House Return

As Shanghai continues the great experiment to see if we can rewind the clock back to pre-Covid days and pretend like the whole thing never happened, a couple of venues are making a comeback. We already talked about The Social House right here. They're looking at opening proper on April 1 but probably before that for friends and family.

In addition to that, after about half a year of rumors, cabaret club Candor is going to reemerge on the scene... "soon". Candor, if you will recall, was a vintage-y cocktail-bar-plus stage that hosted burlesque, cabaret, and drag events in the velvety loft of the Lyceum Theater. To them we say welcome back.

And as history might see 2022-2023 as the year Shanghai's drag queens saved Shanghai's nightlife, we're happy to see the ladies have access to another stage in town.

Rounding out the returns, it seem Shanghai just can't quit Stefan Stiller. The relationship is too mutually spiritually rewarding. The celebrated German chef has a new casual continental restaurant in Xintiandi, Stiller by Stefan Stiller, currently soft open.



Manhattan is back!

(We know it's already been a few months but we're still in a state of stunned, bemused, and horny shock.)

What's Old Is Gone: Funkadeli (Yanping), Rye & Co, and More Close Shop

Best not to dwell too much on these fresh wounds. In no particular order, the following venues have gone on into the good night. We wish for speedy recovery and happier tidings for those invested:

Funka Group has shuttered both the Yanping Lu Funkadeli and Italo;

The Peacock Room, which we liked On the Radar, has closed;

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon — well, the quote is kinda amazing:

"To safeguard the interests of the company and consumers, as well as to align with the future plans for Bund 18, the management team has decided to undertake a comprehensive and high-level brand upgrade and decoration overhaul of the original site starting from March 16, 2023."

Not sure if they closed or they got straight-up impeached.

Paulaner is down to two venues: The Raffles City one, where they were hosting the Christmas markets, is now also closed

Brewlosophy on Yanping Lu poured its last a few months ago

Pocho Social Club: closed.

Rye & Co from The Nest / Cannery group: closed.

That's it.

(Well probably not completely "it" but those are the one's we know about.)

Drink and dine on, y'all.