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Wine, the Solution to All Your Problems This Summer

Beat the heat this summer with the top winery’s exclusive seasonal sale.
2022-07-22 18:00:00

It's hot out. Don't let this recent rainy reprieve fool you. You'll be back to sweating through your shirt every time you pick up your Eleme delivery downstairs soon enough. When summer is this hot, the fluids you drink must serve dual purposes. They need to hydrate you, of course, but they also need to numb you from this godforsaken heat — or better yet, perhaps even wipe the whole thing from your memory until fall returns. One or several glasses of wine is essential for survival this summer, and Viñas Concha y Toro has got you sorted.

All you ever wanted to know about Viñas Concha y Toro

These guys have been in the wine business for 139 years. For 26 of them, Wine & Spirits Magazine has named them one of the top 100 wineries of the year. With more than 12,000 hectares of vineyards planted in Chile, Argentina and the US, they are the largest producer in Latin America. Concha y Toro's selections have been sold out to 147 countries in the world. And here's a fun fact: every minute, at least 760 bottles of Concha y Toro are popped open and enjoyed somewhere on this pale blue marble hurtling through the cosmos. Kinda makes you stop and think your place in the universe, doesn't it?

With famed labels like Don Melchor and Almaviva Winery, Concha y Toro basically put Chile on the map in the wine world. These are premium selections, of course, but many Chilean wines offer a lot of bang for your buck. And the full Concha y Toro line runs the gamut from entry-level to ultra-premium, so rest assured, they've got a bottle for every budget.

With this in mind, Viñas Concha y Toro has some hotter-than-hell deals to help keep you cool this summer.

Casillero del Diablo

Casillero del Diablo is recognized as one of the most powerful brands in the world. And it is consistently among top 10 best-selling wine across the globe. They're even a partner with Man U. Man, you can't make this stuff up. Check out Wayne Rooney's portentous acting chops right here.

Devil's Brut Sparkling

Raise your glass with your right hand. Raise the universal ‘devil horns' sign with your left. This sparkling Chardonnay has fresh notes of green apple, lime, and grapefruit with a crisp backbone of mineral notes. Enjoy it on its own chilled down to around 6ºC or maybe splash it in an Aperol Spritz over a boozy brunch.

Reserva Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc

Cool breezes off the Pacific blow into the vineyards, ensuring that the sun doesn't roast these grapes. As a result, this chardonnay speaks of its unique terroir, boasting aromas of ripe fruit balanced by mild acidity and freshness.

Marques de Casa Concha Old Vine Rosé

Concha y Toro grow a lot of grapes. Marques de Casa Concha is the label where the really good stuff goes. It's been around for four decades, racking up over 350 scores of 90 points or more in the wine press. We're talking the big names like Robert Parker, James Suckling, and The Wine Advocate.

Marques de Casa Concha is the only winery brewing juice from seven different denominations of origin in the same country. So, this one brand can take you on a terroir tour of Chile. Old vines produce fewer grapes, but that means they produce better grapes. For this selection, the source cinsault grapes vines that are pushing 60. The result is something complex, dry yet fruity, delicate. Suffice it to say, this is not your typical Karen's rosé. By the way, be sure to get some while the getting is good. They only allocated 600 bottles of it to China.

Amelia Chardonnay

Amelia wines hail from Chile's Limarí Valley. This region is the country's Burgundy. To translate that bit of wine geek-speak, the region makes some damn fine chardonnay and pinot noir. Their chardonnay arguably the best that Chile has to offer — shows heady and seductive layers of aroma with an excellent combination of structure and minerality. It also has a subtle hint of seaspray in its long, fresh finish. It is a consistent award winner. Most recently, in 2019, wine critic Tim Atkin and Chilean wine guide Descorchados gave it 97 points.

Gravas Chardonnay

Another premium label in the Concha y Toro collection, the name Gravas is a tribute to the soil Andes foothills. Beneath the fertile topsoil lives a gravelly substrate that allows for effective drainage. This unique terroir, coupled with some superior winemaking skills has consistently earned the Gravas label scores north of 90.

At this point, you're probably wondering to yourself, "Where can I get a bottle?"

Funny you should ask...

Concha y Toro's Summer Sale

From now until August 15, you can get your exclusive 35% off VIP discounts as a SmartShanghai reader(which makes you pretty special, because Concha y Toro seldom offers discounts)!

Also, place an order of over 1000 RMB, and you will get an amazing surprise: a free bottle! Place an order worth 2000, and you get twice the surprise — two free bottles! But there is even more! Order a bottle of Gravas, Amelia, or Marques de Casa Concha, and you will receive special edition bottle of Casillero del Diablo!

Step 1: Scan the QR code below, and you'll receive your very own VIP card. This is your golden ticket to a whole year of discounts on Concha y Toro wines. And here is the best part: as a SmartShanghai reader,you get a 35% discount.

Step 2 : Remember to click the bottom to receive the VIP card! And then click the middle to get ready for shopping.

It's great that WeChat now has the function can translate the whole page into English. But if you aren't able to make it work. Here are some guidelines can help you out when you encounter pages like these during the purchasing process.

Step 3: If you want to continue to purchase, click the button to allow the venue get access to your information.

Step 4:Click left to add the item to your shopping cart, click right to purchase directly.

Step 5:On the top is where you add your address and on the bottom is to confirm to pay.

If you have any troubles during the shopping, you can contact Concha y Toro directly through the QR codes below:

Concha y Toro also provides corporate service, including wine tasting and group sales, please feel free to contact their administrative staff if you are interested.