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Heinz X Fat Cow’s Absurdly Delicious Christmas Burger

Heinz Selection launches in Shanghai and has picked a local favorite as their first partner restaurant - The Fat Cow
2022-11-24 19:00:00

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Since 1869, Heinz ketchup brand has adorned tables around the world as the go-to sauce reached for by millions to add some darn flavor to... just about everything. French fries? Basically... ketchup delivery systems. Same with grilled cheeses. Same with scrambled eggs. All are just ways to get Heinz into your mouth.

After years of working with name-brand clients around the world, Heinz is excited to unveil the Heinz Selection program, in which we're undertaking special partnerships with chosen brands.

Introducing Heinz Selection- A List Premium Burger Restaurants

Heinz has recently launched the Heinz Selection, a global campaign where we partner with the world's best independent burger restaurants -- all hand-picked by Heinz's culinary team. Heinz's selection of restaurants is the home of great burgers and delicious sauces. We work with their partner restaurants to introduce, great and unique food experiences with creative dishes and enhance innovation in the f&b industry. Being chosen as a "Heinz Selection" restaurant is done after a careful vetting process.

Selected restaurants are awarded a "Heinz Selection" badge, certification, and a special branded metal sauce stand so that diners will know that Heinz has determined this is a stand-out venue.

Hungry? Find a Heinz-selected burger restaurant -- no matter where you are in the world -- at our website

Meet Shanghai's First Heinz Selection Restaurants: Fat Cow

Heinz Selection is about to launch in Shanghai, and for this special occasion, we have carefully picked one of Shanghai's most popular burger restaurants, Fat Cow, as their first partner restaurant in China. The Fat Cow empire has been a go-to option for many patrons of the Yanping Lu area and is now also available in Lujiazui and Hongmei Lu. Fat Cow constantly leads the rankings on Dianping for best burger restaurants and is among the most talked about burger restaurants on Xiaohongshu.

To roll out the partnership between Heinz and Fat Cow during this Christmas season, we are presenting a slew of seasonal treats, combining their most popular products and sauces with their celebrated culinary aesthetic of... well... gigantic burgers.

The Burger ...

For this special occasion, Heinz and Fat Cow have created a very special Christmas burger that will be available for a short time only, so mark your calendar not to miss out. It's the ...


It's the Heinz X Fat Cow Hamburger Christmas Tree!

Heinz X Fat Cow's Christmas Burger features not one, not two, but three hand-crafted burger patties, Heinz "Red Velvet" bread, fresh Heinz cranberry fruit sauce, and all the veggie side fixings in towering tribute to a wondrous Christmas tree. This festive delight comes paired with classic French fries and sweet potato chips. It's like a Christmas dinner in two hands. Ho ho ho!

But that's not all...

The Heinz Burger Tree Set – Cheers for Christmas

The Christmas Burger will be available as a special set menu featuring the Christmas Burger, classic french fries, and a limited edition Christmas Sunday surprise.

Sounds delicious? It does .. let's take a look at those items:

Jingle All the Way French Fries

We're getting Fat Cow's Dianping-awarded fries into the Christmas spirit with our special festive seasonal sauces. Doused in Heinz's tangy tomato chilly as well as their green fresh and mellow mayonnaise sauce, the Jingle All the Way French Fries dish is a bright, seasonally themed treat with two flavor profiles that will have you coming back for more.

Dreaming of a Christmas Sundae

We're dreaming of sliding down the slopes in a Christmas sled with this sumptuous dessert sundae featuring Heinz's most popular sweet sauces. Our Heinz tomato jelly offers a cool, sour, and smooth contrast to the ice cream, with a light bite rounding out the soft, mellow flavors of chocolate. Sweet and refreshing mint tops it off with a little Christmas spirit.

Heinz Selection is Now Available.

Head down to Fat Cow to try out these seasonal delights! Available from today at all Fat Cow locations from Nov 24th until December 30th. All of their venues have been decked out in Christmas flair, all warm and cozy. Enjoy these burgers Shanghai!