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The Big List: Thanksgiving Dinners

Where to feed your face, get a tryptophan buzz, and commemorate Puritans and Indians having dinner together for Thanksgiving
By Nov 15, 2011 Dining

Centuries ago, the Puritans bravely fled the religious persecutions of the English throne so that one day they might, in turn, have the freedom to persecute others. Somewhere between all of those hangings and burnings, the Puritans managed to find time to break bread with the locals, who, as legend has it, were all too happy to share their resource rich continent with them. It was a time to be thankful.

Fast forward 400 years. The tradition lives on, even in Shanghai, kids. And we've scoured our listings database to find a few of our favorite places to celebrate. Feast your eyes on the following....



Alchemist celebrates Thanksgiving with a four course dinner of "mi-cuit salmon," "butternut squash soup," "a choice of turkey or braised beef short ribs" and, for dessert, a choice "cheese plate or bay leaf and pumpkin tart." 400rmb per person. Add 100rmb to that and you get a wine and cocktail pairing. More on that here.

Boxing Cat

For those less molecularly inclined, there is Boxing Cat, where they're cooking up classic Thanksgiving day grub like a "butter roasted turkey" with sides and fixin's like "bacon sauteed Brussels sprouts," "truffle herb mashed potatoes," "green bean casserole" and more. It's buffet style and will set you back 400rmb (100rmb if you're a youngster). The cost includes all the micro brews, wine or soft drinks you care to drink. Dinner will be at both locations, so click here for the branch at Fuxing near Yongfu. More details here.

The Apartment

Around the corner from the Cat, Chef Rheanna McGhee is eschewing tradition with five fancy courses. It starts with "caramelized figs with goat cheese," then "pumpkin soup with herbed croutons" and "grilled apple salad with warm chestnut vinaigrette." For the main course, a "roasted Cornish hen" -- think of it like a miniature, single serving turkey along with "cranberry sauce, haricots verts with caramelized shallots and roasted butternut squash with roasted sage potato stacks." Finally, for dessert, an "apple and berry galette with sweet cream." That goes for 300rmb per person and they'll thrown in a glass of wine too. More on that right here.


Once again, Bubba's is doing its famous smoke-roasted USDA turkey along with garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, Southwestern style gravy, fresh steamed vegetables, and pumpkin pie. 300rmb per person and this gets you free-flow wine. Kids under 12 eat for half price. Under four, free. Dinner is available at all three locations. As always, they've got take-away options too. Click here for more details. Git'r done!

Less Casual:


Char Steakhouse in the Hotel Indigo is preparing a five-course feast with a "twist on pumpkin soup with scallops, fennel and coconut," "'dressed' crabs," "seasonal salad with foie gras crumble" and "slow-roasted turkey stuffed with sage, pork and prawns." Then, to finish it off, "pumpkin pie cheesecake." That's 580rmb per person. Details right here.

Roosevelt Prime

Further inland, there is Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse with a four-courses featuring "spiced pumpkin soup with ginger cappuccino foam," "cranberry and apple, celery chop salad with warm smoked bacon," "classic whole roast American turkey" and "old fashioned apple pie with vanilla cinnamon ice cream." That's 388rmb per person and includes a welcome drink. Details here.

Less American:


Maya Mexican says "Feliz dia del Pavo" with a three-course dinner featuring "pumpkin soup with chorizo and roasted pepitas" or "seafood ceviche salad," "achiote roasted turkey with mole-style gravy, spicy cranberry sauce with lime and coriander, chorizo and cornbread stuffing with roasted mushrooms, and chipotle cream corn mashed potatoes" and "pumpkin pie with cinnamon ice cream and candied chestnuts." Dinner comes with a glass of wine or a bottle American Craft Beer. They've also been experimenting with a "house-aged tequila eggnog" for after dinner. Sounds interesting. That'll cost you 295rmb per head. For more details, click here.

Slightly Belated:


If you can't swing Thursday, Chef Austin Hu's got you covered with a family-style Sunday dinner of "truffled pumpkin soup," "smoked trout salad," "seared scallops with rutabaga, Brussels sprouts and bacon" and "poached turkey breast with chestnuts, string beans and cranberry." Most importantly, Hu is the only one in town doing a "turducken, which is pretty awesome. That's 500rmb per person. More on that here.

Delivery & Take-away:


Fields China will deliver to your door a deep fried Norbest turkey, country stuffing, glazed carrots, home-style gravy, sauteed green beans, pumpkin soup, oven roasted mushrooms, homemade cranberry sauce and, of course, a pumpkin pie. Dinner serves 10-12 and costs 1800rmb. Throw in a honey roasted ham and dinner serves 15-20 for 2900rmb. To learn more, click here.

Party On!

Party On! parties on throughout the holiday season, delivering dinners of whole herb-roasted turkeys (approx. 6.5kg ea.) with fresh cranberry sauce and homemade gravy, as well as maple glazed bone-in hams and all of the other essential items like chestnut stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed green beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and much more. More details on all of that right here.

Taco Mama’s

For the past few months, Taco Mama's has been doing extensive research into developing handheld Thanksgiving technology. Everything you'd have on your table that night -- the roast turkey, the homemade stuffing, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes and even gravy -- is all wrapped up in a 12-inch soft flour tortilla. Each burrito comes with a side of cranberry salsa too. Burritos go for 69rmb each. Dinner sets are available as well. 99rmb gets you one Thanksgiving burrito, cranberry salsa, Waldorf salad and a slice of home made pumpkin pie. Details right here.

....But wait! There is more. We have an entire page of dinners and delivery deals that you can find right here. And the list continues to grow, so keep checking back for updates.



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  • djsexypaul

    I think the Thanksgiving Dinners list was a lot bigger and more comprehensive than this list Justin. This list just has the usual suspects

  • Justin Fischer

    That's because, by and large, the same restaurants do Thanksgiving here every year. Out of countless descriptions turkey and pumpkin pie, the restaurants above sounded unique and interesting to me. However, if you happen to know of any obscure noodle stalls way out in Baoshan that are serving a bang-up Thanksgiving dinner this year, please don't hesitate to send them our way. We'll put those up as well.

  • carlonseider

    Haha! Pwned.

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