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The Original Co. Cheese Closes

Free Asahi and picklebacks.
2020-09-29 10:00:00
The wheel turns again. Shanghai's original best grilled cheese sandwich shop, Co. Cheese on Yuyuan Dong Lu, is closing its doors after a respectable six years on September 29, tonight.

Usual story behind the closure: landlord shenanigans. The suddenness suggests nasty shenanigans, but that'll be washed away in a torrent of beer and pickle juice. Owner Greg (check out his Shanghai Famous) will be saying goodbye to the little hole in the wall with free Asahi, free picklebacks, the same playlist he's had on for half a decade, and nary a dry eye in the building. It's a casual, friends-and-family sort of funeral. Party starts 7pm. Ends when the whole place is rubble!

The Co. Cheese brand lives on at the newer, bigger location on Nanchang Lu. Original Co. Cheese wansui.