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UnTour Now Has a Koreatown Tour, and It's a Lot of Food

The Shanghai foodies provide expert guidance on binge-eating in Korea but without going to Korea.
2020-09-23 11:56:00
By now, you've probably resigned yourself to the fact that, unless you don't intend to return, you aren't leaving China for the foreseeable future. Yet, you still have that itching desire to travel and explore something new. UnTour just might have a solution, and it doesn't even require leaving Shanghai: the Shanghai-based food tour operator has launched guided tours of Koreatown.

We took the tour a little while ago, and it's quite a lot of fun. They break it up into themes that illuminate some of Korea's distinctive foodways. You get to taste a variety of voraciously consumed street eats in the middle of a bustling night market, for instance. At other points in the tour, they introduce you to some classic Korean dishes that go far deeper than barbecue, bulgogi, and kimchi. You also get to experience Korean drinking culture and the unique bar snacks that fuel it well into the wee hours of the morning.

Could you try all off this stuff in Koreatown without a guide? Perhaps. We can even provide you with a starting point in our giant guide to Koreatown. But this tour really adds an extra dimension to the K-Town experience. At each stop, the guide annotates what you taste with interesting insights into history and culture. They are Korean and clearly proud of their culinary culture. Their personal anecdotes about their experiences provide a compelling and intimate window into the cuisine that you simply won't get by rolling up to these restaurants on your own.

Also: Maybe skip a meal beforehand. You will eat a lot on this tour.

The three-hour walking tour costs 595rmb per person, or 485rmb for kids under 12. More info on the UnTour Koreatown Food Tour, including how to book, right here.