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Education News Roundup Jan 2024: Top News from Shanghai's Top Schools

Dulwich finishes with impressive IB scores, Britannica starts a podcast, and the German school opens an experimental chemistry lab, that and more in this round-up of school news.
2024-01-22 12:00:00

Deutsche Schule Shanghai

Deutsche Schule re-launches an experimental chemistry lab.

A lot is happening at the German School in Shanghai. Earlier this month they re-launched a teutolab, a new experimental, participative laboratory that aims to promote motivation for the world of chemistry. Developed by Bielefeld University. A very unique element is that third graders are conducted research together with the 11th grade students. More on that here.

DSS and Charity works

Throughout the last year, the school has been actively involved in many social projects this school year, and they were happy to showcase some of their work with a special booth at Paulaner's Christmas market last December, offering DSSH honey, self-designed Christmas cards, and handicrafts from the kindergarten as well as artwork from the secondary school students in return for a small donation. All benefits are donated to social initiatives and help people in need. More on that here. More on that here.

Visit the school's profile on SmartShanghai for more updates.

Britannica International School

Britannica launches a podcast

Britannica launched a new edition of their podcast - Britannicast - this time on the value of cultural diversity. On the panel are Harisha (Year 10), Vivaan (Year 9) and school House Coordinator Mr. David Read. They chat through the special events that happen every year at Britannica Shanghai, plus they delve into the role of language teaching and learning at Britannica. Click here for details.

Britannica Selected Shanghai in My Eye

Britannica also participates in the micro-video competition themed 'Shanghai in My Eye' (我眼中的上海), organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for all schools catering to children of foreign personnel in Shanghai. And they are proud to announce that one of their own students, 6 year old Mike, has been selected as one of the top 10 submissions in the competition. Click here to watch the video and learn more about the competition.

Shanghai Community International School

New Lego Robotics Program

Here's a deep dive into SCIS's new Lego Robotics Program, where students learn a myriad of things regarding the fast evolving world of robotics, including its benefits, future implications, and ethical considerations. The program provides a captivating insight into the fast-pace development of education and technology. The Robotics Program teaches, problem-solving and independent research skills.

Concordia International School Shanghai

International Schools Robotics Competition

Robotics is also a hot topic at Concordia, where they are hosting the International Schools VEX Robotics Competition on January 27. Teams from nine international schools across China will square off for a chance to take the crown, including their very own Concordia High School VEX Robotics Club – last year's alliance champions. More on that here.

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Achieving 2nd Place in China League IB Ranking

Dulwich College Puxi proudly shares the news that they ranked 2nd overall in the China IB League Table for the year 2023, which reflects the outstanding accomplishments of their students, faculty, and parents. The graduating class of 2023 achieved an impressive average of 37.71 out of 45 points in the IBDP, surpassing the global average of 30.24 points. Congratulations to them!Read more about it here.

Tes Awards Nominations

Dulwich Puxi also earned nominations in two prestigious categories in the Tes Awards for International Schools 2024: Principal/Headteacher of the Year, and Best Use of Technology category. More on that here.

Yew ChUng International School

Shanghai's 5-campus school is opening merit-based scholarships!

They have three categories now that students can apply for: The Madam Tsang Chor-hang Memorial Scholarship; Subject and Talent Award; and IGCSE/IB Award. (For more information including full scholarship selection criteria, procedures, and documents required, visit their website)


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