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Event Preview: Bloodline’s Guardian Angels To-Do Is This Weekend

Have fun and give a little back at Bloodline’s community blood donation event…
2022-11-16 12:00:00

If you're looking for a fun and charitable initiative this weekend — and hey 'tis the season, Christmas is right around the corner — local non-profit Bloodline is hosting a carnivalesque weekend party with food, fun, and games for the whole family — and the opportunity to donate blood to people in need.

As they say, their Guardian Angels event "brings together willing blood donors, volunteers, families and friends to celebrate the very gift of life."

Awww. Sounds nice, right! It's happening this Saturday from 9:30-10am to 3:30pm at the Shanghai Blood Center (1191 Hongqiao Lu).

SmartShanghai talked to Bloodline about who they are, what they do, what's going on this weekend, and what you should know if you're planning on paying it forward and donating blood.


SmSh: Can you introduce Bloodline to people who might not have heard of the organization before?

Bloodline is a non-profit association that connects like-minded individuals and groups dedicated to the cause of community-oriented services through blood donations and other related activities. Bloodline was founded in 2017 by Ashish Maskay, a Nepalese doctor who has been working at Shanghai United Family Hospital since 2007 and living in Shanghai since 2003.

Bloodline aims to create a virtual blood bank that is readily available as a significant resource for the community and for those in emergent need of blood in rare blood type cases. Bloodline also focuses on generating public awareness through blood donations and voluntary activities.

SmSh: Tell us about the Guardian Angels event this weekend.

The Guardian Angels Community blood donation event is held in the form of a communal gathering likened to a carnival. Donors and participants come dressed to thrill; they are dressed as angels, superheroes and in other costumes. While the adults participate in blood donations, the little ones can engage in merriments, games, songs, dances, face painting, and traditional Chinese art forms.

It is an event aimed to bring together willing blood donors, volunteers, families and friends to celebrate the very gift of life.

SmSh: What sorts of people qualify to give blood?

How often can the donor donate?

Who cannot donate blood?

Donors should wait...

SmSh: If people want to donate blood, how should they prepare before hand?

No special preparation is required, besides feeding and hydrating well. The blood platelet donors simply need to bring their ID Card / passport, fill a questionnaire about lifestyle and health history, and green suishenma with a 24h PCR test. Connect with Bloodine if you have any questions.

SmSh: What are the other ways people can contribute / support the event and Bloodline?

1. Sponsor a stall and join in to the fun

Example: Face Painting Stall, Trick or Treats Stall, Raffles Draw Stall, Wheel of fortune Stall, etc.

2. Sponsor Snacks and Drinks for the donors and families

3. Entertainment to showcase your fine skills (dance, musical, etc.)

4. Sponsor a Prize for the Raffles draw

Every donor gets a chance at a lucky draw.

5. Sponsor a Haunted House/ Angels theme Environment

6. Volunteer at the event to make blood donors feel comfortable