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List of Hospitals That Offer Covid-19 Tests

Find out which clinics in Shanghai you can get tested at.
2021-02-04 12:00:00

Where to Get a COVID-19 Test?

Patients interested in taking a Covid-19 test (2019冠状病毒疾病试验; guānzhuàng bìngdú jíbìngin shìyàn in Mandarin) can utilize phone apps, or other digital platforms, to book an appointment with their full name and National IDs (shēnfènzhèngs). For expats (who lack national IDs), making an appointment can be done either by calling in and booking a spot, or if possible, walking up to get the test done on that same day.

We contacted several hospitals across Shanghai to see if they offer the test for expats, and if they did, what details are needed to know. Here is a list of hospitals that offer the Covid-19 test for expats:

Huashan Hospital

Multiple Locations

The examination can be done at both the local and international departments of the hospitals. The fee at the local department (dìfāngbùmén, 地方部门) is 100rmb in total, but at the international department (guójìbù, 国际部), the total cost can rise up to 900rmb or more. Results will be given to the patients 24 hours (the day after) after the test.

Jiahui International Hospital

Multiple Locations

At any of the clinics, patients are required to register for an appointment through their WeChat mini program Jiahui Health. The total cost of the exam is 220rmb. Results will be given to patients 24-36 hours after the test.

Parkway Health

Multiple Locations

Parkway Health doesn't allow any walk-ins, and instead, opts to conduct door-to-door testing at the patient's home. The test itself costs 120rmb, but the service fee itself would cost 1,000rmb. The results will be emailed 24 hours after testing.

Rici Women's and Children's Hospital

1314 Beijing Xi Lu

Patients will only be allowed to take the test at two available time periods: 8-9am and 1-2.30pm. The test costs 500rmb and the results can be given within 24 hours for morning examinations, or within 48 hours (the second day after) for afternoon examinations.

Shanghai United Family Hospital

Multiple Locations

United Family Hospital has several clinics across Shanghai. The Pudong clinic is booked up till February 10 (and unavailable from Feb 11-14), while the Puxi clinic can welcome patients as early as this Friday. The clinics charge 280rmb for the entire examination, with results being given out after 48 hours.

SinoUnited Health

Multiple Locations

SinoUnited Health is offering the test at their Shanghai Centre clinic, with openings from Monday-Saturday between 9am-3pm. The test is 350rmb and results will be given 48 hours after the examination.

Huadong Hospital

221 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Wulumuqi Bei Lu

The test at Huadong Hospital totals 120rmb and exam results are given 24 hours after.

Tongren Hospital

1111 Xianxia Lu, near Beihong Lu

At Tongren Hospital, before patients would need to be able to take the test, they would need to consult with a doctor. The point of the consultation is for the doctor to prescribe the patient the examination. The price is split into this two-step process: 25rmb for seeing the doctor and 80rmb for the actual test; the total is 105rmb. Results are given after 24 hours.

Shanghai First People's Hospital

Multiple Locations

The People's Hospital is similar to Tongren, as in consultation is needed before the test. The pricing is similar 25rmb for the doctor and 80rmb for the test – a total of 105rmb. Results are also given within 24 hours.

Ruijin Hospital

Multiple Locations

Inconsistent information was given, in regard to the Covid-19 test at Ruijin hospital. One time, Ruijin stated that their test process has patients meeting with a doctor before the exam, just like Tongren and The People's Hospital. At another reach out, the hospital stated that, although the actual test is 80rmb, there is a 300rmb registration fee. The third time they were contacted, the hospital stated that the test costs around 150rmb, and that there is no consultation needed. Report delivery was claimed to arrive either 24 hours after or 48 hours after.

What to Expect for the COVID-19 Test?

In the middle of last year, we published an article detailing the examination process at Tongren Hospital. For a detailed account, read the article here: How To Get Tested for Covid-19. For the cliff notes version, this is what to expect

Patients would first need to collect a registration form at the gatehouse, which requires information on one's name, address, and phone number. Payment follows suit, with the actual test after. The anti-body test (kàngtǐcèshì, 抗体测试) that is offered is a simple withdrawal of blood, but the nucleic acid test (hésuāncèshì, 核酸测试) is the one that everyone freaks out over. Two swabs are inserted into the patient: one goes inside the cheek and the other one (the terrifying one) goes into the nasal cavity. Imagine it as like how pharaohs had their brains scooped out during mummification.

After the test, the patient would just need to wait for the results.

How to Use WeChat for City Health Security?

Traveling throughout China is not recommended, and with the recent outbreaks across the country, it's unwise to be moving between regions. Although for some people, staying put may not be an option. If people do need to know the enter-exit regulations to cities, there is an Official WeChat account they can follow for information.

Step 1: Find the WC Account

The first thing to do is find the account of 上海本地宝 (shàng hǎi běn dì bǎo). Type in the pīnyīn (or characters, if you can) into the search bar and click on this name.

Step 2: Open the Services Tab

After finding the account, open up the Services menu and click on 全国各地隔离政策查询 (quán guó gè dì gé lí zhèng cè chá xún). It will redirect you to a page on their website.

Step 3: Input Location

Now users can input a leaving location, with or without districts, and then choose the desired location. At the bottom of the cities' names is a text box defining the level of risk. Scrolling further down the page will reveal the government regulations for the cities. If the Mandarin is troubling, know that WeChat has incorporated a translation add-on. Just click at the top of the page and everything will be translated into English.


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