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[Shanghai Weekender]: The Curated Guide to What's ON June 6

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2024-05-31 16:00:00


on Jun 8 and Jun 9, 2024

Prosecco DOC Wine Festival

A two - day free-event for all Prosecco lovers, this outdoor festival offers an opportunity to taste Prosecco from Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, different vineyards from the cities of Venice, Treviso and Udine. During the two-day Prosecco DOC Festival, there will be booths representing the Consortium and Prosecco DOC wineries that represent all Italian Prosecco DOC wineries. Two full days of top-notch Prosecco DOC wines, food, Prosecco-based craft cocktails, tastings, activities.

Calling all brainy expats, fresh grads, and business tycoons-in-the-making! Dive headfirst into Shanghai’s “Silicon Valley” with the Lin-gang Entrepreneur & Innovation Conference. The event features peaks into the future with tours of the most cutting-edge industrial hubs, get cozy with government bigwigs to decode juicy incentives at a Q&A session, and swap business cards in the shadow of the world’s largest indoor ski slope and astronomy museum with networking activities throughout the day. It’s not just about the freebies—although, who doesn’t love a good tax break?

Anthony Tao’s debut poetry book, “We Met in Beijing,” captures the exhilaration, hardship, and heartbreak of trying to put down roots in a Chinese metropolis. He will be in Shanghai on Tuesday, June 11 for a one-night-only reading at I Love Shanghai Bar, starting at 8pm. An American who was born in Beijing, Tao returned from the U.S. in 2008 and never left. He has keenly felt the changes of the past sixteen years and uses poetry as a way to capture a little of the bygone days, like preserving memories in sap, while reflecting on the reasons we choose to stay. Tao’s poetry has appeared in literary magazines such as Rattle, Prairie Schooner, Frontier, Shanghai Literary Review, Poetry Lab Shanghai, Asian Cha, etc. Sinologist David Moser calls him “the poet laureate of Beijing,” and award-winning journalist Evan Osnos says about his debut collection, “Anthony Tao brings China utterly, pungently, viscerally to life…I savored this astonishing writing.”


The latest club to open in Shanghai, Dirty House is a dark cagey club stashed in the INS building providing dark and hard techno. With a surprisingly cozy feel within the cage of the dance area, Dirty House invites their top picks in UK bass, garage, techno, and more each week. Friday is expected to be no exception.

on Jun 8 and Jun 9, 2024

Miàn Guǎn (Fang Bian Mian )

Woo-ee, the noodle crew of Fang Bian Mian are setting up a two-day event at Heim this long weekend and it's topped with “everything”. I’m a fan of Elastic People in that their groove-quenching sounds resonate well long into the night, yet Sunday’s Lipelis is a hard-hitting electronic mix of German rock, Chicago disco, Detroit house, and more. With the Fang Bian Mian duo on support as well as other legends such as Lina K and Tofu, it’s a proper setup for the weekend.

Sun, Jun 9, 2024

A Buzz Cut Club

This Sunday at Exit Club some diverse music will be set upon you. The DJs: J.R.G., a house master with a rich palette from underground to jazzy, brings a decade of Chinese scene expertise and a fresh mix of tracks from his work with Beijing's Rave Music Record label. KONCRETE, of Japan, will serve up a techno feast, seasoned with over 20 years of experience of Hard Minimal to Psy Techno. And to top it off, local DJ boss Javis, known for his legendary Shuangda event, will ensure the vibe is just right. It's a blend of global sounds and local flavors.

Live Music

A killer one-two combo punch over at Yuyintang Park. Hometown rock heroes Poetry in Shorts return! Rustic, poppy rock and roll infused with high-wire, 'busting at the seams' melodies brushing up against a softer anthemic blues magnetism, Poetry in Shorts’ music is both instrumentally and lyrically rich. Meanwhile, Guangzhou’s Sprint Nouvelle is a strangely beguiling new addition to China’s music scene - a delightfully offbeat offering of avant-pop act that calls to mind everyone from Rufus Wainwright to Bane’s World. From the vintage synthesizer sounds that give the tracks a lofi bedroom pop feel to the jazzy hip-hop grooves that float around the edges of each track - the whole endeavor is held afloat by frontman Huhu’s almost operatic intonation - flamboyantly charming and a perfect compliment to the abstract, wistful and theoretical world their music resides in.

Gothic post-punk queens Sonicave are lean, rich, and a ton of fun - their taut musicianship is nicely complemented by their acidic touch - an almost carnivalesque playfulness to some of their arrangements that remind me of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the B-52s. With brooding conviction and an electric magnetism that leans into the Gothic romance of it all whilst maintaining its post-punk punch, the Chengdu act is one of the scene’s best. Catch them at Yangpu rock and roll headquarters NEO.

Kids & Family

The kind-hearted little boy Jack obtained a magic bean and became friends with the lovely Princess Mary. One night, the giant took Princess Mary back to his towering castle as a souvenir. Just as Jack was struggling with how to go to the castle to rescue his friends, the magic beans grew crazily, allowing Jack to soar into the clouds and embark on an adventure. Can they get out of danger?

Arts & Stage

Join Jazz at Lincoln Center for an electrifying evening of jazz as the Tomohiro Mori Band kicks off their Asia Tour in Shanghai. Two nights only, featuring a lineup of internationally acclaimed musicians. On stage will be the Grammy-nominated American jazz saxophonist, Patrick Bartley, and the versatile Russell Hall, an American jazz virtuoso who has received nominations for the Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy Awards. They will be joined by Miki Yamanaka, the rising star pianist from Japan, and the dynamic Tomohiro Mori, master drummer and band leader. Don't miss this unique blend of talent and jazz mastery!

on Jun 8 and Jun 9, 2024


The Vienna Burgtheater production No Exit premiered in 2022 and was invited to the Bregenz Festival in the same year. The play has received countless enthusiastic feedback and positive reviews. No Exit is a reproduction of Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist classic NO EXIT, which was first performed in Paris in 1944. It is a key work to understanding Sartre’s philosophy of freedom and revolves around themes of captivity, isolation, and the altered perception of time that envelops things when the present is extended to an eternity. The Synopsis of the play is that Inèz, Estelle, and Garcin can only guess as to why they ended up here–in a room somewhere beyond life, without windows or mirrors, and with no way of switching off the light. Surrounded by tower-high walls, their only other contact is with a bizarre valet. Outside? There is no outside. Is this the ultimate hell? The director Martin Kušej is one of the ten characters who have had a significant impact on German drama since the millennium. No Exit will be premiered in Asia at Theater Young from 8-9 June.

Sat, Jun 8, 2024

Moulin Spectacular

The Moulin Spectacular will be a night like no other with glitz, glamour and cabaret. At the show, performers the Bohemians rub elbows with Aristocracy and the audience indulges in story of L’amor and passion. The Pearl entertainers will follow the journey of two lovers as they fight to create a showcase unlike any other. Follow their tale as they bring to you performances from the Cirque, tease from Burlesque, spirit from Drag and so much more inspired by the major motion picture.

It’s a dance of cat and mouse, a dance exploring antagonistic forces. Here, bodies flirt with irony - a desire for joy, a desire for melancholy. Shihya Peng and Marco Di Nardo’s bodies transform into two distorted mirrors – uncovering more about ourselves than we thought we knew. They carry each other, fly, fall, exasperate each other, then get up and walk together. With humor, this show speaks to the young and to the less young.

Internationally renowned mezzo-soprano singer and three-time Grammy Award winner, Joyce DiDonato, regards "Eden" as perhaps her most significant work of concert, which profoundly reflects the spiritual connotation of our times. The idea of Eden stems from the saying that the opposite of war is not peace but creation. The program of Eden showcase Joyce's impressive repertoire and broad vision, spanning four centuries. In this wonderful semi-drama c concert, audience can enjoy works from Italian baroque composers Giovanni Valentini, Mariani, Cavalli, and Handel, to the classical Gluck, Misliweczek, the late romantic Wagner and Mahler, and then to the modern Eves and Copland. It will be held at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 9, with tickets ranging from 180rmb to 880rmb.

Camané, the King of Fado, is performing at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center this June. He is widely recognized as a prominent figure in Portuguese fado music. Since winning the "Lisbon Fado Night" competition at the age of 13, he has released several original albums, receiving high praise and recognition from critics and the public alike, topping sales charts multiple times. He has held numerous concerts and tours in Portugal and abroad, earning nominations and awards from various music competitions, including the "Amália Rodrigues" Best Fado Performer Award and the Play - Portuguese Annual Music Awards, establishing himself as one of the most acclaimed fado singers in Portugal and internationally, warmly embraced by audiences worldwide. Camané has collaborated on numerous works with renowned Portuguese musician, producer, and composer José Mário Branco, earning several honors. In 2021, he released his latest original album "Horas Vazias" and won the Best Fado Album award at the Play - Portuguese Annual Music Awards.