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Electric Collection

Sep 11, 2008 | 12:09 Thu

Franco-Brazilian bombshell Anne Fontaine sashayed into town last week to introduce her Fall/Winter 08 "mystere" collection. Madam's stock in trade is classic white blouses, but this season's line looks more sultry and less virginal (finally).

For fourteen years, Fontaine has designed 100 white shirts every six months. Women love her comfy "t-blouse" made of soft t-shirt jersey. Methinks that men will love her more for toying with black peek-a-boo lace, silver studs, and gleaming zips for autumn.

Two must-see items include: 1) the "Electra" dress zips in five places to cut down into a bustier, bolero, or skirt (pictured above). 2) Fontaine's "bodyshirt".

The Electra looks sexy on, and comes off easily and playfully. At the in-store mini fashion show last week, Fontaine surprised us all -- especially the startled Chinese model -- when she reached for a zipper on anony-model's bust, and then, poof! The dress becomes a shrug!

In total, the Electra transforms into "over 10 and less than 20" different shapes. It can be worn as a little black dress, an accent piece around the waist, or as a cover-up for the shoulders.

The bodyshirt gives wearers the look of a blouse, with the fit of Madonna's skin-tight bodysuits. This special chemise extends over abs and ass, and snaps together under your yahoo, keeping your shirt tucked in smoothly all day. It may also provide a little extra sensation where the snaps are. We're not sure. Haven't tried it yet.

If anyone would like to sponsor a day-long test of the erogenous properties of crotch-snap friction, get in touch.

Anne Fontaine's fall/winter collection can be found at her shop in Xintandi: Shop 2, Building 1, Hubin Lu near Huangpi Lu. Check out her webpage here.