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Last Minute Flowers

The heat is on... or rather it should be on if you manage to get to a florist in time. Here's a quick round-up of what's out there.
2011-02-14 14:06:46

Today’s the day. Don’t mess this up. Flowers. You need them. They tie it all together.

SmartShanghai took a trip to the usual suspects to round up florists specials for Valentine's Day. Of course, Shanghai is full of local florists on every street but if you’re looking for something a little more lavish, you should head to the pros. As you can imagine, the florists we visited all talked of a big rise in prices before Valentine’s Day, leading up to the day itself. The reason: many shops are dependent on Kunming suppliers, who in turn lack supplies because of Chinese New Year. Yeah, that’s what they say… yet we wonder…

But anyways, most shops are offering one or two unique items and then handling the custom bouquets of walk-ins. Here’s what we found.

Au Nom de la Rose

122 Jianguo Xi Lu,near Shanxi Nan Lu

Au Nom de la Rose has a big variety of flower arrangements for Valentine’s celebrators. A French import, this shop specifically deals in roses and accouterments thereof, so obviously, they’re pretty popular on Valentine’s with a well-to-do, chic clientele. Depending on size and blossoms used, bouquets are in the 200-350rmb range. The price for one rose is 22rmb, and a ready-made bouquet of roses is 158rmb. They do delivery for a small fee. The shop also has a pretty big assortment of other Valentine merchandise such as scented candles, perfumes, and chocolates. If you want the bouquet and then some, and don’t mind dishing out a bit, this is a safe bet. Visit their website for more info on their products.

Annie’s Florist

264 Madang Lu,near Zizhong Lu

Annie’ s a true professional and if you don’t have time for a stop at the charming little shop you can order her flowers fuss-free online. Most of her roses are imported and prices are therefore around 30rmb a stem. But the promotions doesn’t stop here, all customers at Annie’s Florist also get a 10% discount at Fountain restaurant in Xintiandi on Valentine’s Day. So if you were thinking of heading there anyways you should stop in to Annie’s before hand to get your discount.

The Graces Floral

7 Donghu Lu,near Huaihai Lu

The chic flower-shop on Donghu Lu offers adorable Valentine boxes filled with roses as well as a few other arrangements for 500rmb a piece. They’ve also got less singular, but top quality options -- bouquets and single pieces. It’s a great little neighbourhood option if you’re pressed for time and working or dining in the area -- several of Shanghai’s popular dining spots are in the area.

Rosa Gallica

376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu

At this lovely little florist on Ferguson lane, you can pick up baskets filled with roses and other romantic blossoms, especially put together for Valentine’s. Prices will be around 180-200rmb per basket, roses are 9rmb per stem. Rosa Gallica’s website’ s down at the moment, but in case you don’t have time for a visit you can place your order by phone. They will deliver for a small fee. But yeah, it’s a very nice shop… and if you’ve got the afternoon off, a great option.

Secret Garden

Multiple locations; click here

This French florist offers several Valentine specials, from heart-shaped boxes filled with roses as well as bouquets in all sizes, prices varying from 300rmb up to 1,980rmb (!) for their huge bouquet of 99 red roses. Yeah, 99 red roses. Secret Garden has three outlets in Shanghai, all of them linked to Carrefour outlets. So if you plan to cook for your valentine, you can stock up on food and flowers at the same time. See listings for details.


And last but not least, if you’re tied to your desk right up until dinner time, check out It’s an online flower service focused on the expat community, offering local prices. They have several arrangements for Valentine's, for example a heart-shaped bouquet of roses for 238rmb plus delivery.

Good luck!


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