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Lolo Love Vintage

By Feb 1, 2010 Shopping
Fantastic locally-based stylist Lolo runs a nirvana of a vintage fashion workshop amongst the galleries of 696 Weihai Lu called "Lolo Love Vintage".

Amongst a swathe of '60s swimsuits, Victorian undergarments, '20s headgear and a seriously impressive lot more of vintage findings, there's someone's '80s prom dress on the wall, and rows more of '50s teapots, pre-loved buttons and a '40s YSL coat or three.

Lolo is known best as one of China's top make-up artists and stylists. Without a stitch of advertising, her workshop racks have been steadily raided by fashion industry punters since it's opening just a month ago.

I'm leaning towards gushing, yes, but there's lederhosen, originally packaged '70s pantyhose and powder-blue '30s Shanghai cabinets with endless drawers of gilded accessories, embroidered bags and ‘20s swimcaps. Everything, even the Victorian-era brassiere looks somehow fresh, and although mildly disappointingly, I didn't happen to sniff charity-shop anywhere.

Whilst working and traipsing across Berlin, Munich, London, Paris and small Italian towns who's names elude me, Lolo has always hit the vintage specialist stores and markets hard. But since a European work-run last September she's decided to bring Shanghai a whole good fair share of it.

Her vintage fashion workshop also stocks a small rack of original clothing, sculptural headpieces and dreamy illustrations, all created by her friends who seem to hang out at the workshop and knit. The restored furniture is also the work of her circle of people, these of her friends at Lao Jia Ju [Block 2, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, 5228 5109].

Lolo keeps a rack of outfits for rent from her own collection of stylist pickings, amongst them a glowing Balenciaga-esque dress that can be rented for 200rmb/day. Accessories swim around the 30rmb mark and the collection travels up till 3800rmb for that YSL coat with the serious shoulder pads and intense ribbing. They do alterations on all pieces in-house too.

Much goodness.

You can get your share from 1 to 9 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Lolo Love Vintage, Room 288, Block 11, 696 Weihai Lu, near Shaanxi Lu, or call 13701806644 to make a styling appointment with the lady herself.


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  • A.Bolin

    smartshanghai just got a whole lot better by making Mrs Hawkins their editor- if they did. As far as i know she knows lots of hidden gems and well kept secrets about this city- and her writing seems effortless and with a good sense of humor. hope to see more from her in 2010!

  • Vivachoo

    crazy for vintage !!!

  • isa978

    Can you do a feature about the vintage market in Shanghai?. I read about it online, but nobody can tell exacly the address...\"wondering for 1 hour to get there\"
    Thanks :)

  • franceswang

    NIce! always fond of vintage

  • amyxiao112

    vintage classic!

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